What’s happening to you? You feel light-headed, you’re always happy, and you can’t wait to see them again. Here are 15 infatuation symptoms!

I’m actually going through this right now. I haven’t felt like this in years. I can’t focus on anything, you should see how long it took me to write this feature! I’m constantly thinking about him, checking my phone for his reply, it’s like I’m going through withdrawals. I need more of him. And that is just one sign of the infatuation symptoms.

Is this love? I don’t think so, at least not yet, but it’s definitely infatuation. I’m completely obsessed and if you’re going through this, then you know exactly what I mean. You may think you’ve fallen in love, and believe me, I want that for you, but don’t jump to conclusions right away.

If this is infatuation, of course, you need to enjoy every moment. Also keep yourself reminded of your emotions. Infatuation leads to love and a relationship, but it can also lead to heartbreak.

The infatuation symptoms: How to tell if it’s love or not

Love and lust is one hell of a drug. If you want to know if you’re headed for heartbreak or the altar, read on.

#1 You can’t focus on anything else. It’s taking you twice as long to finish a simple task, you’re not listening when people talk to you and you find yourself making stupid mistakes.

Yeah, I know, this was me all week. It’s horrible, you feel like you’ve lost control of your body and mind. [Read: Totally smitten or mildly crushing? 10 ways to split them apart]

#2 Everything reminds you of them. That cupcake in the window shop? It reminds you of the shots you two pounded back at the bar. Or the Beyonce song, totally reminds you of the way they smile. Everything has some connection to them even when in reality, there’s no connection. You just want to have them on your mind all day and night.

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#3 They’re all you want to talk about. Your friends and family have been patient. However, if they have to listen to another story about this person, they’re going to explode. If they’re all you can talk about, it’s safe to say you’re infatuated. Love isn’t obsession, lust is.

#4 You’re defensive if someone knew them before you. If you know someone that knew your new flame before you did, you’re highly defensive. Maybe this person tells you that your flame is known to be a cheater or liar, but you have their back 100%.

Infatuation is blinding, so, whatever anyone tells you, don’t just disregard it as false information. Keep it in the back of your head. [Read: How to keep from moving too fast in a new relationship]

#5 Your friends and family don’t see it. No one can understand why you’re with this person. I’ve been in this situation before. In fact, I was completely infatuated with them. Now, I get why my friends and family were confused, we were not a match. But at the time, this guy was my life. Your friends and family know you very well, and they can see a true connection a mile away.

#6 You change what you want to match them. You used to want to have kids and a beach house, but, they don’t want children and prefer apartment living.

Well, suddenly, you don’t mind not having kids and you could do apartment living, why not? Nooo! This is not what it’s about, people. If you’re willing to scrap all your dreams for this person, it’s not love.

#7 You just met. You’re trying not to tell them you love them even though you just met them ten minutes ago. Listen, you don’t love them, at least not now. In reality, you just want to have sex with them. So, have sex with them, spend time together, and wait a bit to see how you feel then.

#8 You’re willing to change core values. All of a sudden, your core beliefs are going out the window for this person. Maybe you’re a vegetarian and they’re not. Well, now, you’re buying a giant steak for dinner. If this was love, you wouldn’t feel like you should change. [Read: Too good to be true? How to tell if you’re dating a phony]

#9 You put them on a pedestal. They’re literally the smartest, best looking, funniest person you’ve ever met. You feel that in some ways you’re less than them, that you don’t know what they’re doing with you. But that isn’t how it’s supposed to be. If it’s mutual, they see you both as equals and you should do the same.

#10 This is the best thing that’s ever happened to you. Better than when you graduated from college or landed your first promotion, it’s the best thing since chocolate. Listen, it’s not the best thing that’ll ever happen to you. Loving someone isn’t supposed to be the highlight of your life, though, it feels amazing, the journey through life is what matters. [Read: How to be happy alone: 20 ways relationships are overrated]

#11 It feels as though you know everything about them. It’s like you’ve known each other for years, there’s nothing you don’t know about them. But in reality, you have no idea who they are. Can you actually be sure that’s even their name? Exactly. Love is when you start to see who they are, and you accept both the good and bad.

#12 You’re already jumping into the next step. You want babies, you want a ring on your finger, but you still haven’t met their parents or figured out how to pronounce their last name. Yeah, you’re thinking eight steps ahead and not living in the moment. If it’s love, these moments come naturally, so, just chill. [Read: Lust vs. Love – 10 signs you’re feeling lust and not love]

#13 The jealousy is strong. You see them talking to an old friend from school and you can’t handle it. They’re laughing and smiling while you feel the heat building up in your body. Remember, love isn’t jealousy. You’re infatuated, you see them as your property.

#14 You’re terrified they’ll leave you. You think they’ll cheat on you or leave you for someone else. It’s this sudden paranoia that starts to develop inside your head. Now, if you had trust issues in the past, I understand this fear. But listen, if this is love, you shouldn’t be worrying. Love is confidence. [Read: How to get over trust issues in your relationship]

#15 You lost sudden interest. Oh, and look at that, you no longer find their laugh sexy or charming when food falls onto their shirt. If this was love, you’d be into all those quirky parts about them until you’re old and grey. But infatuation is a funny thing, it can leave as quickly as it comes.

[Read: Infatuation vs. love: 14 ways you can tell the difference]

So, now that you know what the infatuation symptoms are, try to see where you are on the spectrum. Whether it’s love or infatuation, the most important thing is you enjoy each moment.



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