Being completely lost in a relationship and blind trusting your partner is anything but easy. If you really want to love with all your heart, you have to accept some things and work hard for them.

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Whoever manages these 7 things, is able to love unconditionally:

1. Stop trying to change your partner. After all, you fell in love with him because he was the way he is. To try convulsively to transform a person until you are satisfied rarely works well. Either it gets too much or you are disappointed because the action fails. Of course you should work together on things and develop yourself – but the person must also want to 100 percent.

2. Let the past rest. It makes little sense to demonize his ex-girlfriends or former flirts. What’s over is over – and his past belongs to him anyway.

3. Accept that your partner needs his space. Do not mind if he likes traveling with his boys or wants to be alone here and there. This is normal – and is part of a healthy relationship.

4. Fend off the fact that he finds other women attractive and does not only have you in mind 24/7. That would be more than unhealthy.

5. Your ego is no longer the number one. Anyone who enters into a partnership must learn to live with compromises and be aware that each one of its decisions has an impact on another person. Anyone who consciously decides to share their lives with a human being must reduce their selfishness and renounce their own self.

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6. Learn to love yourself. Only those who are at peace with themselves can fully trust another person and, in no doubt, fall into a relationship.

7. Do not forget that you are still you – even if you have a partner. Do not lose sight of your goals and dreams, otherwise you will become more and more unhappy in the long run – and that in turn prevents you from giving your partner the love he deserves.

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