When you’re in love, you often see the world full of little hearts and pink. Since the reality can blur and you can not see many things anymore. Especially when it comes to the bad side of your beloved partner, you not only lie to others, but often to yourself as well.

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It’s better to stop talking when he has his jealous attacks again, or one wickedness after another. But that’s not what you should do – because if he says one of those 7 sentences, you should give him the passport immediately:

1. “I think relationships are narrowing.”

Well, that says it all. And if he still wants to see you then you can be sure that it is not because he lets himself be converted by you. You’re probably just too nice.

2. “I’m not over my ex yet!”

The lie that always fits. Of course some people are serious and do not want you to rebound. Most of the sentence comes just to make a little compassion and to make the dust.

3. “You deserve better!”

This sounds more like: “I could give more love, but not you!”. In that case, you actually deserve someone better.

4. “You are stupid / boring / ugly!”

If your partner talks you down in any way and wants you to feel uncomfortable in your skin, then this is an absolute no-go! Bye, baba!

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5. “If you really loved me, then …”

To tell you that you should do something for him and at the same time make you feel guilty, really does not work.

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6. “I would like to go on holiday with you, but I’m definitely up to something (just do not know what)!”

He obviously does not want to forge plans for the future with you. Attention: Wink with the fence post!

7. “I’m not used to meeting the same person every day, it’s kind of funny, is not it?”

No it is not. And if he thinks it’s weird, it’s not serious. You like to spend time with people you like. Others are shunned. That’s the way it is.

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