It’s no surprise that the dating age has changed drastically since our parents’ era. Not only do us millennial folks find that we’re without the same sort of cut-and-dry process (dating, going steady, then marriage or the dreaded break-up) that Mom and Dad were stuck with, we’re finding that the dating phase itself is becoming a muddy zone of confusion.

Dating becoming less and less of a phase, and more of a lifestyle. Some people only casually date while others assume that one or two dates automatically means they’re in a relationship. Whatever way we want to live our lives, there’s one date that’s always going to be incredibly important: the first date. First dates are full of nerves, excitement, and maybe a little steaminess. Sometimes they’re awkward, and sometimes they flop miserably.

Astrology offers us a little bit of advice, though, to ensure that we’re getting the most out of our first date efforts. If there’s someone we really want to wow, these are the tips and tricks we use. Each sign has a different ideal first date, making it possible to sweep them off their feet regardless of how muddy the two of us might feel. These are the “marry-me-now” first dates that are sure to romance even the most stubborn signs!

Capricorn Women: Share A Home Cooked Meal And Embrace Any Comfortable Silence

Capricorns are the queens of contentment. They love the ease and confidence that comes with a person who’s secure in themselves, as it’s a great match for the secure Capricorn.

We believe that feeling secure is one of the best ways to combat any sort of awkwardness.

First dates can feel jittery and nervous at the best of times, but Capricorns will never add to that stress; they’ll just calmly and swiftly move past it. Impressing our Capricorn women isn’t all that hard. Opt for the old standards, like cooking a nice meal for her. She’ll love the thoughtfulness, and will relish the comfortable silence that comes with cooking.


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Capricorn Men: A Good Drink And Some Live Music Will Make The Capricorn Man Happy

Capricorn men might not be as easy going as the Capricorn women, but they are just as simple to satisfy. Some people think that Capricorns are hard to please. They think they have high standards and are easily displeased. We’re here to say that that’s not entirely true. The only standards the Capricorn holds is for himself. Capricorns are notoriously hard on themselves, keeping their standards high in order to achieve all their goals.

A good drink and some music is not only going to keep his energy up, but it also gives you two a chance to chat only when you feel you want to, rather than forcing conversation the whole night.


Aquarius Women: Would Love A Unique Art Show (And A Deep Discussion About It After!)

Aquarius is definitely one of the quirkier signs. Aquarius signs are uniquely themselves and don’t often subscribe to pressures to be what they’re not. They like to talk and their keen minds need lots of stimulation in order to be happy. Aquarius women are often excited by art, ideas, and thoughtful actions.

Combine all three of those things to create the best date for the Aquarius woman.

We suggest checking out a unique art show like a mural festival or an independent photography exhibit. Finish the show off with a long walk and a deep discussion about the art. They’ll fall head over heels then and there if the conversation is good!


Aquarius Men: Aren’t Picky, As Long As The Conversation Clicks

On the flip-side of the Aquarius woman, Aquarius men may or may not be into an art gallery show. Aquarius women are typically the more creative thinkers while the Aquarius man is the type to dig into the why behind something. Aquarius men like to think about everything, which means his interests are going to be wide and varied.

Luckily this means that they’re nowhere near as picky as other signs. Aquarius men are happy with any date, as long as the conversation works well. Talk about the future or talk about the past; the Aquarius man is up for everything.


Cancer Women: Stick With The Traditional Dinner Date To Start

Cancer women love to connect with people. They have such beautiful, open hearts that it’s easy for them to feel compassion for anyone, no matter what the situation is. However, their quiet nature means they seldom share that sentiment out loud. Keeping to themselves is a given, though the Cancer woman will eventually open up.

Once they trust someone they trust them fully, and will willingly hand their heart over.

As one of the more traditional signs, breaking the ice with a dinner date is the best choice. It’s intimate but sufficiently distant and lets the Cancer decide if they want to continue the date afterward- perfect when they’re building up trust!


Cancer Men: Want Something Sensible, Like A Coffee Meeting Or A Late Lunch

Cancers might be on the traditional side, but they also tend to be busy. Cancers aren’t as goal-oriented as some of the other signs but they do know the value of their hard work. They aren’t afraid to put in extra hours in order to finish a project or to surpass a supervisor’s expectations.

This sensibility means that they don’t want to feel as if their time isn’t being used effectively. Suggesting a coffee date or a late lunch will put the Cancer man at ease. He’ll be able to build up to the type of trust he needs in a partnership, and he’ll feel satisfied knowing he can be flexible with his time.


Aries Women: A Little Challenge, But A Lot Of Heart Means A Night Of Passionate Dance Is Calling

Aries women are energetic, positive, and impulsive. They’re the epitome of strong-willed and don’t often want to change their mind just to fit in with a group. They would rather be the type to stand out than blend in. They’re also incredibly goal oriented, making them a little more competitive than other passionate signs.

This is why a night of dance is perfect for the Aries woman.

Not only will she love the physical energy it takes, but she’ll also love the passion that exudes. Bonus points if this date is an actual dance lesson; the Aries woman thrives in competitive learning environments, making it a total hit.

Aries Men: Working Out Never Hurts, Which Is Why They’ll Jump At A Hiking Or Adventure-Based Date

Physical activity is a running theme (sorry, bad joke) with the Aries sign. Aries men are especially eager to burn off energy. They love the idea of having a partner who’s able to push them to be better. They’re the most competitive when they’re working against themselves.

This means that an adventure or partner hike is a great first date. Not only will they be happy to embrace the physical activity, they’ll love the fact that their potential partner wants to push them in that way. Be warned, though: they might suggest the same hike next weekend, so they can try and beat their completion time!


Pisces Women: Pull Out All The Romantic Stops By Setting Up A Stargazing Picnic

There’s something so incredibly romantic about staring at stars with a loved one. Not only is it gorgeous, but it’s also the kind of warm and cozy activity that will get you two snuggling up. Pisces women aren’t shy when it comes to romance. They often wear their heart on their sleeves though they’re not the most vocal sign- and they’ll certainly make their feelings known through their actions.

Play into this romantic side of the Pisces by planning a romantic, stargazing picnic.

They’ll immediately be looking for shooting stars to wish on. What are they wishing for? Easy: a second, third, and fourth date!


Pisces Men: Would Be Happy With A Movie And A Walk Afterwards

While the Pisces woman isn’t afraid to let her heart sing, the Pisces man is a little more protected. A Pisces man is a sensitive creature and likes to be the driving force in the romance department. However, he cares about other people’s comfort, which means he’ll never want to step on anyone’s toes. This makes it a little more difficult for him to navigate romantic gestures.

The first step is to make him comfortable and to let him know by words or by actions exactly what the boundaries are. The movie will give him enough time to warm up into the energy of the date, and the walk will be the perfect opportunity to chat. Now everyone is happy!


Sagittarius Women: Want Something Wild; Try A Summer Fair Or Local Adventure Spot

We all know about the Sagittarius sign. Sagittarius folk are bold, talkative, and thrive in change. They like to go on adventures and find a huge amount of satisfaction in trying new things. They’re almost always on the go and like to experience things with other people.

A connection is important to them, even if they tend to move from one thing to another very quickly.

Summer fairs are awesome date nights for the Sagittarius woman, as there’s always something new and exciting to do. A local adventure spot could also be a good pick. Just be sure to check in with Sagittarius first about what their favorite kind of adventure is!


Sagittarius Men: Think Outside The Box By Doing A Photo shoot At A Wild Or Abandoned Place

Sagittarius folk are incredibly interested in artists. While they get along with just about everyone, they especially love those people who think outside the box. Artists are often good at questioning things and having conversations about anything and everything; that’s exactly what the Sagittarius man likes to do too!

This date might seem a little strange, but we believe that it’ll go over really well. Sagittarius men are always up to try something new. Even if they’ve never modeled or taken photographs before, they’ll love the chance to stretch those new, creative muscles. Just be sure to keep it confined to places both feel comfortable going. The last thing a Sagittarius wants is stress.


Taurus Women: Love A Little Luxury (Even If It’s Just The Extra Nice Bottle Of Wine With Dinner)

Taurus women are the total opposite of Sagittarius women. Not only do they tend to keep the conversation to the essentials rather than the extremes, but they would rather stay in with a movie and popcorn than go traipsing around a loud and energetic fairground.

The Taurus woman is a bit of a sucker for luxury, however, and will jump at the chance to dress up and go out.

The restaurant doesn’t need to be super fancy, but we suggest a black tie dress code and at least the $15 bottle of wine. She’s not materialistic, but she’ll have so much fun acting like the queen she is.


Taurus Men: Need A More Relaxed Date To Start The Relationship Off Right

While Taurus men definitely have a taste for luxury too, they’re more likely to be satisfied by having a relaxing date to start things off. Relaxing into the relationship will put the Taurus man at ease. While this isn’t a sign prone to stressing out, they can get overworked when they aren’t allowed to work at their own pace.

By suggesting a relaxed date for the first get together is going to have excellent long-term results. We suggest a weekend brunch or a burgers and fries kind of dinner date. This keeps the pressure off of the Taurus man and will also give some space to make the dates more luxurious in the future.


Leo Women: Are Up For Anything (Just Make Sure She’s At The Centre Of Whatever You Do)

Leo women are the most easily excitable of all the Astrological signs. This is probably a generalization, but the Leos we know tend to love going on dates. It doesn’t matter what they are: concerts, book clubs, coffee, or drinks.

Leos just want to meet people and talk about everything under the sun.

The trick to getting a Leo gal to fall in love is to ensure that there’s a strong sharing of the focus. They love when the focus is on them, but are also incredibly curious about others. By stepping into the spotlight with her (and extending your focus to post-date communication as well) the date will definitely be a marry-me-now success.


Leo Men: Are Usually Looking For Passion… Need We Say More?

Passion is passion, and the Leo man is full of it. Not only does he want to infuse his relationships with passion, but he also wants to infuse his work and life with passion. He’s prone to adventures, though he’s not as impulsive as the Sagittarius. We would suggest a first date that plays into his adventurous spirit.

Maybe check out a high-rise rooftop bar or go on an outdoor date to a zip line park. Or just invite him over for a game of Scrabble. The name of the game is to find something that gets his blood pumping and to encourage that passionate side. That’s the trick to his falling in love.


Scorpio Women: Suggest A Spontaneous Midnight Diner Breakfast And Watch Her Eyes Light Up

Scorpio women might feel tough to please at first, but these sweethearts have huge hearts. Not only do they love the feeling of being cared for, but they also love everyday adventures.

They like to watch and listen, but if something riles them up get ready for some fireworks.

Midnight diner dates are just daring enough to feel super cool and tough, but they’re also sweet and nostalgic enough to make her sensitive side sigh. Scorpios will always opt for the unique idea over the widely accepted one. Infuse that kind of individuality and creativity into your dates and she’ll be head over heels.


Scorpio Men: Want To See Your Open, Honest Self, So Pick Whatever Will Make YOU Happy

Scorpio men are much the same as Scorpio women, at least when it comes to their emotional habits. They’ll keep a measured tone until they can’t help but explode, especially if it’s with happiness or excitement. They might get mad easily but they’re much more easily prone to excitement. The thing that makes them happiest? Seeing the people they care about being their open, honest, and happy selves.

The Scorpio man cares so, so much about the people he loves, and he gets to that point incredibly quickly. By choosing a date that makes your heart sing, he’s going to fall head over heels faster than we can say “true love.”


Libra Women: Watching Some Live Music And Going Out For Dessert Afterwards Is Surefire Romance

Libras can often have a sweet tooth, despite their insistence on keeping a healthy and well-balanced diet. Libras are all about the balance, which is why they need a date that’s a good split between activity and connection. They love the energy and personality that comes with live music, but it isn’t always as intimate as they would want on a first date. This is why it needs the addition of a shared dessert.

By being able to talk, laugh, and share in the afterglow of a concert, their emotional and entertainment needs will both be satisfied.

It’s exactly the kind of balance that will get them eager for the rest of your lives together.


Libra Men: Just Want Some Advance Notice If Trying Somewhere New

This might not be instructions for what date to take the Libra man on, but it is a surefire way to have a successful, marry-me-now first date with him. Libras like to be prepared. The Libra man is probably the one who keeps band-aids in his wallet as well as a sheet with his emergency contact information on it. He’s not scared of potential bad events, but he does like to be ready in case they happen.

Sometimes he takes a while to make decisions as well, which is why the Libra man should be given advance notice. Let him look up the restaurant’s menu before going. Not only will he be happier and more at ease, but he’ll love the compassion it shows.


Gemini Women: Would Love A Day To Explore; No Set-In-Stone Plans, And No Timetable

Gemini women like to take every opportunity they can. They love being able to try everything before making a decision. Sometimes they change their minds soon after making decisions, but it’s only because their big, beautiful brains have kept working. Geminis are always thinking, which makes them excellent conversationalists

A Gemini gal is not one for schedules, despite her often busy one. 

They often work moment-to-moment, which is why the perfect date is one that’s built out of moments. Inviting them on a city-wide exploration date would be perfect. Let their whims and fancies dictate the day, and get ready to keep up. It’s a perfect recipe for love!


Gemini Men: Would Love To Collaborate On A Creative Mini-Project, Be It A Pottery Class Or Home Cooked Meal

Gemini men also love to live moment to moment. However, they tend to have so many interests that they need to keep their lives on a schedule. While the Gemini woman might be more prone to free-flowing schedules, the Gemini man is often a little more rigid.

They find the most freedom in creative endeavors and are always up for trying something new. They know they can achieve more by working with people, which is why they want their partnership to be collaborative. A great first date is a couple’s cooking class. Not only will your stomachs be full, but so will your hearts!


Virgo Women: Are Ready For A Reading Date; Break Out The Books And Find A Cozy Cafe

Virgo women are far and away stimulated the most by intellectual activities. They love their books, articles, and brain teasers, and are often highly skilled with both romantic words as well as practical thinking. This might feel like an odd first date but trust us: Virgo women will fall for it like they fall into a great story.

Suggest that the two of you do a mini book club.

Each brings a favorite novel and lends it to the other one. Grab a coffee and a muffin and sit and read for as long as is wanted. Who knows– she might want to stay and finish the whole book, periodically glancing up and dreaming of wedding bells.


Virgo Men: The “Netflix And Chill” Date Which Really Is Pizza And A Nature Documentary (Or Disney)

Virgo men can most accurately be described like this: what we see is what we get. They don’t play mind games, despite the fact that they love brain teasers. They’re definitely driven to go for their goals, but they don’t overwork themselves. They’re the ones who work smart, rather than with brute force. Due to this relaxed energy the Virgo carries, they’re prone to planning Netflix and chill dates. It’s not you’re thinking, though.

They never have malicious intentions, as they prioritize respect and listening to their partner above all. They seriously just want to split a pizza and watch a movie, pausing to talk and laugh the night away. Virgos seldom fall head-over-heels, but if the compatibility is right… There might just be a goodnight kiss.





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