You’re madly in love with your partner and you think he feels the same, so what are the signs he wants to say ‘I love you’?

If you’ve been with your boyfriend for some time, you obviously have some strong feelings towards him. Maybe you even love him. And he may feel the exact same thing as you, but he hasn’t verbalized it yet. But as women, we’re trying to figure out if they do love us. Well, worry no further. There are some obvious signs he wants to say ‘I love you’.

The clearest signs he wants to say ‘I love you’ you to

The biggest part of a relationship is when it’s that moment when you’re wanting to take it to the next step. No, not being exclusive. I’m talking about the step after that—you know, the big three words. No one wants to be the first one to say I love you.

Of course, it’s a beautiful thing to say to someone, but people are just scared to say it. They’re worried of rejection or ruining the relationship. ‘I love you’ automatically takes your relationship to the next level. And the signs he wants to say ‘I love you’ may be more obvious than you think. [Read: Does he love me? 20 really easy ways to read his mind in no time]

#1 The way he looks at you. Of course, we all look at each other, but when a guy loves you, he gives you a specific look. You see their eyes are full of warmth and love. They may smile at the same time, but it’s a small, intimate smile to pay attention if you want to catch it. If his eyes say, “you’re the most amazing woman I’ve ever met” then he loves you. [Read: 35 not-so-obvious things your man adores about you]

#2 He sees you. Okay, he sees you. But what I mean that he really sees you. He notices things about you that no one else pays attention to. He sees how you act around others, what makes you cranky, how to process things, and what makes you happy.

If he loves you, he pays attention to all these things. He wants to understand you and make you happy. [Read: Answers to what makes a good relationship]

#3 He keeps you involved in his life. If he didn’t care, then he wouldn’t update you on what’s happening in his life. If he likes telling you about his day *without you asking* then he considers you as someone important in his life. When a guy loves you, they won’t leave you out of the loop. 

#4 He misses you when you’re not around. Men aren’t like women. We fall in love with them when they’re around. However, men fall in love with women usually when they’re not present. When you’re separated from him, he’s able to appreciate the little things about you. If he tells you he missed you or reaches out when you’re away, he loves you. 

#5 He is a part of your life. There are some relationships where you’re with them, but you’re not really with them if you get what I mean. Sure, you guys have sex and go out on weekends. It just doesn’t feel like a real relationship. If he loves you, he’ll make himself a part of your life. This means he’s hanging out with your friends and family, cooking dinners with you, falling asleep with you in bed. [Read: 25 signs he really loves you even if he doesn’t say it out loud]

#6 You’re number one. Now, his life doesn’t revolve around you and should never revolve around you. While you shouldn’t become the only thing in his life, he does prioritize you.

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Yes, he has work, school, family, and friends but makes the time in his day to talk to and see you. When a man loves you, he’ll make sure the person he loves has a special place in his life.

#7 He doesn’t give up. Listen, women can be annoying and a pain in the ass at times. *It’s time to be honest, we’re not perfect.* But no matter what fights you have or annoying you can be in some moments, he’s right there. He puts himself 100% into the relationship and fights to make it work. If he didn’t love you, he wouldn’t want to try anymore.

#8 He makes verbal hints. Though he’s not exactly telling you that he loves you, he says it. He hints at it, talking around the three words, but basically explaining how he feels which would be described as love. Listen, he loves you. He’s scared. It’s frustrating, and if you’re getting tired of listening to him, then just be the first one to say it. [Read: Heartfelt signs now is the time to say I love you]

#9 He wants you to sleep over at his place. Okay, if it’s just a rare occasion that you sleep over, maybe not. But if he asks you to stay over more and more, you have your own toothbrush and drawer by the bed, he’s slowly transitioning to you living with him. He wants it. He wants it bad, but he’s scared to be direct.

#10 He’s there when it’s inconvenient. In relationships, it’s not always smooth sailing. There are going to be rough patches you experience. If he’s there with you through those moments, he loves you. If he bails whenever you’re going through some troubles, then he’s not ready to say ‘I love you.’

#11 He asks to make it more serious. Ah yes, though you’re already dating each other, he wants to take the relationship to the next level. Even if you’re exclusive, he wants to push the relationship to the next level. Though he may be scared to tell you that he loves you, the fact he wants more from the relationship shows how he feels about you.

#12 He smiles for no reason. If you’re eating a sandwich or talking about your dog and your boyfriend is smiling at you, he’s head-over-heels for you. You’ll notice that he’s gazing at you with big eyes and a wide smile, well, he’s done. He’s in love with you and that’s that! [Read: 17 gestures that are louder than words when it comes to love]

#13 He does nice things for you. He doesn’t have to go out of his way to do things for you. You never have to ask him to help you, he just does it. He wants to make your life happier and easier because he loves you.

[Read: How to deal with saying ‘I love you’ and not hearing it back]

So, you now know the signs he wants to say ‘I love you’, do you think your man is wanting to say those three words?



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