Although there are 12 zodiac signs, they all stand out in their own way. Although you like some of the qualities associated with each sign, they all have a dark side.

You might be surprised at how misleading and manipulative some signs are. Below, we will review the 6 zodiac signs that tend to be the best liars.

These are the signs that you least expect, but should pay attention to. Whether you are on this list or not, you have to remember that sometimes people are not what they seem.



Aries always strives to reach the top and he doesn’t care who gets hurt in the process. Aries will trample on everyone if he needs it. These people will tell you one thing and do another if it gets them where they want to be.

Sure, there are Aries who will not do this kind of thing, but most of them only want to improve their own situation.


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Gemini is really someone who can lie with a straight face. He is able to return things to where they need to be as if a switch went off inside. Even in the most serious situations, they can continue as if nothing had happened.

Gemini will play with your heart for fun and you won’t know what hit you. You never see the true colors of Gemini and it’s one of the scariest things about them.



Cancer is generally a fairly honest and kind person, but not always. Many Cancers tend to sugar coat things that do not need to be sugar-coated.

They lie to make people feel better and they lie to protect the emotions of others, even when it is not necessary. Sometimes you have to be hard on other


Leo usually does his best to deceive others without them realizing it. You see without deception, Leo is nothing. This sign works to build itself but there is really nothing that separates them from the rest.

Sure, they are amazing and have wonderful qualities, but they are not as incredible as their egos make you believe.



Libra is able to get his emotions out of the mix and, in this lie, he doesn’t have to think twice. Libra does not bother to get attached to a lot of people.

They’ll only let you in to get you where they want, and then they’ll use you until they can’t.


Sagittarius is easily the most misleading of all the signs of the zodiac. This sign will do everything possible to build the others and make them feel really connected only to drop them off once they are near the top.

Sagittarius always lies to cover his ass and once things get serious, this sign also tends to jump completely off the boat. You never know what to expect.



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