Maintaining a happy and healthy relationship is more work than one assumes. Regardless of how much you love your partner, the truth is, relationships do get boring after a while.
While it’s seemingly insignificant, these rough times can grow into something bigger, causing the couples to break up. For this reason, you should try not to get to this by keeping your loved one happy at home.

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This can mean several different things from keeping the house clean and cooking, to dining and spending time together. The key is in doing things you know that your partner loves and enjoys, so he/she is happy when at home.


While you should try to keep your loved one happy at all times, you shouldn’t do it at all costs. If you’re in a toxic relationship, the chances are that things won’t be easily fixed by cooking for your partner.
Don’t stop wearing makeup just because your partner doesn’t like it, especially if he won’t commit to doing something for you. It’s a bit of a give-what-you-get situation since both of you should try.
Trying to make your loved one happy is beautiful since all effort matters. However, make sure that your partner tries just as much, and it’s not just you doing all the work to keep the relationship alive.

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1. Communication is critical

Nothing really matters as much as communications. Sharing things with your partner gets easier as you get more comfortable. Still, your relationship probably won’t last a long time if one of the two keeps on hiding things.
Keep the communication open, even if it means possible conflict over certain things. Your partner will appreciate your honesty and respect you’re showing by having him/her involved.
Communication is the key to a healthy relationship, and we don’t refer to texting emojis each morning. Make sure to actually talk to your loved one.

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2. Small details matter

Things like saying thank you and please might seem insignificant, especially if you’ve been married for ten years. However, it does matter since being polite to a person is a sign of respect.
Don’t just respect the visiting guests, but extend the treatment to your loved one as well. Be respectful, polite, and kind to your loved one as you would to anyone else.
We often feel comfortable around our partners, which is good but makes us forget to be kind in a way. Offer your spouse a drink or to do something for him/her that they dread doing. It’s an excellent way of showing you care.

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3. Go on that vacay

When is the last time you two went somewhere together? No, we’re not referring to that destination wedding or the time you visited your parents. We’re talking about a proper vacation getaway where the two of you are alone.
Most couples go on vacations early on in their relationship but tend to stop after a while. In most cases, a lack of time is the most popular excuse.
The truth is that everyone has a few days in a year to use for vacation. It sometimes takes more effort and planning to have some days off at the same time as your partner, but it’s not impossible.
A few days away from the fuss of your daily life will do you both good in more ways than one. You’ll have time to dedicate to your relationship without everyday distractions of work, friends, colleagues, parents, and everything else.
The trip doesn’t have to be expensive nor should you get head over heels to book the most expensive hotel.

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4. Keep the house clean

This is an obvious one, but we should mention it nonetheless. A messy house is often stressful to come to for both you and your partner. For this reason, you should try to keep it neat and clean.
Make sure that each room is clean and clutter-free, but don’t forget the floors. Regular vacuuming is quite important for every house to look the best, and you should look into the top of the line vacuums to achieve this.
Still, remember that you shouldn’t be the only one trying. Your partner must put in just as much work if possible.
If your partner works and you don’t, it might be alright for you to do most of the housework and vice versa. On the other hand, if you’re both employed, you should both take on the house chores.

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5. Have as many meals as possible at home

Cooking at home is the best time to keep your loved one happy. Homemade meals are always far better than any takeaway, which is what makes it worth the effort.
Plus, the time you spend eating together is also crucial. Use this time to talk about everything from how you’ve spent the day to what’s been bothering you.
It doesn’t matter which meal of the day it is, as long as you make it and have it together with your loved one. Again, it would be nice for your partner to make you breakfast from time to time as well, so don’t fret stating that over a homemade meal. Remember, communication is vital.

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6. Don’t go to bed angry

This is often quite challenging, so think of it as a rule. All couples argue now and then, which is quite reasonable, especially if you live and spend a lot of time together.
Still, should you guys argue about stuff when it’s already well past midnight? Maybe you or your partner had a bad day, and the issue you’re discussing isn’t even as important.
Agree to discuss it tomorrow over breakfast or lunch and go to bed. Once you’re in bed, take the time to try and understand where your partner is coming from. Even if you think your loved one is to blame, try to understand why that’s the case.
The morning is often much smarter than the night, so sleep on the issue and talk it through tomorrow when you’ve cooled a bit. Still, this does depend on the problem at hand, so use your best judgment.

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