8 Signs You Are Not Over Your Ex


You may be like, I have moved on, no more I think about her/him. You are okay without them. Being in your own zone after your breakup and you feel you are over from your ex but is it really? There may be cases where your relationship ended in a bad note and now, nothing is left and there may be cases where you thought you are over but you are not. If you are in a dilemma that whether you have moved on completely and you are over from your ex, you need to read these 6 signs as to know whether you are over or not over your ex. If you can relate to this it means yes, you are not being able to move on even after trying to and even after being in the illusion that you have. Here are 6 signs to tell you that you are not over your ex.


1. You talk about them a lot:

It may be either positive or negative things that you discuss a lot about your ex but you keep talking about them. It usually happens when you cannot forget a person you like talking about them. If you discuss a lot about them, like you bring their name in every conversation, it is one of the signs you are not over your ex.



2. You still dress up with the hope you may meet them:

Unconsciously or consciously you dress up with the hope that you might see them. You still want them to compliment you. Sometimes, it even happens that you dress up just to make them know what they have lost. When you try doing all these it simply acts as one of the signs you are not over your ex.


3. You still feel that butterflies inside when you see them:

Even after a breakup, you feel happy when you see your ex, you feel like there is something between you both and you want them back. when you don’t get rid of the feeling it simply means that you are not over your ex. It simply means you have feelings for them and you want them back in your life.


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4. You love to look back all the memories and are not willing to clear it up:

Even when your friends or anyone asks you to delete the photos or messages that remind you of your ex you are not willing to do so. You want to store it as a memory and you want to look it back again and again, it means you want to recreate those memories once again.


5. You still text them and try calling them:

You still send them messages, either when you are in your conscious state or when you are drunk or, unconsciously you try calling them and talk to them about it again and again. You send them a text on a regular basis on any topic and when you do that it means you still want to maintain a relationship with them.



6. You still stalk them and keep a track of their activities:

You pretend like you are over them but you stalk their social accounts and keep a check on their activities. Like with whom they are hanging around and where. You still check their status, stories to keep yourself updated about them. When you invest or spend your time doing all these, it simply means they are still important in your life and you want to invest your time on them.


7. You are still close to their family and friends:

Still, after your breakup, you want some other information about them like how they are and how their life is going on, and this is the reason you still want to be close to their friends and families. It can be like you are closed to them and wanted to maintain that relationship even after a breakup. But when you try getting close to them with the motive of gaining information about your ex, it simply means you are not over them and wants them back.



8. Above all, you don’t feel like getting in a new relationship, you don’t care whether someone is into you or not:

Even if someone is looking at you with interested eyes, it doesn’t feel anything, it doesn’t even feel like looking them back as you want your ex back. You don’t want to be in a relationship with anyone or get close to them because those feelings are still holding you and asking you not to. This is a sign you are not over your ex and wants them to look you and be back in your life once again.




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