The twelve zodiac signs that we are all familiar with were derived from the astrological impressions mankind picked up thousands of years ago. Ancient cultures and civilizations would look to the sky to help explain and make sense of what was happening in life. Over time they merged the predictable paths of the sun, moon, and stars with their beliefs and ideas about an individual’s behaviors, thoughts, feelings, and actions.

According to astrologists, the month and day you were born on play a significant role in determining your personality traits. Today, zodiac signs are best known for the different strengths and emotions that are associated with each one. However, people tend to mainly focus on the positive aspects of their sign, while overlooking the negative ones.

In the spirit of knowledge and all things balanced, we give you the weak side of your zodiac sign. These are the traits that make you irrational, overly emotional, and less than perfect. We all have our own quirks and things that bother us more so than others. Find yours below and become informed about what may be a weakness of yours, or perhaps even strength in disguise- depending on how you deal with it:

Aries- Easily offended. Aries is quick to anger and when they do get riled up their feelings can spiral out of control. Their unchecked emotions get the best of them, making it hard for them to let go of whatever it is that angered them in the first place.

Taurus- One-track mind. Taurus likes constant stability and smooth sailing, but sometimes they become obsessed with an idea, or person, or behavior, and they just can’t seem to drop it. This obsession clouds their minds and gives them a warped view of reality.

Gemini- Argumentative. Geminis love to debate their points on a range of topics that interest them, but they view their word as the be-all and end-all of a conversation. They can quickly become irrational if they feel challenged or are told they’re wrong because they often become personally offended by a difference of opinion.

Cancer- Putting things off. Cancers are the kings of procrastination and they will put off all of the things that they really don’t want to do for as long as they possibly can. If they aren’t making excuses for their deliberate slowness, then they can likely be found sleeping or lazing around. But whatever they may be doing, it won’t be what they should be getting done!

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Leo- Trust issues. When it comes to gauging trust, Leo’s have trouble knowing who they can rely on and who to avoid. They can end up feeling alone and isolated with no one to trust, which wreaks havoc on the natural leadership role they’re often in, and in turn that makes them dispirited.



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