Saying I do is probably the biggest step any relationship can take.  So how do you know when the person you’re with is indeed THE ONE?

Saying I do is probably the biggest step any relationship can take. You’re practically committing yourself to a single other person for the rest of your life. You certainly don’t want to rush into marriage. You want to think things through and make sure that the person you’re committing yourself to is indeed THE ONE. You don’t want to find yourself 5 years into a loveless marriage, sad, depressed, and frustrated at life. No. You want to marry someone who you know you can spend the rest of your life in love and happiness with you.

So how do you know when the person you’re with is indeed THE ONE? Well, it’s difficult to tell. Only you can know for sure. You’re always the best judge when it comes to the person you’re with. However, if you need some help, here are some signs that you should probably be looking out for. If your partner is doing a vast majority of these things for you, then you should at least entertain the thought of an imminent marriage proposal. Here are 13 signs that you should marry your partner right now.

1. Your partner knows what you want for breakfast every morning.

You know each other so well, that even your preferred breakfast orders need no longer be mentioned. You just wake up, and poof, your favorite breakfast is already on the table waiting for you. If your partner always manages to know what you want for breakfast, then you’re probably ready for marriage.

2. Your partner lets you know of his/her whereabouts even when you don’t ask.

Your partner knows that you’re not needy or insecure, but of course, you would always want to know about his/her whereabouts. If your partner still makes an effort to calm your worries by checking in every once in awhile, then that’s always a good sign.

3. Your partner is no longer in touch with exes.

Bridges are burned. Your partner no longer looks at romantic pasts because all that really matters in life is you. You are the present and the future, and there is just no more emotional room for exes.

4. Your partner is your number one fan.

Every time you achieve a major goal, you always look for that one person to be at your side to celebrate with you. If that person is your partner, then you’re likely ready to tie the knot. Your husband or wife should always be your number one fan in life.


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5. Your partner checks up on you every so often just to see if you’re okay.

It’s nice to feel like you’re being cared for, right? If you have a partner who always thinks about you, and checks up on you when you’re not together, then that’s practically marriage-material right there.

6. Your partner is great with kids.

It’s no secret that a vast majority of married couples end up having children. If your partner manages to show great skill when handling kids, then your partner is prepared for marriage as well.

7. Your partner has no problem with introducing you to friends and family.

Your partners’ friends and families are important aspects of their lives. If your partner is comfortable with including you within that close and intimate social circle, then you’re most likely very comfortable with starting a little family of your own as well.

8. Your partner takes care of you.

Feeling sick? No need to worry. Your partner is there to fetch you that Advil for your headache. It’s like you have your own personal nurse the way your partner takes care of you.

9. Your partner actually makes time for you.

Time is very important when it comes to making relationships work. Both of you have to be able to make time for each other. If your partner is fine with committing a substantial amount of time just for you, then you know you’re in good hands.


10. Your partner makes an effort to look good for you.

Your partner still wants to be able to sweep you off your feet every day that you’re together. If you still find yourself falling deeper and deeper in love with your partner, then that’s a good indication that both of you are ready for marriage.

11. Your partner is goal-oriented and hardworking.

Having a husband or a wife who is goal-oriented and hardworking is always a good sign. If your current partner exhibits these qualities, then don’t take it for granted. You don’t want to end up marrying someone who is lazy and doesn’t have any real goals and aspirations.

12. Your partner makes you laugh.

Decades from now, your looks will fade and all you will have going for you will be your personality. If your partner is charismatic and manages to make you laugh whenever you’re together, then you’ll never be bored even when you’re old and wrinkly together.

13. Your partner talks to you about your future together.

If you and your partner both see a future where neither of you could ever be separated, then it’s a good sign you’re probably meant for each other.



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