1. You Guys Don’t Talk About The Future Anymore

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When you first started falling for one another, you couldn’t stop thinking about and talking about the future. The kids, the perfect house, the white picket fence. Now you guys never talk about what happens next. And maybe that is because you are not sure that next will have them in it.

2. The Passion Has Died

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You guys were like white on rice for a very long time. You couldn’t keep your hands off one another and your relationship was steamy and exciting. Now, it feels like….nothing.

3. Any Conflict Does Not Get Resolved

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When you guys argue, it never really gets resolved anymore. And do you know why? Because you don’t really care to fix it anymore.

4. There Is Next To No Communicatio

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There is something missing. You guys don’t really connect anymore. Sure, you give one another a, “How was your day” and talk about the small stuff, but there is no more depth to your conversations. You used to talk for hours on end, so it is clear that something is not right.

5. You Have A Wandering Eye

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If you find yourself checking out other guys, be careful. This is a sign that you are unhappy and looking for something else. Just don’t act on it. It’s better to break up and move on before you cheat.

6. You Have More Negative Thoughts About Your Partner

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When you think about them, your first thoughts are negative or sad. You think about ending it or think about things that bother you about your relationship. If you are unhappy more than you are happy you really should move on.

7. Love Is Not The Reason Why You Are Staying Together

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If you are staying together because you guys are sharing an apartment and you don’t want to move, that is no bueno. If you are staying together for the kids, in the end that won’t work either. You should be staying together because you are deeply in love and you want to make it work.

8. Other Couples Make You Jealous

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When you see other couples, you envy them. They look so happy and you want what they have. It’s clear you guys are not in a good place.

9. You’ve Checked Out

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You just don’t care anymore. You are going through the motions but there is nothing of substance underneath it. You’ve removed yourself from any emotions of the relationship either to protect yourself or because you are falling out of love.

10. Your Priorities Have Changed

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You used to live your life with them and your relationship as your biggest priority. Now your priorities have changed. If your priorities have changed and they don’t line up with theirs, you guys can easily grow apart.

11. You No Longer Enjoy Their Company

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You would rather hang out with your friends than hang out with them. When you make plans, they are never the first person you think to do them with. You should want to do everything with them so you need to listen to this.

12. You Have Fallen For Someone Else

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Your wandering eye has turned into a crush. Then this crush turned into something more and now you are falling for them. If you were happy in your relationship and still in love you wouldn’t behave this way.

13. Those Things You Loved Are Now Annoying

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Remember those little things that they used to do that made you fall in love with them? Well, now those things drive you insane. Every little thing they do gets on your nerves and it isn’t fair to them that you feel this way.

14. They Have Become Your Buddy

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When you are with them, they feel more like a friend than anything else. You love them like they are family but you no longer want to be romantic with them. Your bond is still strong just not in that way.

15. You Live Separate Lives

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You guys seem to be living separate lives. You go out and do your thing. They go out and do theirs. Most of the time you aren’t even aware of what they are up to. You too are fine without one another so maybe it’s time to rip off the Band-Aid.



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