There it is, the pain of love. You thought you’d be spared this time. Now how are you supposed to deal with it? We’ll tell you how to do it here.

There was a time when you were filled with happiness. Nothing could shake your feelings for him. Your relationship became very intimate. But now you can no longer correctly interpret your partner’s behavior. That makes you insecure. You don’t know how to deal with it. Understandably, the situation is not easy for you.

Do you feel love pain and don’t know how to deal with it? It’s not just your heart that’s hurting, but your whole body.

Even if you’re thinking at the moment: “I can’t do this, the pain never goes away”. You have to know:

You can do this and you have the power! Go step by step and you will see that you can succeed!

Love pain, but why?

You have this terrible feeling.

Even though you know you love your partner and want to continue the relationship. But you have the thoughts as sometimes you don’t understand his words and actions.

You may be asking yourself the following questions:

” Does he love me as much as I love him? ’ or ‘ Are our visions of the future similar or do they differ? ”

You want to escape the merry-go-round of thoughts, but you don’t know how and you think: ” Should I break up? ”

It’s probably helpful to understand why you’re heartbroken.

Reasons for love pains
Your partner may not even be aware of what you’re thinking. He may still be unsure of his feelings. He may not even notice the effect of his behavior. But if you notice that something is wrong, it’s good to get to the bottom of it.

Possible reasons for his behavior can be:

His last breakup was only recently
The separation from his former partner was only recently. He may not have processed this separation yet.

It can therefore be difficult for him to organize his feelings. On the one hand, he faces the challenge of processing the pain of separation and on the other hand developing and showing feelings for you.

You guys got together quickly
Haven’t you known each other for long?

Maybe he went a little too fast. Strike up a conversation with him to prevent injury.

You have opposite characters

Opposites attract too. This is where misunderstandings can happen. He likes to cuddle and you prefer to enjoy your space? Talk to him about it. You might find a compromise that makes you both happy.

Are you still unsure? Have a conversation with him. Open communication is very important. If your partner knows your perception, you can look for solutions together.

But you have already separated. The pain of separation is present and you don’t know how to deal with it. Perhaps understanding the pain better will help you overcome it.

The 4 phases of a breakup and how to overcome the pain of love
When we lose a loved one, we feel deep sorrow. The pain of love may resemble this sadness. Love and pain are often close together. So it’s not uncommon for you to go through different phases here as well. But don’t worry, one phase may last longer, the other only briefly.

You try to resist the fact that the relationship is over. You may be hoping it was just a bad nightmare and that the relationship can still be saved.

You have realized that the line is final. At this moment, emotions seem to get the best of you and you may also feel physical pain. You want to cry most of the time.

You recognize the beautiful things in life again, you can feel joy again and go out and develop new interests. Here you can reflect very well on what you want for yourself in the future – or no longer.

You are you again and you can fully enjoy your life. The view of your old relationship is neutral and you can say to yourself:

“Thank you for the time and the experience. It strengthened me and enriched me with experiences”.

You take advantage of new opportunities. You are also considering a new partner on your side.

Take the time you need, even if you want to skip one or the other phase.

You can take your time, after all, it’s about you!

Maybe you don’t see any light at the end of the tunnel right now. You often ask yourself the question, how should I deal with the separation, how do I get through the stages?

You are strong and you can do this!

There are many ways to overcome heartbreak. Possibly as many ways as there are songs about it. These 5 tips will help to make the 4 phases easier for you.

Are you in love and want to talk to someone?

Don’t be shy and call a friend you trust. Maybe she knows the feeling all too well and can give you tips that will help you. You are probably familiar with the saying: ” A sorrow shared is a sorrow halved”. ‘ Talk about your grief and it will slip away from your soul little by little.

Professional help can also help you process the grief.

Have you always wanted to box?

Then now is exactly the right time. Not only does it distract you, but you can also release all your energy.

Even if you’re not interested in boxing, no problem! Find new interests. Do something you’ve wanted to do for a long time. It helps you step out of old habits and learn new ones.

Tears are the language of the soul.

So don’t suppress them. If you feel like crying, let it. Suppressing them is probably just exhausting. They may come out when it’s a bad time for you, like at work.

Even if it doesn’t feel nice for you at first. This allows you to feel lighter afterward.

Do you ask yourself the question:

“How long have I felt like this?”

The duration of lovesickness depends on how each deals with it. It doesn’t matter if it takes you longer or even shortly afterward you’re walking through life radiant again.

The important thing is that your wounds heal.

Take the time you need.

stay with you
The important thing is to stay with you.

You are good the way you are.

When you get advice that makes you feel uncomfortable. No problem. You don’t have to bend over backward for that.

Find your way to deal with it and you will make it.

You are wonderful and strong and can do anything you want! Also the healing of your love pains.

The sun will shine again for you after the rain. Let the rainbow fill your heart again.

Who knows?

Maybe you will meet your soul mate and find true love. Go through life with an open heart and open eyes and wonderful things will happen to you.


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