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Being single has a certain appeal to it, including freedom that might seem alluring to some. But I’ve been single for a while now, and I’ve had my fun in the sun. I’ve been over being single for some time now.

I want a real relationship. Tt’s been so long since my last one, so I put myself out there. I gave so many guys a chance, and guess what, I got nowhere close to finding Mr Perfect.

I’m sick and tired of being single, but what bugs me even more is the constant search for him. It would be nice if he could find me for a change.


I don’t want to stop dating, but I do want to stop looking for “Mr. Right’’ though.

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I want a relationship. I’m ready to find my one. I am just tired of always looking for him. I see myself settling down, should the right guy appear, but when it comes to actively looking for him, I’m done. He’s going to have to find me.

If it’s in the cards for me, it’s going to happen, sooner or later, and I’m going to let it.

I’ve always been a firm believer in faith, so I’m just going to let her take care of it for me. Maybe I’m supposed to loosen up a bit. Maybe I’ve been too invested in looking for a specific someone that the right guy was right there, and I couldn’t see it.

From now on, I’m letting it all happen organically. I’m not meddling any longer. If it’s supposed to happen, it will happen, and I’ll gladly wait.


It’s high time Mr. Perfect Started looking for me.

I’ve spent my fair share of time on guys who proved to be nothing but a total and complete waste of time. Maybe it’s time someone put in the work and started searching for me? I promise, I’ll be worth the wait, and then some.

I’ve taken so many off chances on random guys, in hopes of some of them being my knights in shining armor, but so far – no such luck.

When he’s ready, he can come find me, and I’ll be right here, living my best life.

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I truly believe that we all have our one. And I’ll gladly wait for mine.

I believe that we all have that perfect guy out there for us. Not perfect in that exact sense, but perfect for us. Perfect for ME.

I don’t think I should be looking this hard, if it’s really meant to be. Therefore, I’m going to let it happen. My perfect guy is out there somewhere, and I have faith that he will find me somehow. And I’ll be ready when he does.


Looking for him is expensive AF.

Going out every weekend, having dinners at restaurants and club-hopping are all costing me a pretty penny! But how else am I supposed to meet anyone? That’s how people meet, apparently.

All I want is to cook dinner for two at home and drink a cheap bottle of wine with someone who doesn’t care about the club scene. I don’t think that’s so much to ask. So if there’s someone out there with the same interests as me, hit me up.


I’m tired of the frequenting bars every single weekend with the same purpose.

This is not about money, though. I’ve grown weary of going to bars. They are not an ideal setting for finding a guy you want to get to know better. They are loud and full of people, and the chances of having a conversation where one of you doesn’t have to keep asking ’What??’ every 10 seconds are slim.

I love having friends over for drinks at my place, but the chances of the guy of my dreams appearing at my doorstep out of thin air are equal to none.


I have so much going on in my life other than trying to find Mr. Perfect.

I have fantastic friends who make my life rich, an amazing family that loves and supports me, a job that I love and hobbies that I’m passionate about. It’s really becoming a hassle trying to incorporate finding a perfect guy when I already have so much on my plate.

So, I’m not going to spread myself thin anymore. I’ll be here, living my life, and when the guy comes, I’ll welcome him with open arms, ready and willing.




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