Is your boyfriend scared of commitments? Follow our steps and learn how to make him commit with this proven guide from dating experts. Do you date a man who often disappears? Does he not respond to your text messages or never calls you back leaving you wondering “what have I done”? And when you have almost given up on him, he suddenly calls like nothing happened. What has just happened?

He is great, at least in the beginning of your relationship. However, after months he starts drifting away. Before you blame yourself, check if he has commitment issues. Maybe he is to afraid to commit because he has bad experience from the past, not because it’s not he’s type.


Have your own life and give him loads of personal time. Giving him space to move is key in making your relationship work. Men tend to like women who give them space because they share the same views about love and freedom. What you have to avoid is exercising pressure, lying, manipulating or throwing threats. That’s what will make him run away.

Men who don’t like commitments do not appreciate being under pressure. When they do, they often break up not being able to accept it. Men like these want to do things that make them happy. Being in a relationship, this might mean a sense of loss for them, especially things that they really liked.

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A football game, hanging out with their friends, going out until late, playing poker, whatever that is. They are very independent, love travelling and have left their parents home since they were young. They come and go whenever they like. Make no mistake. When you are not together, they enjoy this time alone. Either they are with friends or all by themselves, they are totally having fun without you.


Leave the hunting to him. Minimize the text messages and the frequency of dates. It’s important not to be available all the time. It you want to learn the fastest way to make him commit, then start playing it hard to get. It’s a secret that never fails. When he conquers you, he will get bored and you will feel like a victim. Cut short all your phone calls, keep them to five minutes max. Make sure you don’t send him smiles on Facebook every three hours.

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If he sends you a SnapChat, try to ignore it and reply back a couple of hours later. Don’t go out on a date two days in a row. Let him miss you a little bit. He will come back begging you, because he will feel that he’s not in control. Very often, that’s all it takes. Your boyfriend will start to think that he might lose you and then he will reconsider some of his earlier thoughts.

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Don’t be an open book. Keep a little mystery around yourself, even if you are together for months. Pick up a hobby or start new activities without him. This way you will light the fire and make him desire you. He will be interested more about you and when the time passes, he will instantly realize that he is in love with you and he respects your uniqueness. Still not sure if he loves you? Take a look in our tried and tested guide with the 10 signs he loves you truly madly deeply. While you are still dating, the second most important secret on how to make him commit to a longer relationship is to avoid giving him too much information.

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Go out with your girlfriends and don’t tell him where you are going. Or tell him that you have been thinking and started to see things differently. When he asks what exactly were you thinking, give him a vague answer and let him wondering what’s going on. Be careful though, you don’t want to scare him off! It’s a fine balance you need to keep in order to learn how to make him commit. Give him a little something so that he can have something to think about. He will have a session with his friends to discuss and analyze your new behavior.


Have your own life. Show him that you enjoy both being with him, but also you like hanging out with your friends. Make sure you have your own hobbies and your own circle of friends that you can call and go out without him. Research shows that hobbies will also lower your stress levels and make you cool, something that a guy who is afraid to commit will surely like. These men will simply walk away if they find out that your entire social life is based on him. They will feel that you are a burden. If you give him everything, including your full attention, he will feel trapped and run as far as he can.

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The third secret of how to make him commit is to have your own life and to be independent. By the way, he will also appreciate the fact that he can too have some time with his friends. You don’t need to spend all day together. This can end up in stupid fights that start without any reason. Start yoga classes, buy a bicycle and start cycling, or even do something more active like parkour, which is super trendy lately. In any case, you have to demonstrate that you love your hobbies and you live a life without too much stress.


Apply reverse psychology. Don’t let him think that women can only satisfy when they are in a serious relationship or that they consider the greatest happiness to reach the final stage, getting married. You have to show him that you don’t want to commit. The more he realizes this, the more he will want to be with you. The more you try different tricks to make him commit, the more likely he is going to leave.

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Just forget about it for a few weeks and you’ll see a difference. Some times it can be very fast, maybe it will take a bit longer. Who knows? Each relationship is different. But you can be sure that one of the best kept secrets on how to make him commit is the art of paradoxical intervention. As a woman, I trust you can apply this fine technique with great results!


Don’t idolize him. If he brings you a presents, accept them, but never let him assume the control of your life. Don’t make him a god that is powerful and is with you out of mercy. Have self confidence and be the master of your own life. If he wants to do stuff on his own, let him do it and show that you don’t care. Men like women who are dynamic and have dreams. It’s not true that they are intimidated by powerful women. If your boyfriend is afraid of clever women, then he’s probably not the guy for you. If you are wondering is the one perhaps it’s time you stop wondering and find out now.

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If you already made up your mind and you want to learn how to make him commit in a life long relationship (call me marriage) then it’s time to boost your confidence and show him that you are not a little scared girl who is nothing without him. Respect yourself and show him that you are the woman he was looking for. The one who can make his dreams come true!


Don’t use sex to bring him closer to you. Sex is a toy for men who are afraid to commit and they can easily take it thanks to their awesome charisma. But you don’t want to be just another toy in his game! If you think that sex is a weapon, think again because it might work against you and doesn’t help you to make him commit. Don’t be aggressive in sex, show him that it’s a romantic and valued action between lovers.

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Use your charm and he will appreciate it as he probably has a lot of sexual experiences. If you need inspiration on this particular theme, check out our amazing guide on the 5 things every every man wants in bed. You will be surprised on the simple yet super effective things you will learn in just 5 minutes. If you want to learn the most effective way on how to make him commit, this one will not let you down!


Remain attractive. Just because you are in a relationship doesn’t mean you have to lose your shine and beauty. Especially when you are with a man who is afraid to commit! Don’t let any excuse get in your way. You should never be too busy to take care of yourself. Remain beautiful at all cost, even if this means you have to get up earlier than your boyfriend. It will make a difference and your partner will appreciate it.

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Men always value beauty, whether they admit it or not. Attractive doesn’t only apply to physical appearance, but also mentally and emotionally. When you are dependant, you lose your attractiveness and it’s only natural that he will call you jealous. Believe in yourself. A woman with confidence is more sexy than a beautiful but weak girl. Put on your best smile and seduce him!

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