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Love Square according to the laws of Astrology !!!Check yourself.


Love Square according to the laws of Astrology !!! If you know your partner’s Zodiac sign, you can easily determine how compatible you are with him. To do this, use the astrological square. Love Square according to the laws of Astrology !!!


1. Disagreements, quarrels
2. Fragile union
3. Mutual understanding
4. Strong relationship

5. Temperamental, bright union
6. With due efforts, the relationship will work out well.
7. You will annoy each other
8. Ambiguous relationships
9. Happiness, friendship

10. Both with character, it is not known who will become a leader in relationships
11. Saturated, interesting relationships
12. Cheerful union
13. Sensitivity and mutual understanding
14. Very different

15. Reliability, unanimity
16. Both are self-centered, you need to compromise more often
17. Listen to the partner’s opinion, and the relationship will develop successfully
18. Interesting communication, similar interests
19. Passion rages between them
20. There is no agreement in the relationship

21. Love and strong affection
22. Perhaps they will be bored together
23. Deep and sincere relationship
24. Unanimity and sensuality
25. Understatement and grief
26. Wonderful couple

27. Perhaps this couple will break up 28. Trusting, warm relationship
29. Mutual attraction, sexual attraction
30. Listen to each other’s opinion
31. Only thanks to deep feelings, can they be together

32. Joint trips, entertainment
33. Not suitable for each other
34. Many quarrels and stresses
35. A strong, long union is possible
36. Emotional affection, strong feelings
37. They do not seek to understand each other

38. Happy union
39. Irritation and quarrels
40. There is attraction, but the union will not last long
41. Collisions, tears
42. Happy time spent together
43. Wonderful couple
44. Disagreements, constant conflicts
45. Sympathy, friendships

46. ​​Love, but there will be conflicts
47. Happiness, mutual help, and support
48. Difficulties, little tenderness
49. Discomfort in relationships
50. Fragile union

51. Frivolous relationships
52. You need to captivate and interest your partner, otherwise, you will get bored
53. Having passed all the tests together, you will be happy
54. It’s better to just be friends
55. Bad relationships
56. Indifference, selfishness

57. A vivid and memorable romance
58. Tender, romantic relationships
59. Jealousy, passionate feelings
60. If there is a desire, there will be a strong alliance
61. Strong friendship, but no love
62. Good relationship, but you need a lot of mutual friends
63. Trust your partner
64 Contradictory feelings
65. Both passionate lovers and true friends

66. Conflicts of worldviews are inevitable
67. An early break
68. If Scorpio becomes a leader, then love will be long
69. A crazy feeling of love
70. If they don’t worry over trifles, everything will be fine
71. Do not restrict each other’s freedom

72. Similar characters, but quarrels are inevitable
73. The union does not always turn out to be happy
74. They are spiritually close, they will support each other in everything
75. Make compromises, then everything will work out
76. Pulls each other, but they won’t be able to be together
77. There will be many spend time together
78. Cold in relationships, no fire



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