Those who meet online fall in love faster and become a couple faster than people who get to know each other offline. This is at least the result of a study of the dating platform Parship. If you get to know each other online, you will make a more conscious decision to enter into a relationship, which also leads online couples to have a happier relationship.

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Online couples are happier

Those who search online for a partner online feel that they have their own destiny, according to the results of the study, which interviewed a total of 745 couples who met online and offline. On average, online couples pull together after only 1 year, while offline couples on average only start a joint household after three years. Married is with online couples already after 3 years, offline on average to 5. And the children’s planning happens to couples who have met online earlier, the result of the study, which has been carried out by for Partnership.

Character is in the foreground online

If you get to know each other online, at the first meeting more emphasis is put on the character and the way of communicating. For offline couples, however, the appearance is more in the foreground. “When getting to know each other online, the first contact is usually written, a humorous or original writing style can be perceived as charming and let the spark skip. The horse is in the online dating search so to speak from the back , an appealing way to communicate, character traits, interests and values ​​are in the first place. “, So psychologist Caroline of .at. In terms of emotional connectivity, this is stronger for couples who have met on the Internet or through dating apps. According to the study, online couples cuddle more often and kiss more passionately.

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