What moves him? How does he feel about you? And how is it at the moment about your relationship? The answers to these questions can not (unfortunately) googled. Or does it? According to the couple therapist Diana you can still find them – indirectly – using the search engine.

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Google knows us better than anyone else in our environment. Sure, we can not ask anyone else such personal and intimate questions without having to fear strange reactions. Often, our search profile reflects what we are most concerned with right now – also in the relationship. A study by Diana focuses precisely on that. She has found out what people most often look for on Google for dissatisfaction with the relationship. And which keywords all alarm bells should flash.

… or does he want the separation?

“Separation”, “closing down”, “divorce”, “filing divorce” or “What is the cost of a divorce?” No, for searches like this, the situation looks different. All in all, dissatisfied people in Germany, according to the study, more often search for these (much more pessimistic) terms, which anticipate a separation or divorce.

Should I really check his searches?

Of course, that’s up to you. Nevertheless: A good relationship lives from trust – and that is strengthened by secret stalking of his Google course, rather less.