Here are 25 things girls do that make guys realize they are wife material:

1. She listens to you:

A guy instantly likes a girl who listens to him. If she can listen to all the weird stories that you tell without even blinking an eye then you know that she is the one. Guy stories are usually not what girls like to hear because they are so used to having all those girly talks with their girlfriends.

So if a girl is actually listening to you then maybe in her head she has already imagined the wedding that you two are going to have.

2. She is mesmerizing:

If a girl makes you feel like abandoning all your other side relationships then you are in for danger. I mean you know you are ready to get married and she is the one who made it happen. You find her so captivating that you cannot think about anyone else.

You do not even want to think about sleeping with someone else no matter how hot she might be because you just want to be with this girl and she means so much to you already.

3. She is your biggest support:

No matter what comes running at you with full speed, if she is there to support you know that she is something special. She might not even realize that how much that means to you but you know that without her you would not be able to face all the hard time so easily.

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4. She is thoughtful:

So you cancelled the date because you were stuck at work and instead of sulking, she brought a picnic lunch for you at the office. How lucky you are? Trust me, you are not going to find anyone like her again and it would be wise to not let go of such a person.

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5. She cares enough:

She not only cares for you but also cares for your loved ones. She tries to get to know the people who you love and tries to understand them better for your sake. She will even try to get along with your great-aunt who still treats you like a 3-year-old boy and tells embarrassing stories but you love her and so does she.


6. She has the same taste as yours:

She loves to play video games! The most dreamt fantasy of every guy. The first time she came to your home, while you were looking for some action under the sheets, she headed for the PlayStation and actually beat you at a football game. You knew right there and then that she was something that you would never find again in the whole wide world. – Continue reading on the next page


7. She likes to make long conversations:

She not only listens to you but she also likes to talk. You know that once she starts it is very hard to quiet her down again but deep down you really like that and you know that she will end up saying I do to you in the near future.


8. She lets you be yourself:

You don’t have to stay suited up at all times when you are around her. You can be yourself with her and you know that she can handle your worst looks and condition with open arms. In fact I knew a couple who liked each other more when they were all ruffled up in 2 day’s old pajamas and hair that have not been brushed. As bizarre as it sounds, it actually is kind of nice to know that there is someone who loves you for who you actually are.


9. She is confident:

She is not shy around your friends or family and she knows how to speak her mind. She knows how to get along with people and even with strangers she knows how to deal with tricky situations. Just like Rachel from Friends who was so confident about herself that she convinced the parents of her boyfriend that her nighty was actually an upcoming fashion trend when the situation got out of hand.

10. She is funny:

She knows how to make a joke that is actually laughable. If you find a girl who is charming and has a good sense of humor then set your eyes on her because this combination is hardly ever possible to find usually.


11. She is your biggest fan:

And she loves you like crazy! You are her hero and she turns to you in every situation because you are just amazing for her. She might not express it but if you can feel that she is just nuts for you then make sure that you hold on to her because who does not like to feel like a celebrity even if it is for one person?


12. She can cook:

And that is all a guy wants once he is in his 30s. A stable career and a wife who can cook awesome meals every day when he comes home. It is a fact that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and if she finds that way then what else do you want? Not everyone is lucky enough to get hot meals every day when they come home. – Continue reading on the next page


13. She does not play games with you:

She is damn serious with you and does not give you any reason to mistrust her. You know that she will not treat you like some dog and she actually loves you and likes to express that more often than you do. She is the one person that you need to settle down with as soon as possible.


14. She likes to go with the flow:

She does not sulk. She likes to go with the flow if a plan is ruined and finds alternatives to make it alright so that you don’t feel bad. She not only stays lively herself but also makes sure that you don’t feel low and tries to make the most of every situation that is given to you both.

15. She is likable:

Most of your friends and family like her if not everyone. She is not a ruthless person and everybody knows that is smart and funny and both these traits are easily liked in any person. If you want to know if she is likable or not just introduce her to your pet and you will know.


16. She is strong:

She does not break down so easily if she or you are in a turmoil. She knows how to handle a situation and even if something is as minor as you getting stuck in a puddle of mud, she will take you seriously and help you out. She is not spiteful and does not come under pressure so easily.


17. She is generous:

Being kind and generous are two very important things to make a person nice. Nobody likes the person who does not bring a gift to their birthday anyway. So if she is kind and generous to you or the people around her then your heart will surely melt and you might end up getting married to her. If you think this is a trap, trust me it’s not.


18. She likes to compliment you:

She makes you feel special and likes to compliment you. She does not just keep her feelings to herself but tells you if she thinks something looks super cute on you. She definitely does not get jealous when you look too hot to be walking around the street for ladies to notice.

She tells you on and off what suits you the most and what does not which clearly means that she really cares for you and how you look.  – Continue reading on the next page


19. She is not high maintenance:

She does not need expensive gifts and perks all the time to stay happy. She gets happier when you hug her from behind unexpectedly or when you cook something for her as a special treat. She does not try to make your life hard and likes to live in a simple way.

20. She stands out from other women:

And not just in terms of beauty, she actually stands out in a crowd of women. You can find her amidst the hottest of women and you will still like her more than them. It’s like a constant spotlight shining on for you to spot them anywhere they are.


21. She is interested in your life:

She cares about what is going on in your life and tries to make you feel better if there is something bothering you. You don’t have to grab her attention by being a small baby just like usual guys do. She will be attentive to your needs and daily routine.

She will even make an effort to fold your socks just the way you like after they have been laundered because she knows that makes you happy.


22. She likes to stay contented:

She does not complain all the time. She is happy with what she has and does not cry her eyes out when her fake nail is lost among her pile of 200 scarves. She likes to live happy and is down to earth. She does not brag about her boat that her daddy gifted to her on her 16th birthday and never ever makes you feel lower than herself.

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23. She accepts you for who you are:

So what if you sleep on the foot side of the bed or you cry every time you watch Bambi. She loves you for who you are and adores you for the little things that are part of your personality. She does not try to change you and that is a blessing because you like yourself and who wouldn’t considering the amount of cuteness you think you have.


24. She likes adventures:

She would never say no to a wild car ride up on the hills when it’s pouring down with rain. She likes to take risks and is always ready to go anywhere with you even if she just wanted to stay home and cuddle up. She likes to plan adventurous stuff with you and actually has a bucket list of all the weird things she has planned to do with you over the course of time.


25. She can make good arguments:

She is all these nice things but she is still not a pushover. No one can just walk all over her and make her feel like a dimwit. She knows how to make her point and how to even prove it if it is necessary. She would not even let you walk over her if she knows that you are wrong and knows how to make a good argument without actually losing her temper.



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