Different Astrological combinations will charge and spark different styles of relationships and communication between partners. While some opposing pairs may find an inescapable magnetic force pulling them to specific Astrological signs, other attractions may find each other in much more quiet and subtle ways.

Your sun sign will determine how you behave and exert your energy in your lifetime. This will also affect how you behave in relationships, from the first moment to the very end. Not only does your sign have a part in dictating your personality and preferences, but it also positions you to mesh with certain other signs, while some are complete polar opposites and won’t earn your attention.

Some signs may find a quick attraction with an unexpected partner and then months later may find it a difficult and unappealing challenge to keep that fire burning. At the same time, others can’t seem to get themselves away from the heat. This “chemical formula” of sorts all depends on the ingredients poured into the pot; some mixtures will combust, others will create a sweet-smelling and irresistible elixir. Here are some frequent combinations we see who make it through the long haul and others who quit by the third month’s end.


Opposites Attract: Scorpio & Taurus

The saying opposites attract isn’t a well-known phrase for nothing. In this case, Scorpio and Taurus are exactly 6 months away from each other, causing that intense polar attraction.

But we shouldn’t confuse the term opposition here since opposite still implies a lack of similarities.

In this case, there are some oppositional and some attractional forces at play. The Taurus and Scorpio, male and female, love to get to the bottom of things, and they love to do it as real and as passionately as possible. The first few months will be full of passion, heat, and intensity for these two.

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Romance Takes Center Stage: Gemini & Gemini

How does love go for two lovers in the same sign? Well, in the case of the Gemini we wouldn’t really call them two- maybe four perhaps. This is a good airy match and the first few months of this relationship will be full of teasing excitement. Rather than focusing on intellectual dynamics, these two signs are more attentive to their romance.

As one Gemini partner knows exactly how to play and excite the other, it will be a race if twisting, surprising, and pleasing between the Gemini guy lover and the Gemini gal lover.


A Playful Match: Libra & Capricorn

The Libra Capricorn combination is a frequent match in the Astrological sphere. While they aren’t necessarily attracted by elements, they are attracted to their Cardinal similarities, proving that it’s not always opposites that attract.

The two are the master charmers in the Astrological playing field and will begin their relationship with a playful enthusiasm.

There will be much laughter and childish excitement in the first few months of this relationship. Whether it will last or not is up to how much effort the two of you are willing to invest in the relationship.


Their Competitiveness Could Bring Them Closer: Virgo & Gemini

Virgo and Gemini is another frequent match that many new to astrology may not understand. Gemini and Virgo are both ruled by the planet Mercury. This means they are both prone to deep, complex communication and living in the world of ideas. The two may build their attraction through their race to outwit each other.

When it comes to compatibility and happiness in the relationship, things are more balanced and less competitive. The Virgo loves the unexpected, independent, and generous nature of the Gemini while the Gemini loves the reliable, practical, and grounding mind of the Virgo.

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A Power Struggle Could Be Their Downfall: Cancer & Aquarius

The Aquarius may be highly attracted to the emotional contact of the Cancer lover, while the Cancer will be attracted to the Aquarius and their unique independence.

After all, an emotional sign often matches well with a stronger and more independent sign. 

The Cancer may chase the Aquarius with a stimulated curiosity while the Aquarius may adore the Cancer’s ability for deep holistic understanding. The Cancer may feel victorious when he or she ‘conquers’ the Aquarius, but the Cancer should know, you can never fully capture an Aquarius- there’s still plenty of work ahead in the relationship.

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Lining Up Their Priorities Will Make Or Break Them: Leo & Scorpio

The Leo Scorpio combination may find each other in a heated attraction. They are two fixed signs who aren’t very eager or willing to make changes for anyone, not even their partners. When the fire is not heated between the two, they will need to find a secure way of communicating, especially because they tend to care about very different things.

The Leo should be careful, as the Scorpio pays very close attention to detail, while the Scorpio should beware: the Leo is not interested in surrendering. However, like any other relationship trial, this can be worked out with a bit of compromise.


Getting Into Their Own Groove Is Key: Sagittarius & Gemini

Here comes another opposite attraction. Gemini and Sagittarius make a great combination of keeping their partners interested and on their toes.

The two are very independent signs who love to do their thing without being tied down by a demanding partner.

The Sagittarius and Gemini signs are able to find a rhythm that works for the both of them. However, if the trust is not there, many problems will arise later on. The first months will be heated with cloud nine love, but later on, there will be much to work out.

Taming Their Temper Is A Priority: Aries & Aries

Aries’ love for the Aries is highly understandable. They tend to think of themselves as the best and they are usually not afraid to say it out loud. The Aries Aries attraction is a combination of leaders of the Astrological calendar adoring themselves… er… the leadership qualities of their partner.

They are both equally independent and hard-working, and of course, because they are the same sign, tend to have a lot in common. They only need to work on the explosive outburst side because if they don’t, this can lead to a quick breakup- if not many breakups.

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Slow & Steady Wins The Race: Capricorn & Taurus

The Capricorn finds security in the Taurus and the Taurus finds security in the Capricorn. These two grounded signs are creatures of habit and structure. They don’t like the unexpected and they prefer to enjoy things with slow graceful ease.

When the two signs can work through their stubborn ways of doing things, they will find much love to nurture and the relationship can definitely flourish.

The two are lovers of beauty and very often have a similar taste for the finer side of life. Of course, they’ll also have to work hard to get what they want- not a problem for the two motivated signs.

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Lack Of Communication Is Never Good: Libra & Virgo

Libra and Virgo are neighboring signs in the astrological calendar. We see these kind of pairs very often where the two partners share some neighboring qualities. The Virgo and the Libra love order and organization. While the Libra may strive for harmony, the Virgo is striding towards structure. The airy Libra is quick-witted and clever and can keep up with the Virgo’s intelligence and intellectual speed.

However, the Libra can become passive at times, which may nerve the Virgo and bring out his or her aggressive side. Finding a way to talk about how and why they are dissatisfied is key.


Without Their Possessive Nature, Anything Is Possible: Scorpio & Scorpio

Scorpio loves their Scorpio partner. The two are attracted to their Plutonium transformation and mystery. After all, both seek the same qualities that each possesses- talk about meeting your match.

This pair easily walks through the crowd and effortlessly attract the attention of others.

The Scorpio combination is a passionate love connection where the two may find it difficult to get anything done outside of the relationship. They need to work on their own independence and avoid getting too possessive toward their partner. This possessive attitude will lead to jealousy and much drama can follow such issues.


Some Reassurance Will Be Needed: Pisces & Capricorn

They say the Capricorn has a fishtail, implying a deep love connection between the fish of astrology and the goat. But the Pisces will have to work hard in keeping the Capricorn’s attention, while the Capricorn often doubts his or himself and the relationships they are in.

The first few weeks the Capricorn will fall head over heels, but after a month or two he or she is prone to doubt. The Pisces needs to tap into their deep intuition and know how to handle their relationship peacefully and assuredly. Often, all it takes is confidence and open communication to save a relationship from ruin.


A Motivational Pair: Sagittarius & Leo

These two fire signs have no problem getting things heated. They also have no difficulty in keeping things heated. The Leo will march on in their confident way while the Sagittarius can easily flirt and use his or her humorous charm to keep the Leo coming back for more.

Neither sign is afraid to demand what they want and the two can keep each other motivated in achieving their goals.

Often the Sagittarius is outgoing and can please the crowd, especially in the rare cases where the Leo is more shy and sensitive, which surprisingly does occur sometimes.

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Balance Is Restored: Aries & Libra

Aries and Libra have an air and fire opposite attraction. While the Libra wants to harmonize and keep the peace within the relationship, within the community, and within the family, the Aries wants to get ahead in life and won’t look back.

While this may not sound like a fantastic combination, it actually is. They two find a way to meet each other’s needs while keeping the fire burning at a balanced heat rather than overtaking everything else in their lives. The two signs can help balance each other out so that the relationship succeeds.

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Learning To Compromise Could Be The Key: Taurus & Leo

Taurus and Leo can easily fall into each other’s highly attractive styles and looks. However, the two are both fixed signs and therefore may be prone to many arguments. The more passionate the fight, the more passionate the makeup, but we can’t imagine that either sign will admit they were wrong- we’re almost certain that won’t ever be the case.

But perhaps the Leo and Taurus will find other grounds for effective compromising.

The Leo can shake up the adventurous side of the Taurus, while the Taurus can provide security and stability for the Leo.

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Each Other’s Needs Might Not Be Met: Virgo & Aries

The attraction between the Virgo and the Aries will be very similar- they will both admire the other’s ability to lead. However, Aries is a fire sign while Virgo is an earth sign. This can lead to many misunderstandings and difficulty in compromising and backing down from their leadership roles.

After all, both want to be the foremost decision-maker and opinion in the relationship. If the Aries and Virgo deeply enjoy their independent lifestyles, the two can get along easily, but the Virgo may find himself or herself needing a little more than what the Aries wants to offer.


A Lack Of Grounding Could Spell Trouble: Pisces & Pisces

If a Pisces falls in love with a Pisces we may never see the two again. They will easily get lost in each other’s dream worlds and love to keep their romance private and pure.

The two are deeply emotional and may have more needs than the other can handle.

If they find a mature way to take care of each other’s needs, this relationship will be deeply satisfying and fulfilling. The two will have the tendency to float away, so we hope one of them will be willing to play the grounding role.


Independence Unites: Aquarius & Leo

Here we go, another opposite attraction. It’s hard to imagine what could really go wrong in the first few months between opposing lovers. The attraction is so high they may be quickly willing to throw their other priorities and needs out of the window. Sometimes, though, that can prove detrimental in the long run- it’s best to establish priorities early.

Fortunately, these two signs love their freedom and are happy to provide their lover with their own space. They enjoy their work and can easily work side by side without distracting the other.


Could End Poorly: Gemini & Pisces

These two signs are both considered double signs in the astrological calendar. Even though Gemini is an air sign and Pisces is a water sign, they find themselves spilling into each other’s needs.

What the Gemini has the Pisces craves and what the Pisces has the Gemini adores.

The first few months of this love affair will be full of passion and romance on both sides. However, if the Pisces gets too lost in their fantasy world, the Gemini may begin to take control, pushing the Pisces into an unhealthy passive role.

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Their Forgiving Nature Could Keep Them Together: Aries & Aquarius

Aries and Aquarius are a rare match, but can actually work well together. They are fire and air and will be happy to work according to their own schedules without the other feeling neglected or overly sensitive. They enjoy the lighter intellectual side of life and prefer not to dwell too deeply on how they are feeling.

Both the Aries and the Aquarius are self-sufficient signs and can find in each other what they need from a partner. While the two have a tendency towards explosive outbursts, they are just as willing to forgive and forget.


Try To Keep Up With Each Other: Sagittarius & Capricorn

The Sagittarius is a neighbor sign to the Capricorn and can often find themselves quickly attracted to the other. The two share a charm that works on almost anyone- even each other.

The speed of the Sagittarius’s warm humor will score the Capricorn’s interest and attention.

The two value the home but also enjoy a fair amount of time in the social scene. They are both highly ambitious and focused on accomplishing their goals, so neither is complacent in any part of life. Still, the Sagittarius may need a little more mobility than the Capricorn can handle.


Don’t Hold Each Other Back: Taurus & Taurus

These two lovers are ruled by Venus and love love all the time. They are rarely ever single and can easily cling to each other upon their first encounter. The two love the material tangible world and can easily satisfy each other’s needs.

However, if one of the two is lost and confused and hasn’t figured out their ‘true calling in life,’ this will cause a lot of problems in the relationship. After all, the Taurus never wants to feel like their lover is holding them back from the good stuff in life- and a lackadaisical nature doesn’t help that.


Set Up For Success: Cancer & Taurus

Cancer Taurus is a wonderful combination as they both adore and value love. The Cancer is not afraid of their emotional needs and will express to the Taurus what it is that he or she desires. The Taurus is happy to please their lover, as long as their needs are met, and will surprise the Cancer with their level of passion and sensuality.

The two have very similar values and are smart and attractive enough to always get what they want.

As long as the two have a healthy hold on their emotions, they can easily share the sweet side of life.

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