On public initiatives, everyone has a strong viewpoint.

There is just love or hatred; no middle ground. Either way, the message is “so romantic” or “if you try that, I’ll say no and leave you.”

Read on to learn how your spouse could respond before you attempt to propose to them.

1. Aries

Yes, Aries like the spotlight.

not in that manner. Aries may respond with a tongue lashing if they are forced in public to decide whether or not to marry their lover. before everyone.

Aries dislikes being forced into a tight spot. Before shocking them with a spectacle, be sure they consent to it. Better received will be a private proposal followed by a request to do a public reenactment.

Or maybe not. It depends on each Aries and how they feel about your union.

Although Aries is impetuous, they won’t react violently if you show them a ring at the wrong moment.

2. Taurus

Taurus despises being caught off guard.

A public suggestion might be confusing to Taurus since they prefer to be informed about everything that happens. They would undoubtedly get enraged and ashamed if you did that.

Taurus is inclined to maintain their composure in public. But in private, their spouse will hear everything about it.

Taurus should not be included in any public stunts without their prior consent.

Taurus is likely to reject the public plan if this doesn’t happen. If they proposed in this manner, at least their spouse doesn’t know them well enough to ask them to marry them.


A public proposal would be ideal for Gemini.

assemble your loved ones, friends, and passersby. In front of everyone, Gemini would be thrilled to accept a proposal.

Gemini really planned the whole proposal. They probably shared the ideal moment to propose with their lover. No one would ever suspect Gemini was acting, and their partners would never know it wasn’t their idea.

Gemini desires a lavish wedding, a passionate engagement, and a luxurious honeymoon in a far-off location. They take no chances at all.

4. Cancer

The public proposition is Cancer’s favorite.

Huge displays of affection make them feel cozy. A public proposal is a terrific way for Cancer to become the focus of their partners’ lives.

Just make sure it has been thoroughly discussed beforehand to see whether it is something the person wants. Keep it a surprise, but have it coincide with what Cancer has revealed to their spouse.

If Cancer isn’t fully committed to the connection, they’ll withdraw within themselves as a result. Before implementing it, it is crucial to understand Cancer’s position on the proposed partnership and public initiatives.

When Cancer knows their partner for sure, they will be overcome with emotion when they see a ring.

5. Leo

Leo wants a public proposal, of course. I saw Leo!

There is no other manner they can conceive being proposed to. In front of a cheering audience, there must be a significant display of love and dedication.

Leo subtly intimidated their spouse into making a formal proposal. really passive-aggressively.

Leo is aware of their preferences. especially joyous occasions like getting engaged and getting married. To put it succinctly:


6. Virgo

A public proposition offends Virgo.

They think they’re adorable in theory but harsh in reality.

Since Virgo is a reserved sign, they don’t like being thrust into the limelight when they don’t want to be.

A Virgo has probably expressly instructed their spouse to never, under any circumstances, make a public proposal.

A more careful and personal proposal would be preferred by Virgo. like a ring in their drink at a fine dining establishment. or a home-based date where they turn around to see their significant other down on one knee.

That would be more heartfelt than a public proposal, in Virgo’s opinion.

7. Libra

Libra enjoys making public requests.

All of their love dreams revolve around it. The ideal marriage proposal for a Libra often takes place at a gathering of close friends and family. When they finally say yes, their closest buddy records it on camera.

Everything is so ideal that they could pass out from joy.

Of course, the newly engaged couple must then have their picture taken shortly after. And a social media post to let everyone know who wasn’t there know about it.

Libra longs to keep their fantasy event indelible in memory. So prepare the camera.


If a Scorpio makes a public proposal, they could literally murder their lover.

Scorpio is a quiet individual that doesn’t want to promote themselves. They believe public suggestions should be used for this.

Never catch Scorpio off guard with an unexpected public proposal. They won’t be content. What will occur is a humiliating speech and a public no.

Even if their spouse is able to persuade Scorpio to accept a public proposal, they will still feel stiff and uncomfortable. making observers unsure of their desire to respond positively.

Scorpio would want to cry out of shame even if they are so in love with their lover that they would make a public proposal. Their aesthetic isn’t flashy.


Sagittarius is a big fan of public suggestions.

The better, the more unexpected.

A partner should come up with a creative approach to propose to a Sagittarius. Sagittarius seeks memorable experiences that aren’t formulaic.

Create a public proposal that is exclusive to Sagittarius. Something they adore or a destination they’ve long desired. Sagittarius will be in awe if the ring is presented in a special way.


Capricorn abhors public initiatives.

They believe it to be overly showy and impersonal. Even seeing other individuals get involved in public life makes them uncomfortable.

PDA does not appeal to Capricorn. especially when it involves something as private as becoming engaged. They believe that choice belongs to them and their partners. Not intended for theatrical exhibition.

Capricorn could even opt to go without a formal engagement. They believe that the fact that they and their partner are currently engaged is sufficient. Rings are not required.

The sign of Capricorn will also want a low-key wedding. For them, a civil union works.

11. Aquarius

A excellent public proposal is Aquarius’ favorite thing.

Being proposed to while surrounded by friends and family sounds fantastic. Aquarius is all about community. If they didn’t include their loved ones in such a significant event in their lives, it wouldn’t seem right.

By the end of the evening, Aquarius will already start organizing the wedding. It will be distinctive in its setting and medium-sized. Everyone present at their engagement will come, and a few others who couldn’t make it.

Aquarius doesn’t need over-the-top planning when being proposed to. They will adore their lover for it if it is sincere and well-considered.

12. Pisces

Pisces love public proposals.

It is not only a fantasy Pisces wants to live out, it is also one of the little thrills they seek.

There are milestones Pisces wants to be special in their life. Being proposed to in a grand, romantic fashion is one of those events.

Pictures, flowers, friends, and family close by all gushing at the proposal. Pisces will be living out their dream.

If their partner can bring Pisces’ fantasy into reality, they will love them forever.

Listen well if Pisces is talking about their dreams of being proposed to or the wedding they want. There will be many little things their partner can use to bring it to life.

And make it a big surprise. Pisces will be excited when they are caught off guard.



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