I hope you locate a love that satisfies you in your mess. The type of love that sees you with unkempt hair, using the most unflattering sweatpants and also a tarnished t-shirt, and assumes that you’re the most beautiful person in the whole globe. They don’t care that you haven’t combed your hair, that you’re not wearing any makeup, or that those sweatpants have gotten on your body for the past few days. They think you’re beautiful, stains and all.

I wish you discover a love that satisfies you in your mess. I wish it’s the kind of love that sees you weeping ugly splits, snot-nosed and also red-faced and also puffy-eyed, and gives you cells. I hope it’s the sort of love that supplies you a sleeve when there’s no tissue around. They do not mind that you get mascara and also splits and also snot around their shirt– they’re just pleased that they’re able to be there for you, to be able to allow you to weep right into their shoulder, to be able to hold you as you let your sadness dash out your eyes.

I hope you locate a love that meets you in your mess. The sort of love that exists when you’re confused when you’re sad when you’re uncertain of your footing or what to do. I hope they take the time to talk to you concerning what’s taking place in your heart and head. I hope they speak confidence over you when your psyche tries to murmur doubt into your ear. I wish they hold your flashlight for you as you make your escape from the dark. I wish they discover means to please you, as well as I, hope they share that pleasure with you.

I wish you discover a love that acknowledges that the mess of love is lovely. It’s weeping and also it’s chuckling. It’s dance and it’s singing. It’s resting through your alarm system in the early morning and keeping up late to talk at night. It’s quiet times of seclusion, and also yet the expertise that you’re never really alone. It’s confidence as well as comfort. It’s a concern and it’s a reality. It sees the shadows as well as the light. It’s able to speak the truth but not sit in judgment. It’s incomplete, as well as it’s ideal. It’s a small success and a vast leap of faith.


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