The first conversation with the girl you like is the key to making her like you. If you want to make a good impression, open up about these topics.

Girls are fairly easy to talk to, especially if you know what they are interested in. But not all girls like the same things, nor do they agree with every woman’s point of view. That is why you need to take great care in how you talk to the girl you like—especially since you want to impress her.

How should you start the conversation during a date?

The easiest way to do this would be to ask her about her day. From there, you can jump to a variety of topics related to her answer. If you can’t find an opportunity to do that, you can just tell her about your day.

After the pleasant back-and-forth of the initial conversation, dinner will commence, perhaps followed by a drink or two. This is when you can start the ball rolling. But what exactly are you going to talk about? [Read: How to talk to girls and leave them swooning]

What do girls like to talk about?

The list we provided is based on different accounts of various women, while some are general topics that both men and women enjoy. The topics you can discuss are not just designed to engage your date into talking more, but can also give you a boost in terms of attraction. So, here’s what you need to say to get the ball rolling.

#1 Herself and her date. A girl’s first priority when engaging in conversation is getting to know the person she is talking to. She’ll want as much information as she can glean, in order to make an informed decision about your intentions. At the same time, you must express an interest in getting to know her, as well.

#2 Pets and whether you like dogs or cats. Although this is not something everyone can relate to, it can still be a nice conversation filler. Choices of future pets and plans to get one are a safe and relaxing topic either way. If your date doesn’t like pets, you can just move on to the next topic. [Already nearing the pet stage? Check out: 9 tips for couples who are planning to get a pet]

#3 Traveling and past trips. Research has shown that couples who discuss traveling are more inclined to develop a strong attraction for each other. You can talk about trips you’ve taken or places you’d like to go to. Who knows? You might end up planning a vacation together in the near future.

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#4 Food, food, and more food. Everyone loves food—even people who eat things that don’t look or taste like food! The best time to start a conversation like this is when you’re done ordering. That way, you can find out what they like to eat and what they hate eating. Keeping it in mind for future dates will earn you extra brownie points.

#5 Situational puzzles or riddles. It sounds strange to discuss something like this on a date, but it is an effective ice-breaker, especially when you just want to have a little fun before talking about more serious stuff. Save one puzzle you’ve already encountered, and impress your date by helping her solve it. [Try: How to win a girl’s heart and impress her effortlessly]

#6 Your secrets. Studies show that people who share personal secrets are more attractive to their new partners. The reason for this is because it shows intimacy, but only in a small way. Pulling out all your skeletons is a bad idea, but sharing one tidbit of information that nobody else knows will be just as entertaining—and not as shocking—for your date.

#7 Their hobbies and interests. Women like talking about things they are passionate about. Ask them lots of questions about this and listen intently, even if the topic bores you. The important thing is that you’re being open-minded about the things they love.

#8 Your own hobbies that she can relate to. You should also share stories about the things you like. If your date seems like she’s eager to learn more, make sure she knows that she’s more than welcome to try these things with you soon. [Read: How to talk to a girl and look smooth doing it!]

#9 Shared interests. These could be topics that revolve around your favorite TV shows, sports activities, or even past experiences you can both relate to. When you discover that you like the same things, you’ll have more opportunities to spend time together.

#10 Shared grievances. This one is sort of strange, since it seems like a negative activity, but discussing things you don’t like can actually bring you closer. Take note that we are not advising you to be a negative person; rather, we recommend discussing something that you both dislike. Make sure it’s a safe and non-offensive topic. For example, you can discuss your dislike for mayonnaise.

#11 Funny stories your date can relate to. If the opportunity presents itself, tell your date a funny story that relates to what you’ve recently discussed. We do not recommend bringing a joke on a piece of paper, because this might fail in a very depressing way. Just be yourself by sharing a happy and funny memory with your date. [Check out: How to date a girl by making her laugh out loud!]

#12 Life lessons you’ve learned. This is a great way for you to get to know each other, while showing your date that you’ve become a responsible and slightly less immature adult. Talking about trials that you faced and how you overcame them is a great topic, because it shows your date a more personal side, while also sharing the things you’ve learned.

Although these topics are fair game for anyone, your date will appreciate the conversation you’ll have when discussing these topics. Most men think that women are only interested in discussing superficial topics, but the truth is that they enjoy talking about anything that keeps the conversation going.

Even if they do like talking about things that don’t interest you, they’re more appreciative of the fact that you took the time to listen and share your thoughts.


Now that you know what girls love to talk about, are you ready to wow the girl you like with these entertaining topics? Give it a go and tell us how your date went!



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