Being human, we all frequently make mistakes. While some errors are minor and easily fixed, others cause significant problems.
When a mistake is made, the phase of apologising follows. And each person does it in a unique way.
Let’s see how each Zodiac Sign expresses regret after making a mistake.


It’s simple to imagine that Rams are obstinate and hot-headed and that they detest making amends and admitting they were wrong, yet nothing could be further from the truth.

While Aries can be frightening, especially when angered, they are also incredibly honest, so even if it’s difficult, they will always admit when they make a mistake.

Aries tend to lack tact, so there’s a strong probability that honesty contributed to the issue in the first place, but you can be sure that if they made the mistake, they’ll make an effort to right the situation.

An Aries will make amends by going out with you!


It should come as no surprise that Taurus’ renown tenacity makes it nearly tough for them to admit when they’ve made a mistake.

Taurus is adamantly certain that they are correct and will not budge until overwhelming evidence to the contrary is revealed.

Even then, it’ll be some time before they finally confess it.

Despite their obstinacy, Tauruses are well aware of the boundaries, and if they go too far in defending their positions or themselves, they’ll be quick to apologise.

They might still believe they are correct, but at least they will admit that their approach is flawed.

A Taurus will make up for it by being kind to you!


Unconsciously or not, Geminis are inquisitive people who are constantly trying to find the line between right and wrong by pushing other people’s buttons.

They will push and push until they reach other people’s limitations because they want to learn what makes others tick and how to better comprehend others.

Unsurprisingly, this frequently results in arguments and hurt feelings; however, Gemini will undoubtedly respect boundaries moving forward, even if they wait to apologise until the other person demands it.

In a way, their attitude can be both infuriating and advantageous because, once they are aware of what irritates others, they can make every effort to avoid it.

A Gemini will make amends by giving you something you’ll adore.


Sensitive and compassionate, Cancers have no trouble apologising when they have injured you and may even do so if they haven’t done anything wrong.

Cancers are frequently overly conscious of their own actions and words to make sure that this doesn’t happen because they dislike conflict and they dislike hurting other people’s feelings even less.

Cancers frequently apologise after calming down and realising what they did wrong, even when things get heated and they say things they don’t mean.

Cancer will apologise by sharing a touching detail with you.


Leos are as dramatic as they come, which means that in addition to their propensity for inventing drama out of thin air, they also have a very difficult time accepting responsibility for their actions.

In fact, they simply won’t do it more often than not.

It can be challenging to persuade Leos to change their minds about their positions because they are frequently overconfident and dominant.

Leos rarely intend to hurt others, so even though they may never admit when they’re wrong, they’ll likely apologise if you let them know they’ve offended you.

They’ll at least apologise for hurting you, even if they still believe you are at fault.

Leos will make up for it by taking you somewhere enjoyable.

Virgo Virgos rarely intentionally hurt other people, but they frequently put their foot in their mouth.

They’re too critical and outspoken, so they’ll hurt people left and right without even realizing it.

Because they often won’t realize they’ve hurt you unless you bring it up, Virgos will rarely apologize for their words, and when you bring it to their attention, they’ll apologize while still standing for what they said.

As far as they’re concerned, it’s not their opinion that’s wrong, is the way they voiced it.

Virgos will apologize by cooking you something you love.

Libra Libras treasure balance and peace, which means they’ll often go out of their way to avoid conflict.

This often translates to Libra abandoning their principles for the sake of peace and apologizing for things they haven’t even done in an attempt to keep others happy.

Because of this habit, when a Libra does mess up and apologize, it can come off as insincere and meaningless, which gives other people the wrong impression.

All that said, Libras are well aware when they’re wrong, and they’ll be quick to apologize about it.

Libras will apologize by giving you something of theirs.


A passionate sign that thrives in arguments and conflict, Scorpios are so honest they’ll often come off as aggressive.

This honesty means that Scorpios won’t lie to you just to smooth things over and will prefer to remain in conflict until everything has been clearly addressed.

Because of this, their apologies are slow to come and hard to accept, as they only come after long-drawn arguments.

Scorpios will apologize by planning a fun night out!


Sagittarian’s love making friends and keeping the peace, but they’re not about to roll over to achieve it.

If a Sagittarius knows they messed up they’ll apologize, and sometimes they’ll be the bigger person and apologize if the other person was also in the wrong, but apologizing just to avoid drama?

That is not the Sagittarius way.

The only reason why a Sagittarius would apologize to you even if they’re right is that they sincerely care about you and want to avoid any conflict, in which case you should address the situation with as much grace as possible.

Sagittarius will apologize by making you laugh.


Capricorns are known for their self-control and ability to stay cool even in stressful situations.

The thing about Capricorn, though, is that because they’re so used to keeping things in, sometimes they just explode during arguments and overreact.

If a Capricorn hurts your feelings during an argument or discussion, don’t expect an immediate apology. They’ll stew on it for a while, thinking about what happened, before thinking about the situation with a cool head.

Once logic is prevailing again, they find they’re the ones in the wrong, they’ll apologize and own up to it.

Capricorn apologizes by having a sincere conversation.


While Aquarians rarely want to start fights, they’re not afraid to do it if they feel like they’re in the right, which means that it’s going to be very hard to get them to apologize if they feel justified.

They can be pretty righteous and stubborn about the things they care about, so their apology may take a while.

If you can show that they were in the wrong, or explain to them that they hurt you even if they were right, they will apologize, though, and this apology will be sincere.

Aquarius apologizes by asking for your side of the story.


Pisces are very in touch with their emotions, both theirs and others.

They dislike arguments and prefer to keep the peace, but they’re not afraid to stand up to defend themselves or others, particularly when they know they’re in the right.

Pisces don’t get into arguments over anything, but once they do, they’re ready to give it their own, which means they won’t hold back from hurting you if they think it’s necessary.

Later, once things calm down and they finally realize they messed up, they’ll always apologize and will do it sincerely.

Pisces will apologize by making something for you.




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