Sometimes, what we want most is what we already have and don’t even recognize it. So, are you already in a cute relationship, or not so cute?

We all want to have that cute relationship. You know, the type where two people are constantly hugging on one another, finishing each other’s sentences, and seemingly can’t get enough of one another. But is that possible or even real?

Often, the cutest relationships aren’t cute for very long. Reality and life creep in, and before you know it, all those cute things are the very things that turn you off the most. Maybe there are things about your relationship that other people think are cute that you don’t even notice. You may be in the cutest relationship and not even know it, yet you have something that people really admire and envy.

Other times, you may think that you are in a really cute relationship, but not only is it not so cute to others, those types of obsessive relationships usually have a shorter shelf life before they are anything but cute. Below is a list to help you determine if you have a cute relationship or a not so cute one.

Top ten things that make you really not cute

Sorry, but if you’re doing these things, you probably aren’t the cutest couple in town. Consider switching some things up if you want to better your relationship.

#1 You’re all about PDA. You aren’t cute if you’re ruining someone’s dinner by sucking the lips off of each other. Grabbing each other under the table, rubbing on each other, or generally doing things that you shouldn’t in front of others isn’t cute. It only makes you look childish and makes other people uncomfortable. Save the excitement for closed doors. There are better ways to turn each other on. [Read: Couples and social media PDA: To share or not to share?]

#2 You act like you never argue or disagree. There is nothing worse than *that* friend who refuses to admit that they never disagree or argue with their significant other. If you don’t have a single thing to argue or disagree about, then either you’re not connecting at all, or there’s really no excitement in your life. I will take a good old-fashioned disagreement that ends in excellent make up sex over those who tell me, “Oh… we never, ever fight.”

#3 You dress alike or color coordinate. You aren’t twins, so why are you dressing like them? Dressing alike, unless it’s for a costume party, is just not cute at all. In fact, it’s a little bit creepy *well, unless you’re East Asian because it seems to be a rather big trend out there!*.

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#4 You are like Velcro at gatherings. Those couples that walk in the door and can’t ever leave each other’s sides don’t signal a cute relationship. If you’re so attached that you can’t be apart for even a minute, that’s a surefire sign that it won’t last. You can’t lose who you are as an individual just because you’re in a relationship. [Read: How to give space in a relationship and not drift apart]

#5 You have nicknames for each other and use them all the time. Calling someone sugarbum is not cute. It may be funny to you two or have some significance, but just like an inside joke is only funny to those who get it, your cutesy nicknames just aren’t cute to anyone else but you.

#6 You have pictures of yourselves everywhere. It’s okay to have pictures of your latest vacation on the wall, or a frame of your wedding day alongside other family photos. But if your home is covered in “us” frames, it’s not cute. To onlookers, that doesn’t show us how much you do together, it tells us that you may be more into the superficial side of making your relationship look good, rather than simply living it.

#7 You say things like, “Love you more.” Using phrases so that your friends will overhear you so that you can prove how great your relationship is just sound fake. Keep the cute phrases for text messages—we don’t need to hear them out loud. [Read: 40 unbelievably cute things you can say to your crush]

#8 You have an irritating voice that you use to talk to one another. You should only have one voice to talk to each other, unless your partner is five. Talking in a special-weshal voice is not only annoying, but it can also make your relationship seem contrived and forced.

#9 You’ve made up nicknames for each other’s private parts. It’s totally okay for you to have fun in the bedroom by yourselves, but no one else wants to hear it. If you like to call it the thunder machine behind closed doors, that’s fine. But it isn’t cute to let everyone else in on it.

#10 You dress all of your children alike. Dressing as a family goes along with the whole no-dressing-alike theme. It isn’t cute if you do it as a couple, and it’s definitely not cute if you’re trying to paint yourselves as having the most perfect family ever.

Top ten things that make for a cute relationship

Okay, so maybe you’re guilty of one or two of the above qualities of a not-so-cute relationship. But hopefully, you’ll identify with even more of these traits that characterize a perfectly cute relationship.

#1 You still get butterflies when you see them. Well, not all the time. It isn’t like you walk around panting at the very sight of them. But there are still times when you take a look at them and you get those same tingly feelings that you got the first time you ever laid eyes on them. Having an enduring attraction makes for a very cute relationship. [Read: 10 absolutely dreamy signs of love at first sight]

#2 You unplug and reconnect. There’s nothing cuter than seeing a couple sitting at dinner together laughing and sharing their day. When you look on the table, there aren’t cell phones buzzing next to them. There are just two people who are there because they want to share each other’s company and disconnect from all other distractions for a while. That is adorable.

#3 You can laugh at the things that make you crazy. If you’re in the midst of an argument and you are really, really, mad at them, but just absolutely melt and laugh at something they say, that is a really cute relationship. Cute relationships are about being forgiving and not expecting perfection from one another.

#4 Make up sex is still awesome. Even though you argue, the makeup sex is still incredible, which is way cuter than having a struggle-free vanilla life together, for sure. [Read: How to make up with sexy make up sex]

#5 You’d rather snuggle up and watch a movie together than plan some big date night out. Sometimes, it’s nice to get all dressed up or plan a night out together, but it’s really cute when you can simply look at each other and think, “We don’t need to go out, everything we have is right here.”

#6 You spend time thinking about how to make their day better. If you spend more time thinking about what would make them feel happy than you do about yourself, you’re in a cute relationship. It isn’t that you’re obsessed with them; it’s that their smile warms your heart and shows them how much you care.

#7 You don’t hold grudges. The cutest relationships are the ones in which both parties can forgive each other and not hold grudges. These cute relationships foster positive feelings with each other instead of getting in those resentment blips that make everyone feel very uncomfortable. [Read: 8 ways to avoid the awkward tension after an argument]

#8 You still hold hands. There’s something to be said for these little, maybe even old-fashioned gestures that just instantly spells a cute relationship.

#9 You want to share your successes with your partner. You are in a cute relationship when you can’t wait to share any good news that you receive with your partner. No news is ever as great as when you’re sharing it with them. In the reverse, nothing can ever be as bad once you’ve told them.

#10 You still send each other messages. Some couples can go all day, all week, or even years without ever sending a little, “Love you,” or “You’re hot” note. Not taking each other for granted and making sure you take some time out of your day to tell them how much they mean to you is one of the cutest things you can do in a relationship. [Read: Different ways to say I love you without saying a word]

A cute relationship is one that doesn’t have to convince anyone that they are the perfect match. They just live and love each other to the fullest, enjoying life’s little pleasures along the way. What could be cuter than that?



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