Getting into a relationship might not be an easy task, but learning how to make my boyfriend happy is even more difficult. Smart women find out early that it’s very important to keep their boyfriend happy if they are to have a healthy relationship. Love comes at a cost and you need to follow some simple rules in order to make him want you even more. That’s the only way to keep and maintain a long term relationship after you started dating.

How to make my boyfriend happy is one of the top questions any woman asks. Why? Because women don’t think like men, so they don’t know for sure what to do to satisfy them. Having different needs, makes it even more complicated to keep a balance between what you want and what he wants. Read on our simple advice on how to make my boyfriend happy and let us decode the mindset of men.

How to Make My Boyfriend Happy? Respect him

Men value most of all respect. It’s the only thing that they cannot afford to lose when they go into a relationship. Respect is what defines them, it’s what it keeps them going. Men can go through a lot in order not to loose their respect. And they can break up with a woman if they don’t feel respected within the relationship. So if you are wondering how to make my boyfriend happy, the first thing to do is ask yourself how to respect him more and more.

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How to Make My Boyfriend Happy? Compliment him

Who says only women like to receive compliments? It’s a universal human need, which means that men feel the same need to be complimented once in a while. They need to feel that they are handsome, they are clever and they can make things happen.

Be more verbal about these things, speak up and make it crystal clear that he is the man of the hour. Make him feel important, that he is the guy that people can depend on because he is strong, loyal and straight forward. Tell him that you are not afraid of anything when he is around and that he is the best thing that happened to you. Don’t be afraid to tell him too much, make him feel special and he will love you even more.

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How to Make My Boyfriend Happy? Support him

You have heard the famous saying: behind every important man, you will find a dynamic woman who supports him on his every step. This is so critical for couples that it goes without saying that if your boyfriend is a busy man who is always into something, then you need to understand that his work is important to him and he needs his space in order to run his business.

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Especially if he is an entrepreneur, he is going to need even higher levels of support as he will have his ups and downs. That’s how life is, and either you like it or not, you have to be there in order to show him that you have his back. If you are serious about this relationship and want to learn how to make your boyfriend happy, then it’s time to show it with actions when the time comes. Be prepared!

How to Make My Boyfriend Happy? Cook for him

Love goes through the belly! Love might be complicated some times, but it’s true that love is triggered by simple things, like food. Believe it or not, a well prepared dinner can make your boyfriend happier than an expensive gift. The fact that you spent time in order to visit a super market, get your groceries and supplies, cook dinner and make the table, all leads to a romantic atmosphere that fills the air with love vibes.

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Men appreciate even the simplest food because it shows that you really care for them. So if you are wondering what’s the easiest way to make your boyfriend happy, pick a theme for your dinner (for example prepare a dinner based on Greek food) and do your best to prepare the most delicious food you’ve made. You will win his heart and mind plus you will enjoy quality time together.

How to Make My Boyfriend Happy? Trust him

This is linked to our first point, because respect is associated with trust. You can’t trust some one you don’t respect. Your boyfriend needs to know that you can trust him and you are willing to support his plans even when they seem crazy. He has a plan and just because his mates or his family doesn’t get it, doesn’t mean that it’s a bad plan. Maybe the details of the plan are not so obvious, but you need to trust him in order to make him happy. You will earn his respect once he understands that you trust his judgement.

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From the smallest things, to the  most important decision on life. Furthermore, if you wish to have a healthy relationship and need to know how to make my boyfriend happy, trust him when he says that he loves you, that you are the only one. You don’t have to be over suspicious when he says I was out with my friends or he had a last minute call for a meeting. Don’t be that crazy woman who shows no trust in her man and can’t of anything else than he is seeing another woman. You will never get anything out of this behaviour. Most probably, you will make things worse by not trusting that he says the truth and nothing but the truth.



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How to Make My Boyfriend Happy? Don’t try to change him

You are into a relationship and that means you have to make some compromises in order to make it work. No one is perfect. Don’t try to change your boyfriend thinking that this will result in a better relationship. Don’t forget that you loved him for who he is. With all his strange behaviour that he might have some times. Don’t drive him mad trying to make him be a different person just for you. Remember we talked about respect. Respecting your boyfriend means you have accepted him as a person. Men don’t like changes. They like their daily routines.

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Trying to tell him every single day to make the bed when he wakes up will not make him a better partner. It will only satisfy your ego that he is doing whatever you told him to do. But men are not pets, they don’t have to obey you like you are the master. Loosen up and try to enjoy a cool relationship with your man.

How to Make My Boyfriend Happy? Don’t be possessive

You are together, your heart belongs to him and he belongs to you. Right? Wrong! You both belong to your selves, don’t fall into the trap that possessive women can’t see. Men don’t want to feel like they are objects that now belong to some one because they don’t feel free any more. You need to trust him that you will always be his girl, without being over possessive. Take a leap of faith and trust me on this one, the more you try to control him, the more you are pushing him away from you.

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How to Make My Boyfriend Happy? Give him space

Men consider themselves independent beings and they like to have the notion of freedom. They need space in order to see their old friends, even when they absolutely love you and can’t think of any other woman. They still need time to go to the gym (so that they can look good for you) or see their family.

Whatever their hobby might be, you need to support him and give him space in order to let him do what makes him happy. If you want to spend all day with you, you might end up in exactly the opposite outcome. To hate each other because neither of you are happy doing the things you used to.

How to Make My Boyfriend Happy? Love him

Last but not least, the word that defines a relationship is love. It’s the simplest – and most difficult at the same time – thing to do when you are dating someone. Love him with all your heart. Let him know that you live and breathe to enjoy life with him. That you cannot imagine a single day passing without thinking about him. Show him your deepest love and affection every day, not only with words but also with your actions.

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Some times, the things we do speak louder than any scream. If you are not sure how to love some one, you need to go back and study the basics. We have all the resources you will ever need in order to show you the way. But ultimately, we can’t love for you. You will have to find the inner strength to do it, and once you find out how to love some one, then you will unlock the most important lesson in life.

We wish you all the best in your quest on how to make my boyfriend happy, and we wish you that you live in a balanced relationship full of happy moments and joy!

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