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Show your man you’ve been dreaming about him all night and start his day off right with these 60 good morning texts for him.

There’s just something special about waking up to a text notification from your special someone. Their words put a smile on your face like nobody else can. Who doesn’t like waking up to a notification from their romantic interest? It’s human nature to want to feel wanted, spoiled, and adored. So why not show your man you’ve been thinking about him all night by welcoming him to a new day with some adorable and sexy good morning texts for him?

Texts, pictures, tags, voicemails, and emails are all great ways to start off your lover’s day. Not only are these adorable for couples who are already in a relationship, they’re also great building blocks for bonding with your crush. If you want to win the cutest girlfriend award and simultaneously put your guy in the best mood ever, we suggest these 60 good morning texts for him.

Good morning texts for him that’ll make him feel loved

Your texts are going to have a bigger impact if they’re coming straight from you. That way you add in your own sass, experiences, and inside jokes. But hey, we all need a little inspiration sometimes. Here are 60 good morning text ideas for your man.

If your man isn’t a morning person, these texts may just change his mind about getting up early. Show him your cute side and send a little sunshine his way by texting him simple and sweet sayings of how he brightens your morning. [Read: 20 reasons why a good morning text is so important in a relationship]

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#1 Good morning :).

#2 It’s national “happy morning” day. So, happy morning to my favorite person ever!

#3 I love waking up with you. I hope you have an amazing day!

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#4 Good morning, baby, I hope you had a perfect sleep!

#5 Morning! How’s work?

#6 I miss you as soon as the door closes every morning. Have a great day, baby.

#7 Good morning, my love.

#8 Waking up in your arms is like my own little slice of heaven :).

#9 I just wanted you to know I’ve been thinking about you all morning <3.

#10 It’s virtual hug and kisses time. XOXOXOXOX [Read: 36 sweet and cute things to say to your boyfriend]

#11 Hope you’re having an amazing morning. Sip some strong coffee for me, handsome.

#12 Waking you up with a virtual smooch *kiss icon*.

#13 Good morning :). I’m so proud of the man that you’ve become and of how hard you work for us. Love you, baby.

#14 Were you a coffee bean in your past life? Must be, because I can’t start my day without you!

#15 Happy thoughts are the best cures for a Monday morning, and I’m always happiest when I’m thinking about you!

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#16 Just a little good morning note to say I love, love, love you!

#17 Good morning cutie-pie! Can’t wait to smooch those lips later.

#18 There should never be a morning where I don’t wake up in your arms :). Missing you this morning.

#19 Fun fact: You’re the first thing I think about when I wake up in the morning. Just wanted to say I love you!

#20 Good morning, baby! I hope you’re having a great day and thinking of me :). [Read: 25 tips on how to make your boyfriend happy every day]

 #21 Good morning to the guy who makes the sun brighter and the days happier! Now that’s one heck of a guy ;).

#22 THIS JUST IN! The hottest guy ever just woke up!

#23 My pillow is definitely getting jealous because it knows I’d rather be sleeping on you!

#24 Hi, hello, good morning *accompanied with a photo of your smiling face*!

#25 You are the bacon to my eggs, the PB to my J, and the French to my toast. Just wanted to say good morning, and also that I’m very hungry right now.

#26. I can’t wait until the day when I’m waking up next to you every morning <3.

#27. Wishing you a good morning, fantastic afternoon, and an even better goodnight *because that’s when you’ll be seeing me*! [Read: 40 cute texts to make him smile and miss you more]

#28 You are the reason I wake up to every day :). I hope your day is fantastic, my love.

#29 Do you know how insanely happy you make me? No? Then I’m glad I told you so you can start your day knowing how in love with you I am.

#30 Good morning, gorgeous <3.

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Sexy and flirty good morning texts for him

You definitely want him to think you’re adorable, but throwing in a little sex appeal never hurt anyone’s morning, either! If you’re looking to wake him up in more ways than one, these sexy and flirty good morning texts do just the trick.

#31 Morning handsome, did you dream of me last night? [Read: Hot sexting examples to start a naughty text marathon]

#32 Tell me what you dreamed last night, and I’ll tell you a fantasy…

#33 Hello, sexy. Text me when you’re about to shower and we can do it together.

#34 Good morning, handsome man *attach a picture of you in bed*.

#35 Morning, baby. How was your shower? Did you think of me, because I was thinking of you during mine ;).

#36 Good morning, sexy.

#37 I had the dirtiest dream about you last night…

#38. Good morning, superstar. I wish I woke up pressed up against you… but I guess there’s always tonight ;).

#39 Morning, gorgeous. I wish I was there in your arms. If I was, what would you want me to do to you?

#40 Me + You = <3. I can’t wait to see you later!

#41 Wish I was starting my morning with you so I could wake you up properly ;). [Read: Reasons why you should have morning sex more often]

#42 Hey sexy! Thought I’d send you a good morning kiss to start your day with a smile *insert photo of your lips/lip emoji*.

#43. Good morning to the world’s greatest lover *We can test if this statement is true later tonight!*

#44 My handsome man is finally awake. Here’s wishing you the most fun day ever!

#45 Wanna shower together? *Insert suggestive photo of you in a towel/of your shower/of your bra and panties on the bathroom floor*.

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#46. Good morning! Here’s your official wake up from Cupid! Today you will fall madly in love with *your name*. Oops, too late!

#47 Has anyone ever told you that mornings are made for spooning naked? Well, now you know! Just keeping you in the loop ;). [Read: 30 texts to turn him on and leave him insanely horny]

#48 Good morning! Here’s hoping your coffee is strong and your day is as sunny as my smile will be when I see you :).

#49 Hello, gorgeous, just thought I’d send you a little good morning note to say that I can’t stop thinking about you!

#50 I wish I was there to kiss you all over and give you the best morning ever!

#51 Morning, boyfriend <3

#52 Can’t wait to see you later and show you all the things I’ve learned this morning ;).

#53 Have I ever told you morning sex is my favorite? Wish you were here ;).

#54 Morning, sexy. I say we make like fabric softener and snuggle later!

#55 Good morning, baby. Just thought I’d send a little thank you for parading that nice butt around ;).

#56 Hope you’re well-rested, because I’ve got big plans for you later ;).

#57 Feeling so lucky that you’re mine this morning. Can’t wait to see you <3.

#58 Good morning to the sexiest man alive!

#59 Wish I was there making you breakfast in bed… amongst other things ;). [Read: How to seduce your boyfriend and leave him wanting more]

#60 Morning, babe. Hope your coffee is as hot as you are ;).

[Read: How to be the best girlfriend: 25 ways to leave him addicted]

Want to show your boyfriend/husband/crush you care? Good morning texts for him are sweet, sexy, and will definitely keep you on his mind all day long.

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