You are in the middle of a hot dating season and you met an amazing man a few days ago. He’s handsome, funny, and educated. And you’re blown away. But there is still a catch in your shared happiness, because you ask yourself ” Is he interested or is he dating the next one?” ”

Although you may feel like your love interest is a mystery to you, it’s not difficult to find out what he really thinks of you. Here are the signs he really likes you.

Is he interested? These are the signs he likes you

A man who is interested in you is often easy to read. Just like us, men also send signals that reveal their true feelings. All you have to do is observe the other person closely and interpret their behavior and words.

We’ll help you to hopefully soon respond to the question ” Does he have feelings for me ?” ‘ you can answer with a resounding ‘ yes ‘.

A man is probably interested in you when he

check in with you regularly
want to call you

want a second date with you
does not let time pass between dates
can’t take his eyes off you
is always towards you
asks you many questions
remembers everything you tell him

introducing you to his friends and family
want to meet you in public
want to travel with you
remembers your birthday

talks about his wishes and dreams
brings topics like marriage and children to the table

asks you for his opinion
constantly touching you
gets nervous around you

shows himself from his best side
tries to be perfect
don’t look at other women
But remember, every man is different. Maybe he doesn’t look you in the eye because he’s too shy . It may just as well be that the man still has to organize his feelings himself and does not yet know whether you are his dream woman.

And just as you ask yourself the question ” Does he like me ? ‘ he’s probably also wondering, ‘does she like me? ‘ and waits for him to get clear signs of it from you.

Have you met a man and don’t know if he likes you?


Or have you been dating a man for a while and you’re like, “Does he like me?”

You are not alone in this,
because every woman at the beginning of a new relationship asks herself
” Does he like me? ”

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After the first date
Maybe you’ve met a few times already. It’s also possible that your first date is just behind you. Especially after a first meeting , the question often arises as to whether he likes you . The easiest option is to ask the man if he’s interested in you.

However, he may be too shy to tell you the truth, or he may not want to admit that he only wants to sleep with you.

Rather pay attention to his behavior , because this shows you what is really going on in him. A good sign that he wants to see you again is a quick message right after the date:

” It was a beautiful evening! Get home safely! ”

He does not have to immediately ask for a next meeting. Just the fact that he gets in touch with you shows that the man is thinking of you, is interested and thought the date was great. On the other hand, those who have already written off the woman after the rendezvous often do not bother to write again.

Even better: He calls you. It means he misses you and wants to hear your voice. He may then ask you about the next meeting.

Another good indication that he’s interested is the way he says goodbye to you. If he hugs you for a long time and doesn’t let you go, he probably likes you. Also, see if he ‘s making eye contact or if he’s looking around instead.

He may suggest another during the first date. This shows that a reunion is important to him.

However, you should be careful when he says goodbye to you with the words ” We write “. Don’t get your hopes up too much. Maybe he doesn’t dare to tell you that he doesn’t want any further contact and just uses this as a phrase.

What his texts reveal about his interest in you
Nowadays, a lot of flirting takes place on the smartphone. Messages we send each other occupy a large place in everyday life.

Maybe you know that too: He sends you a message and you try to interpret it and maybe even ask friends what the meaning behind this or that emoji is. In fact, you can read a lot about how he feels about you and if he ‘s interested in his texts.

Is he interested in you?
The frequency of his messages is important. If he wants to contact you, he will also write to you. If he’s not interested , he won’t think of texting you.

Long texts are a good sign because they show that he is making time for you and wants to share something with you. Even if he sends emojis , it often means he’s making an effort to get through to you.

There does not necessarily have to be a reason for a message. The ones where he’s simply telling you what he just had for lunch can be the most meaningful .

Also pay attention to his response behavior . If he keeps his answers short and sweet, he may not want to spend more time speaking to you. If he doesn’t answer at all, you should reconsider how important you are to him.

Is he interested in a relationship – or does he just want sex?
You’ll know over time that he wants to see you again. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s genuinely interested in you. He may like you, but he can only imagine having sex with you. But you can also reveal this secret with a good power of observation.

These are signs that he only wants to be physically intimate with you:


Only calls if he asks out
just want to meet at your or his home
excludes dating in public
hardly asks questions about you
says little about himself

don’t introduce you to his parents or friends
has no interest in getting to know your family and friends
often makes sexual innuendos
just gives you a quick hug to say goodbye

avoids questions about the future
does not participate in your everyday life
Signs of a good friendship
You’ve met a few times, been to cool new restaurants, and seen a comedy at the cinema. So you don’t believe that he only wants to be with you. Still, you don’t feel like he wants a relationship with you either?

Now we come to case number 3: the man likes you, but cannot imagine a partnership with you. So your meetings are purely friendly.

He’s not interested

When you realize that a man likes you, do you ask yourself ” Is he in love with me ?” Or does he just want to be friends with me? “. You can tell that he sees you more as a good friend than a lover by the following signs:

Even after several meetings , he still hasn’t touched or kissed you.

He’s not flirting with you.

Your conversations are never about a future together .
He tells you about other dates and asks you for advice.

If you express interest in another man, he will not react jealously.
Your meetings are rather sporadic.
Even after many meetings, are you unsure whether love can develop between you? If you have the impression that he thinks you’re great, but you’re not getting anywhere, there is a possible solution: Just ask him if he has a more profound interest in you.

If he just wants a friendship , he will tell you honestly. Maybe he also thinks that you feel the same way and that the situation between you is clear. A conversation can then provide answers.

It’s up to you to decide if you can imagine a friendship. If you have fallen in love with the man and are very interested in him, it may be better if you break off contact.


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