1. Written In The Stars


According to astrology, the stars rule your destiny. Your personality is predetermined by the planets. Your fate is at the mercy of the heavens. But most importantly, your sign can let you know how you kiss.

2. Pucker Up


Wouldn’t it be great to know how the hottie at the bar is going to kiss before you lock lips? There might be a way to find out! Drop the ’70s pick up line of, “What’s your sign?” and let the stars tell you all you need to know. Hopefully he says a sign that matches well with yours. Otherwise, you’re obviously just going to have to immediately stop talking to him. There’s absolutely no other option. Give it up entirely. It’s obviously going to be such a terrible kiss that you’re going to want to abandon hope completely.

3. Aries


If you want to experience a passionate, wild and adventurous make out session, then find yourself an Aries. And does that sounds like something that anyone wouldn’t want? The answer to that is obviously no. Aries are impulsive in everything — especially their kisses. They’ll surprise you, locking lips without warning. Get ready for some fire! This also sort of sounds like a recipe for disaster, but hey, to each his own.

4. Taurus

A Taurus’ kisses will be slow, sensual and grounded. But would you expect anything else from this stable Earth sign? When you kiss a Taurus, you know it’s real. Quality counts, so you know they’ll put the effort into their luxurious puckers.

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5. Gemini


Playful Gemini will turn your mouth into their personal playground. Their two-sided nature will leave you wondering just exactly who you’re kissing. Is it someone who likes to take it slow and sensual? Is it someone who likes to go at it hard? If you can keep up with their ever-changing pace, you’ve got yourself one passionate partner!

6. Cancer


Cancer’s kisses are soft and satisfying. Cancers can’t help but feel everything they do, and that includes their kissing. Even their one night stands are full of emotion!

7. Leo


There’s one word to describe a Leo, and that’s swagger. A Leo will kiss you boldly, like the king of the jungle. Leos are fun and sexy without even having to try, and that makes them one of the best kissers in the zodiac.

8. Virgo


Virgo kisses are compassionate and selfless. A Virgo will cater to your needs all night long. They’ll let you take the lead and give what you ask for. Everyone should kiss a Virgo.

9. Libra


Want to feel comfortable kissing someone in front of your grandma? Then kiss a Libra. Their conservative and romantic kisses will leave you full of love. Libras are true romantics and heart, and your smooch sesh will feel like it’s something out of a movie!

10. Scorpio


Scorpios are the most sexual sign of the zodiac, so if you end up locking lips with one, you’re in for an experience. It’s going to be aggressive. It’s going to be steamy. And it’s going to be done right.

11. Sagittarius


A Sagittarius will kiss aggressively, but only out of excitement. This free-spirited sign can’t get enough, and their kisses show it. They’ll kiss whomever, whenever, and they’ll enjoy it. 12. Capricorn


Do you like cold and calculated kisses? Then you’ll love kissing a Capricorn. Capricorns use the right amount of tongue and at just the right time. While Capricorns have a rep for being emotionless, their kisses are nothing short of affectionate. Plus since Capricorns are so picky, you’ll know that if you end up kissing a Capricorn’s precise and powerful lips, you’ll know it’s because you’re special.

13. Aquarius


Trailblazing Aquarius will kiss you in ways you never knew were possible. They do their own thing — both in and out of the bedroom. But you don’t need to sit around waiting for one of these passionate kisses. An Aquarius will take charge and make the first move.

14. Pisces

A mysterious Pisces might kiss you with their lips, but for them, it’s all in the eyes. Seductive and sensual, a Pisces’ kisses will start out slow, then grow in intensity. You’ll have to work to earn your make out sesh with a Pisces, but it’ll be worth it.

15. Written In The Stars


Well, we need a cold shower! Who knew the stars could be so steamy?



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