1. Love Life Trouble

Are you someone who always feels like you’re dating the wrong person? No matter how compatible the two of you seem, it just never seems to work out. You might have things in common like the same taste in music or books. Or you might have traits you would think to fit well together, like one of you is is a careful planner and the other is a spontaneous risk-taker. But still, something just isn’t right.

2. Compatibility Check

If you haven’t figured out why this keeps happening, perhaps there’s one quality you neglected to check to see if it’s a perfect match. That quality? Whether your zodiac signs are actually compatible with each other, or if the combination of the signs is a complete disaster

3. Who To Avoid

Perhaps you don’t believe in astrology, which is understandable. But then again, if you need some assistance finding that special someone, it might not be a bad idea to leave any theory unexplored. So now, for each zodiac sign, here’s the other sign they should definitely avoid romantically

4. Libras Should Avoid…

Other Libras. A Libra tends to want to be admired and enjoy the finer things. When two Libras are together, they’ll be in competition for that spotlight instead of letting one person have it, or even agreeing to share the spotlight. This can also lead to competition over who has the best material goods, which can then lead to a whole lot of maxed-out credit cards

5. Taurus Should Avoid…


Aquarius. Taurus tend to be on the grounded side, while Aquarious are the exact opposite. While these may seem like complimentary differences at first, after a while it becomes a problem. Instead of meeting in the middle, these two are more likely to go in opposite directions.

6. Capricorn Should Avoid…


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Aries. In this case, it’s an instance of both signs having something in common that could cause the clash. Both Capricorns and Aries are highly competitive and ambitious, which would result in the two people ending up in competition with each other. This, of course, makes it more difficult for each person to truly offer their support.

7. Leos Should Avoid…


Pisces. Pisces tend to be on the whimsical side, which a Leo may find fun and endearing at first. However, Pisces also have a dark, somber side. which Leo may find hard to handle, and even take it personally. Leo will enjoy Pisces’ fun highs, but may find it too difficult to handle the lows.

8. Pisces Should Avoid…

Leos. Pisces may be attracted to Leo’s romantic gestures, but actually getting close to a Leo may be difficult for a Pisces. You’ll enjoy spending time with a Leo, but have trouble getting to know the REAL Leo that lurks underneath. Sounds like a possible strong initial spark, but little payoff

9. Virgos Should Avoid…

Scorpios. Virgos tend to be quite practical, which may contrast with a Scorpio’s high emotions. In fact, the Scorpio’s temper may overwhelm and stress out a Virgo to a very high degree. Naturally, this is not particularly fun if that’s the status quo of a relationship

10. Geminis Should Avoid…

Other Geminis. Since a Gemini has two personalities, two Geminis dating each other means four personalities. So you’d have to find out if both of your personalities are compatible with both of the other Gemini’s personalities. It’s possible, but the odds are long


11. Aquarius Should Avoid…

Taurus. For an Aquarius, a Taurus could prove to be overwhelmingly passionate and needy. In addition, a Taurus is more likely to be a splurger, while an Aquarius prefers not to waste. All in all, these two signs are likely to run into some trouble.

12. Scorpios Should Avoid…

Geminis. Geminis tend to be on the unpredictable side, which includes frequent mind-changing. This may be exciting to Scorpios at first, but eventually they’ll want to know where they truly stand with a Gemini. And the Gemini might not be able to give an answer

13. Cancers Should Avoid…

Leos. Cancers are more sensitive, and prefer communication that is delicate and respectful of the feelings of themselves and others. Meanwhile, Leos will express themselves with blunt honesty. It’s just a bad combination


14. Aries Should Avoid…

Capricorns. Capricorns are into rule, while Aries are into breaking those rules. In addition, Capricorns tend to get really into their jobs, while an Aries is more likely to want to blow off work and just have fun. These two styles may make it difficult to find common ground

15. Sagittarius Should Avoid…

Cancers. A Sagittarius likes to take risks, which can be an admirable quality. However, a Cancer is more sensitive, and all that daring behavior is likely to make Cancers very worried. It’s hard to have a successful relationship if one person is always a nervous wreck



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