If you hit a roadblock with your partner and wonder, does my husband love me anymore, look for these 15 signs to tell you which way you should go.

I doubt I am going to tell you something that you haven’t already heard. Marriage is HARD. But, sometimes it is way harder than you could have ever imagined. Sometimes, you might even feel your like husband wants out. If you ask yourself, does my husband love me still, that is a very difficult question to live without knowing the answer.

There is a presumption that love lasts forever. What we all know from experience is that it doesn’t. If your husband behaves differently, distant, or downright done, you might be wondering if his “I do” has turned to “I don’t.”

Does my husband love me or not? 10 answers to reveal the truth

Guys can vault, especially when a subject makes them uncomfortable. And, it isn’t that unusual for them to shut out the people they love most. Sometimes when the problem has nothing to do with them. If you wonder aloud, does my husband still love me, and he says he does, but you aren’t feeling the love, stop listening to words. Start to look for signs that he still adores you.

#1 He still does those little things that make your life easier without being asked. Let’s face it, a guy likes to do the bare minimum especially when it comes to his home life. If he takes out the trash and cleans up after himself, that is all for you.

Guys don’t care if their shit is everywhere and the place is a mess *at least most of them*. So, if he takes out the garbage, does the dishes, and makes sure that his socks are in the laundry hamper, it might not be the “I love you” that you look for, but it is love no less. Take it for what it is worth. [Read: 19 unfortunate signs your husband doesn’t love you anymore]

#2 If you are stuck somewhere and need help, he drops whatever to rescue you. A man in love with a woman, even a tough guy, drops whatever to rescue his damsel in distress.

If your husband drops everything when you have a flat tire, the dishwasher leaks, or your internet goes out, then it is because he wants to make sure you are taken care of because he is protective of you. In lay MAN terms, that equals love.

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#3 He talks nicely about you to people in his life. It is one thing if you are in the heat of battle and he calls you a bitch or says he doesn’t like you very much. It’s another when he talks about you when you aren’t listening, or at least he thinks you aren’t.

When a guy is in love, he might not say it to you out of resentment or the need to retain control, especially if things are tense. But, if he lets the truth out when he talks to people in his life, and talks positively about you and your relationship, then that is pretty much golden.

Sure, guys all talk shit about their wives, especially when men get together. But, if his comments are more good than bad, then he still feels cupid’s arrow. [Read: 25 clues to know if relationship therapy will help your marriage]

#4 He still reaches out to you. Men all have different ways they reach out to the women they love. Some are touchy feely, and some are more “talkers.” If he still tries his hardest to make contact and find a way to communicate even when the communication seems terse, then he tries to find out how to be in a relationship with the woman he loves—you.

#5 You still have sex. What happens in the bedroom is what happens in a marriage. If you still have sex, then there is no reason not to believe that he still loves you. I know the folklore is that all guys want is sex. When it comes to marriage, if a guy is done and not in love anymore, he isn’t going to go in for love that isn’t real.

A guy who doesn’t love his wife would rather masturbate than carry on a fake sexual relationship. If you still enjoy sex together, that is one of the best answers to, does my husband love me. [Read: How to have better sex and change the way you make love]

#6 He asks you about you. I am just going to say it, and if you want to hate me, men, go ahead. Men are all about “me.” If your man goes so far as to ask you how you are, how your day was, or about anything in your life, that is sheer effort.

Not only are guys not about anyone but themselves, they certainly aren’t about the complaint train. If he asks, then he genuinely cares. If you say things suck he wants to hear it. No guy who isn’t in love puts themselves in that position. I promise you that!

#7 He says he is sorry. One of the hardest things to do in any relationship is to say you are sorry. If your husband still says he is sorry for what he has done and truly means it, then he cares enough to know he hurt your feelings and has remorse enough to apologize for it.

“I’m sorry” are two of the hardest words to say on earth. If he willingly utters them, he cares about you enough for me to say he still loves you a lot. [Read: 16 non-sexual touches to feel connected and loved]

#8 He hates your playdates but will still go along. Guys hate when you drag them along for the ride. Women are notorious for setting up our husbands like we do our kids. We assume that just because we like someone, our husbands will get along with their husband.

Guess what? They rarely do. If he is still on board for going to dinner with strangers, a party where he knows no one, or heading over to your friend’s baby’s first birthday party, then he does it out of pure love.

#9 He cares when you are upset or crying. I tell you from experience that if a guy truly loves you, then no matter how many times you cry in front of him, it still makes him feel bad and want to fix things.

If he stops being angry, ends the fight, or comes to put his arm around you when you are in tears, then he not only still cares, he definitely still loves you. Crying from a girl you don’t love is nothing but irritating. Crying from the woman you DO love is heart wrenching for a guy. [Read: 10 gestures that make a man a bragworthy catch]

#10 Your threats still scare him. If you told him a ton of times that you are leaving when things get bad, and he hasn’t turned a deaf ear to it, then he is still in love. When people give up in a relationship or simply don’t care anymore, your threats, empty or real, are completely lost. If they aren’t lost on him, then chances are good that he is still knee deep in love.

There is nothing worse than questioning, does my husband love me or not. If you want to know if he loves you, then stop asking and not accepting his answer. Listen to what his actions say instead.

Sure, if he says no, you have your answer. But, if he says, yes, decide for yourself if you believe it or not, and for what reason you make the decision.

Even the best imposters can’t disguise when they are in love with a woman. Their actions will always answer your question, does my husband love me?



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