Finding the right partner for life and having a lasting happy relationship is not necessarily easy. Especially not when we are trying convulsively and are afraid of losing the partner or are unwilling to compromise and get involved in the relationship. Everyone has their own peculiarities when it comes to relationships. Our star sign also plays a role here. These are the attributes of your star sign that you use to unconsciously destroy your relationship.


This zodiac sign can be extremely manipulative in relationships. Everything has to go after his head. Psycho-terror is often the reason why relationships with twins do not last long.


The ram constantly needs action and has a lot of energy. For a partner who can not keep up, it will be quite exhausting in the long term. Who does not screw back and sometimes enjoy a cozy evening on the couch, runs the risk of his relationship to a hard test.


The maiden risks unconsciously destroying her relationship because of her skepticism. This star sign is extremely suspicious and often doubts its choices, and as a result, its relationship. Partners who feel this will not be happy in the long run and part. Try to engage with your partner and set your doubts aside to save the relationship.


The lion’s big ego often gets in the way of relationships. He knows everything better and is quite demanding. In relationships, the partners of a lion do not have it easy. Prefer a bit more relaxed and compromise. So you can prevent your relationship from breaking up.


Capricorn is extremely pessimistic in relationships. He constantly sees only the negative things and has to complain about everything. For the partner, this is very exhausting in the long term. This pessimism is therefore often a reason for separation in relations with a Capricorn.


The cancer tolerates little criticism and is very sensitive. Arguing is definitely not one of his strengths. He quickly snaps and reacts to trifles, as if they were huge disasters. Those who can not handle this communication problem risk destroying the relationship in the long run.

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Actually, the Libra is a very harmonious zodiac sign. Often, however, she tends to be narcissistic and ignore the partner’s needs in the relationship. More openness and interest in others can help the Libra to have a happy relationship.


What is actually a good quality can cause permanent problems in relationships: the persistence of the scorpion. He can not let things rest and demands much from his partner, often too much. Instead of constantly criticizing the other, the scorpion should question his behavior and shift down a gear.


The big problem with the bull is his jealousy. This star sign is extremely possessive and leaves little room for his partner. Sooner or later, this can lead to the relationship.


The shooter can often be tactless and downplay the feelings of his partner. Empathy is not necessarily one of the strengths of the shooter. Through his nature, he often happens to unconsciously destroy his relationships. Sometimes it’s better to think first, before you say something rash and hurt the other’s feelings.


Fish are very timid people and therefore often have a restless radiance. In partnerships, this fear can often lead to clinging and extreme attachment, because the fish does not want to lose the other one in any case. Try to get these fears under control so as not to endanger your relationship.


Aquarius finds it extremely difficult to give up his freedom. He longs for togetherness, but does not want to feel restricted. This often gives the partner the feeling that he is not enough for Aquarius. This often leads to crises.



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