A permanent partnership is out of the question for the man of your dreams – he doesn’t want to enter into a relationship? Friendship Plus but already? Here you can find out what is behind it and how you can best deal with his attachment phobia.

You’ve met a great man and you’re ready for the next step. Suddenly your heart man steps on the brakes.

Then sentences like:

” I don’t want a committed relationship “,
” I’m not ready for something solid yet ” or
” I need my freedom “.
In these moments you probably no longer understand the world. After all, your dating partner reports regularly. You spend time together and the sex is good.

So what’s wrong?

5 reasons why he doesn’t want to be in a relationship with you

There are different reasons for this.

First of all, it is important to distinguish whether your crush does not want to enter into a partnership at the moment or whether it generally rejects it.

If your acquaintance wants to stay single on principle, you probably can’t do anything about it.

If it is the current circumstances that make it impossible for him to have a solid partnership at eye level, there is still hope that you will become a couple.

Let’s look at the most common reasons first:

1. His previous partnership failed
It may not have been long since his last love affair. Processing the end of a relationship takes time.

Maybe your sweetheart isn’t ready to get emotionally involved with you. The pain and disappointment may be too deep.

Does he openly talk to you about his fears? That would be a good sign.

give him time Don’t push him.

Show him that you are different from his ex-girlfriends. This allows him to open up to you gradually.

2. Does your crush suffer from commitment anxiety?
Your contact may be developing in a promising way: your crush is constantly calling you and sending you sweet messages.

The communication between you is correct. You have a similar sense of humor and things are going well in bed.

You’re thinking of introducing him to your family. You want to spend your next annual vacation with him.

You talk to him about it – and suddenly your sweetheart is gone. He has no time for days or weeks and no longer reports.

This is a sure sign of attachment anxiety. The roots of this often lie in early childhood.

Maybe your heartmate grew up neglected or overprotected. Has he had bad experiences in his previous partnerships?

All of this leads to fear of intimacy.

Does this man have feelings for you, but can’t admit them yet? Then your love still has a chance. On one condition: Your dating partner wants to overcome their fear of commitment.

Professional support from a therapist can be helpful for this.

3. He likes his single life
Your date may prefer to remain free and unbound on principle. Then you unfortunately have bad cards.

Being single gives him the opportunity to express himself, date, and arrange exciting one-night stands without consequences and obligations.

Does your dating partner suggest a friendship plus instead of a permanent relationship? If you’re in love with him, a sex-only relationship isn’t a good idea.

You would most likely suffer greatly from this.

Being physically close will intensify your feelings for him. Because your body releases the bonding hormone oxytocin.

It probably won’t happen to him. Your date is just having fun and enjoying the hot nights with you.

Please do not think that you will still be able to win him over through sex. That usually doesn’t work.

This man is not the right partner for you if you are longing for a solid partnership.

Is your dream man open to relationships?
4. He’s not in love with you
Maybe he doesn’t have the feelings or they don’t go deep enough. Unrequited love hurts. But feelings cannot be forced.

You’re probably dealing with the question, ” Can I conquer this man? ”

Isn’t there some way to make him fall in love with you? There are little tricks you can use to do this.

But they work best in the first encounters. A prerequisite for this is that sympathy and attraction between you are right.

If you’ve been on several dates without sparking a connection with him, the chances of a romantic relationship are slim.

Honestly, do you want to be with someone who doesn’t have feelings for you?

Who is just out for sex, but doesn’t stand by you?


You probably want a real partner who gives you love and security.

5. His career is a top priority

Your meeting feels like magic to you. You think of love at first sight and float on cloud nine.

However, your loved one has just set the professional course for his future and is with his head on his career:

Your dream partner may be about to start a challenging job.

Or he is in the middle of moving.
Perhaps your crush is planning a long journey for work, a stay abroad, or is planning to emigrate.
If your partner puts you behind their professional goals, you are not important to them. Even if he has feelings for you, they probably don’t go deep enough.

A man who loves you with all his heart will drop everything. For him, you are the center of the world.

That’s exactly what you probably want from your sweetheart.

However, the career-oriented sees himself at the center: are you ready to follow him to another city or country?

It may be possible to reconcile private and professional life so that a solid partnership develops between you. Ask yourself, ” Am I ready for this? ”

These are the most common reasons a man doesn’t want to date you. The cards are not always open on the table.

He doesn’t want a relationship: the signs
Some men say straight away that they’re not looking for anything solid. They are only interested in non-binding sex and fun.

If so, you’re probably not the only woman your dating partner is dating.

Other men keep a low profile on the subject.

However, certain clues will tell you that the man you love is not interested in a future with you.

Be careful with these behaviors:

Your friend remains non-binding towards you.

Your loved one makes little or no joint plans with you.
He doesn’t want to get to know your family and your circle of friends.
Your messages often get a late reply.
Your data continues to flirt online and/or meet other women.
If you notice one or more of these signs, it is best to talk to him about it.

He doesn’t want a relationship even though he has feelings for you?
During this conversation, sentences like: “ I have feelings for you. But I don’t want a relationship ”? Then you should be more careful.

These can be purely social emotions.

Maybe you think that this could become love in the future. That doesn’t necessarily mean your dating partner’s feelings will deepen.

Your date may be using a delaying tactic.

Possible reasons for this:

Your friend enjoys sex with you.
He secretly hopes to be able to play a “ better ” game. But as he continues to look for potential partners, your partner doesn’t want to be alone.
This guy does not have feelings of love for you. But being together has more advantages for him than being single.
How do you know your crush is keeping you warm?
Maybe your contact put you off. This dating trend is called ” benching “.

Does he want to be with you?
But how do you know if a man is serious about you or keeping you warm?

We have put together some tips for you:

Your dream man remains emotionally distant and dismissive of your attempts to get closer to him. Your contact remains superficial. You can’t talk to him about your relationship.

In your conversations, the word “ we ” rarely comes up. You have the impression that his everyday life has little to do with your life.

If your flirt partner talks about their ideas for the future, you don’t show up. It feels to you as if you live next to each other.

He keeps calling, but no meeting takes place. This justifies your flirting with stress at work, overtime, or family problems.

Your date rarely sticks to agreements. Overall, this makes an unreliable impression.

Let go and move on because he doesn’t want a relationship
Is your crush not feeling love for you? In that case, it’s not worth fighting for him any longer.

Even if your dream man enjoys his single life to the fullest and sticks to it, your chances are slim.

This man is probably not the right one for you. It hurts when your crush rejects you. But you deserve someone who genuinely loves you and wants to be with you.

There are chances that your loved one suffers from attachment anxiety. Or if his last relationship wasn’t that long ago. Then he needs more time. You might become a couple.

However, this also means that you will probably need therapeutic support. With professional help, you can overcome deep-seated fears. If your dream man wants it.

Does he put his career ahead of his relationship with you? Think carefully about whether you want to adapt to his life.

Does he only want sex when you want a serious relationship? Then Friendship Plus is not an alternative for you. Only get involved if you are not looking for anything solid yourself.


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