Is your relationship suffering? Good relationships are hard to come by; they are even harder to maintain. It’s not rocket science, but it needs two very willing people to keep a relationship healthy and glowing, just like it did the first day. We are only human, and we tend to have disagreements now, and then, it depends on the people in the relationship to keep it as secure as possible. If you think your relationship isn’t what it used to be, these six reasons may enlighten you on what you need to take care of to keep it alive and well.

6. Communication Gap

This is one of the biggest reasons for people to start disagreeing on things day by day. Never, and I mean NEVER, let a communication gap develop between the two of you. A healthy relationship requires a healthy amount of talking, back and forth. Show a keen interest in what they have to say and make them hear about your side of the story in return. This is one of the easiest things to do and one of the most natural things to lose as well.

5. Wild Expectations

The squabbling and fighting increases when you start expecting a little too much from your partner. Expecting something from your better half is a very reasonable part of a relationship but never test them on it. Make sure to keep your expectations realistic and not to burden them with the things they can’t do.

4. Looking for someone else in them

Never forget why you fell in love with them in the first place. Do not try to make them someone they’re not and do not try to find someone else in them. So you had a rough breakup and you kind of miss the good things your ex did for you, DO NOT make your better half do those things and DO NOT expect them do be like them. Love them for who they are.

3. One lie starts it all

Lying is never a good thing, a small lie to do something right is alright, but remember that it always finds a way to get found out. Be real with your partner; if you’ve made a mistake, confess it out. If you lie about one thing, you’re going to have to lie about another thing to protect the first lie, and you’ll soon find yourself surrounded by a fortress of lies, and it does not take an army to break.

2. Your presence

Your presence is significant to your partner. Always be there in their endeavors, their accomplishments, their failures, never be absent during their ups and downs. As soon as you stop being there, they’ll stop expecting you to be there, and then the distance will increase. Always be just a call or text away.

1. Some relationships don’t work out

If you’re doing everything right and you still feel like it’s not the same as it used to be, don’t blame yourself for it. Some relationships are just not meant to be. As hard as this might be to read, not everything in life is meant to be. Some things are better off left alone than to waste the rest of your energy and still be empty inside.

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