Guys like to have their ego stroked as much as their members. But, you must know what drives him to know how to compliment a guy and make him feel good.

If you wonder how to compliment a guy, it isn’t as difficult as you think. Guys are, well, guys. They are pretty predictable when it comes to what they want and what they don’t. For most guys, a compliment is a necessary daily hug they need to feed their ego. Not very different from girls, a man just wants you to point out all his good qualities instead of harping on his bad.

As women, we tend to focus too much on how a man can improve instead of seeing all the good qualities he possesses. The best way to compliment a guy is to find out what makes him tick and then stroke his ticker with all sorts of feel-good phrases.

It isn’t just about what you say to his face. One of the biggest compliments that you can give to a guy happens when you aren’t talking to him at all. A guy likes to hear you saying nice things about him as well.

How to compliment a guy – The best ways that really work

If you know he is all about the work ethic, then compliments about his performance on the job make him feel successful. If he is a guy who lifts weights on a regular basis, make sure he knows you love his physique.

For other guys, words aren’t the types of compliments they are looking for. You can “say” a lot with your body language that you can’t communicate using a series of words he might not be able to hear. Since guys are less verbal creatures, for your guy, it might be about the way that you show him what you like about him. [Read: Decoding compliments – 50 cute words and what they really mean]

#1 Say it to his face. If your man is pretty straight-forward and compliments you outright, then he probably looks for the same type of compliment to be handed back.

A guy who liberally tells you how awesome you are, or all the great things you accomplish, probably benefits most from you telling him how you feel and all the things you love about him to his face. [Read: Twenty funny compliments your man will be dying to hear]

#2 Talk about how great he is when he is in earshot. Sometimes it isn’t the things we tell a person directly that makes them feel good. Some guys are very concerned about what other people think of them and feel best when you tell someone else how awesome you think they are.

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Perhaps it is because when they hear you talking about them when they are around, they know what you say behind their back. It is always nice to get a compliment, especially the kind you hear when you aren’t expecting it.

#3 Leave him a love note. When it comes to knowing how to compliment a guy, you need to remember that guys are visual creatures and sometimes leaving him a note telling him how awesome his performance in bed the night before was, is much greater than telling him in words.

If you want to know how to compliment a guy, sometimes leaving him a little note telling him that him helping was awesome or that his behind looks incredible from behind. The best part about giving a compliment via a note is that he can keep it around. Making it a compliment that keeps giving. [Read: 36 cutest and sweetest things you can ever tell your boyfriend]

#4 Text him how awesome he is. Sometimes compliments are best when you aren’t expecting them at all. If you think about him during the day and feel lucky to have him in your life, send him a text message out of the blue.

Totally not expecting something nice from anyone, a compliment for no reason via message, turns around his whole day. He’s guaranteed to be smiling when he comes through the door. [Read: 40 romantic text messages for him that will leave him smiling all day]

#5 Be realistic. If you hand out a compliment, then make sure it is one that you mean. You might think your guy is an egomaniac and that any compliment does the trick, but guys know when you mean what you say and you don’t.

If you are going to give him a compliment, try not to be stupid or think up something you aren’t sincere about. Giving him something from the heart means much more than merely trying to falsely stroke his ego with something he knows you just say because he wants to hear it.

#6 Be specific. If you really want to make him feel good, then be specific with your compliment. If you think that he is hot, then it is much better to tell him the parts of him that are the hottest. If he has a great smile, say so.

If you are more about the six-pack abs, point them out. Guys are very literal creatures. Giving him a compliment like “you’re awesome” probably flies right over his head and won’t be taken all too lovingly. [Read: 20 adorable ways to sweet-talk a guy and steal his heart]

#7 Give a compliment that shows you respect him. Men are all about the respect. To guys, being respected is far more important than being liked or accomplished. Saying things that show your adoration and how much you admire what and who he is, shows him the respect that makes his heart soar.

A guy is supposed to be a leader and someone protective, so use compliments that tell him he is someone to look up to. [Read: How to be the perfect girlfriend: 50 little ways to get there]

#8 Thank you is a compliment too. Although it seems like they aren’t the same thing, thank you can be the same, if not greater, than just a compliment. A thank you encompasses a “you’re great, and I am very appreciative of what you did for me.”

Those are two phrases, which when combined, sound like heaven to a guy. Women have a knack for catching a guy doing something wrong. If you really want to give him a compliment, then point out the things that he is doing right.

#9 Let him know that he has you in his corner. A compliment comes in the form of an assurance that you are on his side indefinitely. When you allow a guy to know that it is just you and him against the world, that tells him he is worthy of unconditional love.

That is one of the best compliments that any man, or woman, can have. Knowing there is someone who’s always in your corner, not only feels good as a compliment, it makes someone feel happy and secure. [Read: 17 easy ways to be a good girlfriend to your boyfriend]

#10 Compliment him with your actions. When you are proud of your guy, or he has done something really great, sometimes the best way to give him a compliment, is to take the lead and give him some sexual gratification.

Compliments in the form of a blow job are sometimes just as effective, if not more so than the words that come from your mouth. [Read: How to show love: 15 sweet gestures to express love without words]

#11 Show him how happy he makes you. Happy wife, happy life, is not just a saying, it is a reality. Sometimes one of the best ways you compliment a guy is by being happy. There is nothing a guy desires more than having a partner happy in her relationship.

That spells accomplishment to not only the guy you are with but every other guy in his life who sees how happy he makes you. Sometimes smiling is the best compliment a guy can get.


In the end, the compliment almost every guy wants from the woman he loves, is to know that he is doing right by her, makes her happy, and that she loves him unconditionally forever, whether he screws up or not.



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