It is a scary thought that there is someone out there you love so much that you cannot imagine yourself living without that person. It’s scary to think you will never be able to move on without them.

But guess what? You did have a happy, fulfilling life once without them and you can have it again.

You had a life before you met this person. You were happy. You had a bunch of friends around you. You had a family who loved you. You had hobbies that filled your days. You did not spend time pining over a person who wasn’t good for you. You weren’t wallowing in a pool of self-pity and sadness. You were living your carefree, happy life, and you were simply excited to be alive and to experience life with such zest and joy.

You had dreams. You were so excited about the life ahead of you. You wanted to travel. You were saving up so you could go on an adventure and explore the world. You did not see that heartbreak coming. It suck up on you unexpectedly and made you deal with it the best way you knew how. It wasn’t your fault things turned out that way.

But they did. And now you’re hurt. You’re confused. You’re not sure how you’re supposed to move on and forget about him. And frankly, you don’t want to. You just want him back. Every time your phone beeps, you pray that it’s him. Every time you go out, you desperately hope you will bump into him while looking so fiercely amazing and that he’ll want you back. And when it doesn’t happen, you sink. You go back to that dark place and you don’t want anyone to try to make you feel better. All you want is him.

When those hard days hit you, remember your aspirations in life. Remember how happy you once were, before he even entered your life. Remind yourself of the life you led and how fulfilled you were! Things took a dark turn, I know… But in those times, you have to bring yourself to remember how good you are without him. You have to remember your goals, the things that made you move forward before. I understand how hard it is now… But that feeling will pass, with time, and during your process of healing, it’s important to focus on positive things.

Remind yourself of the woman you were, before your heart got smashed into tiny pieces.

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You mustn’t let your heartbreak ruin the potential you have within you. You cannot let your broken heart dictate the way your future will turn out. You have to fight for something. If you don’t, you will sink even further. Help yourself find a way out of this dark hole. Do not let it destroy you. You are too important to allow that.

Heartbreak sucks. There is no denying that. It is thought-consuming, emotionally draining and physically exhausting. It is powerful. It makes you feel like you’re weak. But it is something that every human being has gone through. And they survived. And so have you. And you will do it again.

It is not an incurable disease. It is not something that can’t be fixed. No. It is a painful state but one that heals. The only medicine for it is time. It is allowing yourself to feel sad but not letting it completely take over you. You need to take care of yourself. Rediscover who you are. Find out if you are who you always wanted to be. If not, work on that. Work on getting to a place that will make you feel like the best version of yourself.

I know it feels impossible right now. I know you don’t feel like you are capable of getting yourself out of bed, let alone healing. But it will happen. We have all gone through it. So will you. We have all survived a broken heart. So will you.

Cry, get it all out of your system. And then, get yourself out of bed. Find a small purpose for that day. And go from there. With each tiny success, you will start feeling the zest for life again. And with each day, you will be closer to being happy.

You’ll see. Just give it time. You will be yourself again. This dark period will pass. And when you’re back to your old self, you will see that you have survived, yet again. And you will feel powerful and strong. Mark my words. You will be proud of how tough you are, and your life will be back on track.

You are strong and soon, you will see it for yourself. Hold on a little longer and give yourself time. You’re doing better than you think.



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