Relationships are beautiful, they’re even more beautiful when your partner is your best friend because everything becomes that much more interesting and amazing. If you’re one of the lucky people who’ve had the pleasure of dating their best friends, you’re going to love this article. Here are ten things that happen when your best friend is your partner. Let’s begin.

10. You make each other laugh, more than usual

People become best friends because they have the same sense of humor. When your best friend is your partner, you can be sure that they’re going to make you laugh even at your saddest of times, because they know exactly what to do to make you smile and to make you laugh, they know what to do to bring you out of your sad state and to make you happy again. You best friend will never laugh at you, they’ll laugh with you, the same caseВ happens when they’re in a relationship with you, it actually enhances ten fold.

9. There is no “learning period”

Your best friends know everything about your personality, they know what hurts you, they know what areas need to be worked on, they are well aware of your strengths and they also know how to help you develop your skills even further. When you get into a relationship with your best friend, not much needs to be said, you both already know everything about each other, there is no “learning period” that happens in every relationship. This makes things that much simpler and easy.

8. Better social lives

You already hang out with your best friend every day, they’re already a part of your social circle, dating them doesn’t really bring any big change to your social life. Sure, the two of you are going to have “alone time” with each other from now on, but apart from that, things are going to stay the same. The friends are going to hang out in the same manner, the road trips are going to be the same, everything is just going to be much more exciting. Just be ready for the infinite teasing that ensues.

7. You’re insanely open with each other

When someone is your best friend, they know almost everything there is to know about you, from your darkest of secrets to the most embarrassing of moments. When you get into a relationship with your best friend, that level of comfort remains the same, and that level of comfort is very hard to manage or develop in even the strongest of relationships. To be so open with each other is nearly impossible, but since you two started off without the intention of being in love, you didn’t have any protective shell around you.

6. You root for one another, more than usual

It’s what best friends do, they root for each other, every step of the way. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose, your best friend will always tell you to keep moving forward and never giving up, the same thing happens when your best friend is your partner. They will make sure you achieve every goal of yours with everything in their power, even if you fail at first, they’ll see you get through things.

5. You naturally see right through each other

Your best friend has been with you for so long that they just know when something ticks you off or makes you sad. Even if you try your best to hide your emotions, your best friend will tell you something’s wrong. This same emotional capacity is found in your relationship, and that’s a beautiful thing. This level of understanding is exclusively developed in friendships and cannot be made solely from a relationship.

4. You openly share your “inner weirdo” with each other

When you’re in a relationship with someone, it takes a while before you can be THIS comfortable with someone, so comfortable that you can actually be “weird” around them. But when it’s your best friend, that wall is already gone, that shell is already broken, all you have to do is just be yourself and enjoy each other’s company without the fear of being judged.

3. You are very truthful with one another

Ever tried lying to your best friend? Moments later, you tell them what you lied about. This is something friendship does to us, when the friendship is so pure and kind, the elements of “hiding” and “lying” become very weak and can’t last. When you’re in a relationship with your best friend, the element of “truth” becomes more powerful than ever, because you already know that they’ll see right through you and you yourself won’t be able to do it.

2. You actually “listen” to each other

The title of “best friend” isn’t just handed to someone, people become best friends after a lot of struggle and a lot of tests. Your best friends are always there to actually listen to you, no matter how much you want to talk about, they will never get bored of listening to you. The same thing happens when your’e in a relationship with your best friend, you two will give each other all the time in the world, you two will “listen” to one another, you two will always let each other know that neither of you are alone. That’s the beauty of friendship.

1. You forgive each other quicker than ever

We all fight our best friends. How long does it take to fix those fights? It feels so wrong to not be okay with the person who we are so attached to. In my case, it usually takes a few hours before one of us is apologizing to the other regardless of whose fault it was. The same thing happens when your best friend is your partner, forgiveness becomes so much easier. You just can’t stay mad at them longer than usual, because the foundation of that relationship was “friendship” and true friendship is one of the strongest of foundations.



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