A man who knows how to love hard will set you free of any confines that may be constraining you. This is the man who will make you see that anything is possible if you’re brave enough to try.

A man who knows how to love hard will see you as pure magic. This man won’t be afraid to put aside his tough exterior and show you how vulnerable you have made him. He will not be afraid of how much he loves you and he will look at you as if you are a shining ray of sunlight that can light up an entire room you walk into.

A man who knows how to love hard will never drain you of your energy. He will be the fuel that will be propelling you to go further than you ever believed you could.

He will love you for your imperfections, yearn for those deep, soul-baring conversations and appreciate you for your brain and not just your ass.

He will value your opinions and instead of just nodding along and then doing what he was about to do anyway, he will incorporate them into your joint plans. Because he knows that in order for this to work, there has to be a partnership. There is no superior partner in your relationship and he understands that you both bring something valuable to the table.

He will love you for your physical appearance but he will cherish your emotional side above anything else. He knows that you’ve had it with superficial, pathetic excuses for men who never knew how to appreciate a woman who can stick up for herself and offer more than her appearance. He knows that your looks are only the surface of what makes you so amazing.

He will be attracted to you sexually but he will be in love with who you are deep inside. A vulnerable, kind, strong woman who has had enough guys in her life who took her for a spin and threw her aside once they were done with her. And he will make sure you know that those days are over. His love will bring you back to life and make you see that you finally have somebody beside you who is worthy of your time and affection.

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A real man never runs away from trouble. He knows not to. He also knows that there will be bumps in the road ahead and he is not afraid of dealing with them. He won’t be a coward like all your exes and run at the first sight of things getting serious or as soon as real problems appear. Because they will. The real world is all kinds of messy and it can take you for a spin and make you regret ever allowing yourself to open up to anyone. But once you find a man who loves too hard to let go, you will be fine. Those bumps along the road will strengthen your relationship and make you closer than ever.

When you feel like shit and when things aren’t going to plan, he will be there. He will be your guiding force and he will make you see that you can do this and that you are allowed to feel this way. It is normal, it’s life. And he’s right there, if you need a shoulder to cry on. And just knowing that, your life will be so much easier.

This man will not be intimidated by your success. He will celebrate you in all your glory and proudly tell everyone how freaking amazing his girl is. He won’t care if you’re doing better than him. Your success and your happiness make him genuinely proud, so don’t ever settle for less than this.

This guy will make every little achievement seem grand and with every step you take in the right direction, he will be there alongside you, supporting you, loving you and being endlessly proud of you.

Don’t you ever settle for a man who will hold your success against you and never settle for a man who can’t support you, no matter what your dreams are. You don’t need that negativity in your life.

Find a guy who makes your light shine a little brighter and your dreams seem a little closer. Find a man who knows how to love hard. When you do, you will have everything you need to keep pushing forward and feel like there is no limit to what you can achieve. The sky will be your limit and he will be your safety net.



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