If you are scared of falling in love because you are afraid of getting hurt, don’t feel alone because you are not the only one facing this emotional dilemma. In fact, a lot of people refuse to believe in love because they think it’s not worth getting yourself broken and filled with tears. Others also argue that this is the beauty of love, you never truly know how it feels to love someone unless you get hurt.

If you are not ready yet to fall in love, that’s alright so you should take all the time in the world and don’t worry about it, because the right time and person will come along eventually. But if you are reading this article with a willing spirit to dip your toes in relationships, then please continue reading.

We might not be able to answer all the questions philosophers have asked about love, but at least we can list down ten answers to know when is love worth the pain:

1. If you see a future in the relationship.
The first answer to this love question is if you see a future in the relationship. It’s a relatively common answer to such a question, because why else would you be pursuing this if you don’t see a possible outcome in the future, right? But if you feel that the relationship has reached its dead end, there’s nowhere else to go but down, and if you think it’s not healthy anymore, then it’s understandable for you to let go.

2. If this is only a momentary hurdle.
The second answer to take note of is if you know that this is only a momentary hurdle in your relationship. You and your partner will face a lot of problems together as the years pass by, problems that will test the strength of your love for each other, so you must not give up at the first sign of conflict. If you know for sure that this is only temporary, then it’s definitely worth holding on to in order to reap the fruits of growth afterward.

3. If you think this is the right thing to do.
The third answer to this long-awaited question is if you think that this is the right thing to do.  When you truly know deep in your heart that this decision and this relationship is the absolute right thing to do then it’s worth going through the troubles and backlash. Grab your partner’s hand tight, face the negative feedback with chins up, and put your trust in each other that you will get through this eventually.

4. If you want to make it work.
The fourth answer to know if it’s worth it is if you want to make the relationship work. Once you get into this mentality, then it automatically assumes that you are willing to sacrifice anything and everything in order for you to be together. So what’s a little pain now when you know for sure that after this you will be spending your happily ever after with the one you love?

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5. If you’re willing to make the sacrifice.
The fifth answer to check off this list is if you are willing to make the sacrifice. You can only go through the pain that love has to offer if you are ready to go through the heavy sacrifices it requires. If you can commit yourself, put in your best effort, then for sure you can handle any amount of pain love has to throw at you.

6. If you truly love your partner.
The sixth best answer to help you decide is if you truly love your partner. When you love someone, then anything you do is worth it for that person. You gave up smoking, you left your job and moved to be closer to her, or you let go of all your vices, but hey it’s alright because you know whatever makes your partner happy, makes you happy as well.

7. If this will make you a better person.
The seventh answer to this mind-boggling question is if you know this experience will make you a better person. As the song goes, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and this is true because we grow best when we overcome our most traumatic and life-changing situations. At the end of this trial, if you know this will make you change for the better then it’s better to go through the pain and achieve those gains.

8. If you place your trust in your partner.
The eight answer to know if love is really worth it all is if you place your trust in your partner. You don’t know where this is going, if there’s a rainbow at the end of the storm, or if you’ll ever see a sunrise again, but it doesn’t matter because whatever your happens, as long as the person you love is there, the destination doesn’t matter. You’re willing to go through the unknown and through the pain because you trust your partner.

9. If you see your partner working for it.
The ninth answer to this lingering wonder is if you see your partner working for it. Another bonus point is if you’re both working for it together, then you can truly tell that whatever is this conflict you’re going through right now, it will eventually be alright in the end. If you’re in this together, then you will never be afraid of any outcome and you’ll feel even more dedicated to overcoming this problem.

10. If you think it is worth it.
The last and tenth answer is simple: if you think your love is worth getting hurt over for, then, by all means, go for it! Don’t hold back because you only get to live your life once and as the saying goes, it’s better to have loved and lost than to have not loved at all.

Fighting for your love is like standing at the edge of a broken bridge with storm clouds around you and a dark fog covering what lies below so you see nothing except dark clouds. You want to jump to the other side but you’re not sure because you’re afraid of getting hurt, but suddenly you hear a voice calling out your name.

It’s the voice of someone you love.

You then take a deep breath, make a run for it, and with all your might, you jump! You don’t know where you’re heading or if you’re going to crash and burn, but it doesn’t matter, because as long as you get to reach the one you love at the other side, then you know it’s worth it.



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