Relationships aren’t easy. Usually, we end up getting ourselves involved in ones that teach us a huge lesson on love. They’re called a karmic cycle.

My first relationship was really intense. My then-boyfriend and I were young, inexperienced, and passionate… for each other. But as you can tell, it’s not a good combination. And as you could guess, the relationship was based on a karmic cycle. And unless someone decided to leave the relationship, nothing was going to change.

Some days were amazing, and other days were complete nightmares. There was never a happy medium; instead, it was either up or down. And when you’re young, you don’t realize how damaging it can be for you.

But, thankfully, the relationship ended. It wasn’t easy and took almost four years to break away.

What is a karmic cycle?

Very simply, a karmic cycle is a cycle that repeats itself until you learn a lesson that you’ve faced before, but haven’t overcome yet. Have you been in the same kind of bad relationships over and over again? Do your relationships always start on a glorious high but crash and burn in a brilliant blaze every time? In all probability, there are some lessons you haven’t learned yet.

You’ve probably experienced the exact same scenario previously, but instead of learning your lessons, you’ve been ignoring them all along.

In a karmic cycle? 13 signs to recognize a relationship stuck in one

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Karmic cycles are addictive, especially when they’re in intimate relationships. But this doesn’t mean you should be stuck in the relationship you’re in. You can decide how you want your life to be, but that means you will need to make some hard decisions.

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So, is the relationship you’re in, stuck in a karmic cycle where you have something to learn and leave?

In this article, you’re going to be given the most common signs of a karmic cycle in a relationship. Take a look at your relationship and reflect on the signs. Do you notice similarities? If so, then you may be in a karmic relationship. It’s time to get real about your relationship.

#1 Your relationship isn’t stable. Your relationship changes like the weather. One day, you’re together; the next day, you’ve broken up. And the relationship continues to go off and on without any progress or change. Your issues never get resolved; instead, they just rotate. If these negative patterns are continuous, you’re in a karmic cycle in the relationship. [Read: 16 signs to recognize toxic relationships and get out fast]

#2 Your partner is controlling. In karmic relationships, there’s one person who’s more controlling than the other. Your partner is obsessed with you and makes sure to keep you in your place. That’s the thing about karmic relationships, control can never make a relationship whole. 

#3 They bring out your negative side. Though we all try to be positive, of course, we have a dark side within us. These are characteristics we don’t want to see come out. They’re usually suppressed deep within. But in your relationship, you see your dark side come to life more than you’d like. It’s not because you want it to happen, but your partner brings it out of you.  

#4 Your partner is selfish. Everyone has a little bit of a selfish side, but being a selfish person is a totally different thing. Karmic relationships are not based on genuine love and mutual respect. Rather, they function on self-interest. Usually, abusive relationships are based on karmic cycles, as one person uses their partner in the relationship. [Read: The 15 early signs of an abusive relationship that reveal a dark side]

#5 The relationship is addictive. I’m not talking about the honeymoon phase when you can’t keep your hands off of each other. When you take a step back and look at the relationship, you see there are many ups and downs with extreme intensity. It feels like you’re in a soap opera, and it keeps pulling you back for more and more.

#6 You live in fear. We all have our own set of fears. I’m not talking about the fear of heights or birds. The fears I mean are much deeper and based on relationships. For example, the fear of commitment, rejection, or abandonment. Though in previous relationships, you didn’t have these fears, with your new partner, you do.

#7 It’s volatile. Your relationship isn’t a walk in the park. When it comes to relationships, mutual respect is crucial. But, your relationship is unpredictable, keeps you on your toes *in a bad way*, and is volatile. You’re never truly at rest when you’re with your partner. This is a strong sign of your relationship being a karmic cycle, and eventually, you’ll need to identify that.

#8 The relationship is co-dependent. Being in a co-dependent relationship is never a good thing. Of course, you should be able to rely on your partner and vice versa, but your relationship should never become your crutch. If you’re unable to do almost anything without the approval of your partner, this is a serious sign to be aware of. [Read: How to stop being co-dependent and have a healthy love life] 

#9 Your relationship had an immediate connection. The problem in a karmic cycle is that they happen intensely and passionately. That’s why they’re so hard to break away from. There’s usually an immediate attraction that’s overwhelming and sucks you right in. It feels like you met the person you’re going to be with for the rest of your life, even though you’ve only known them for two minutes.

#10 There aren’t any boundaries. Even if there are boundaries, there isn’t any respect for those boundaries. Being in a relationship doesn’t mean there aren’t any boundaries. It’s the contrary. You should have respected boundaries in any relationship. But people in karmic relationships struggle to respect each other’s boundaries. [Read: 15 rules to set healthy boundaries in a relationship]

#11 You feel it’s meant to be. When you look at your relationship, there’s no way you could imagine being with anyone else. You’re pretty sure you can’t live without your partner; you’re destined to be together. But no matter how hard you try, things never change. Yes, it’s hard to accept, and even after reading this, you’ll try to keep things together, but it will end.

#12 Your partner is irrational. We all have our own insecurities, and that’s fine. No one is perfect. But there’s a fine line between being insecure and being irrational. Your partner brings out the worst in you, having you act like someone you’re not. Their irrational insecurities keep you on your toes, making you change to better suit them. [Read: 18 critical signs of an unhealthy relationship]

#13 Your relationship is on the rocks. It’s always on the rocks, but what you should know is with karmic relationships, they can’t last. It’s impossible. Eventually, you will grow tired of being in an unfulfilling and negative relationship. Yes, you want to live happily-ever-after, but it won’t come by being in this relationship.



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