Are you ridden by guilt to leave someone whom you don’t deserve to be with? Find out which of these guilty thoughts are crossing your mind and keeping you with an undeserving person.

There are many reasons to be in a relationship with someone. But there could be as many reasons for breaking up with a person who doesn’t deserve you.

If your life partner is not loving, not respectful towards you, humiliates and degrades you and doesn’t treat you well, then there is no point in sticking to that person any longer. You should just break off with a person who is not worthy of you and should move on with your life.

There are many people who are living in a loveless marriage; in which one of the partners either doesn’t give a damn or is just too busy with himself/herself to bother for their relationship.

And most likely it is the other half – the suffering partner, who is mostly holding up the relationship.

You need to realize the fact that if things are not working out, despite given many chances, you have to let go.

You deserve to be happy with someone who is capable to shower you with love. Don’t just block yourself from all the happiness that you can get by breaking off from an already dead relationship.

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Most of the time, it is the guilt that keeps you bound in a relationship but you fail to realize that these will ruin you at the end by leaving you to feel ignored, shattered and emotionally broken.


These 7 guilty thoughts keep you stuck in your relationship with an undeserving partner. 


1. You don’t want to hurt your partner:

Many times, people stay in a relationship because their partner had been very nice to them and they don’t want to hurt him or her. But being too nice doesn’t make the relationship run longer.

If you don’t feel passionate about each other or you don’t have the feeling of love for each other, your relationship will come to an end eventually. There is no need to feel guilty about not having your heart into it; if you don’t feel right about this relationship, you are not meant to be in it anyway.

2. You Did Once Love This Person

The thought of leaving someone whom you have loved or who has loved you once in your life once can be painful. But things change over time and so do situations, people and their emotions.

The partner you have been with for years may now have changed, his or her feelings for you and behavior towards you have changed totally. At this time, don’t let the guilty feeling that “they have loved you once or you have loved them once” make you stay in that relationship forever.

Love is essential for a relationship but it is not the only thing we require. If your partner is not giving you the desired love in relationship and not caring and understanding, there is simply no point in staying in a relationship with such a partner.

3. You Fear You May Not Find Anyone Better

A woman once told me that she stayed in a bad relationship not out of guilt, but because she didn’t think she could do any better. Everyone has this fear of the future; ‘What if I don’t find a better partner?’ ‘What if no one else would ever love me?’

But have you ever thought this fear might be withholding you from a life that is far better than your present life and relationship? Life might be waiting to give you another chance and you are delaying this just because of your fears.

4. You Enjoy The Lifestyle Your Share With That Person

Maybe your partner provides you with all of the perks and privileges you ever wanted in your life. Maybe his /her luxurious lifestyle compels you to stay in this relationship, maybe you just enjoy the lifestyle you get while staying with him/her.

But if you two are not enjoying and are not comfortable in your relationship with each other, then what is the point of being a couple? You can always get material things on your own or you can find the love of your life who can offer you everything that you ever wished for.

5. You Don’t Have The Courage To Opt For A Future Filled With Uncertainty

No one likes the uncertainties of life, but this is what life is about. Take up the chances to explore possibilities and opportunities and strive for a better life.

Don’t stay in a relationship where you feel you don’t really belong, just because you hate uncertainties of your future life. Give yourself a chance; your life may unfold a lovely surprise for you.

6. You Feel Like You Don’t Deserve Better

Once you feel that you don’t deserve better you put yourself in a state where leaving your partner will be difficult for you.

Why on earth are you thinking so low about your own self?

Don’t punish yourself by staying in a relationship that gives you only hurt and disgrace. Don’t let the words of other people make you look down upon your own being.

Only you know what challenges you have faced in your life and what you have been through while staying in this relationship. So don’t let this guilty thought ruin your chances of a better life.

7. When You start giving up

Finally, a moment arrives when you start giving up all hopes for the love life that you wished for. You don’t want to step out of this unhealthy relationship because you have lost your hope for a better life with someone else.

Don’t do this to yourself; you will regret this after wasting another few years in this relationship. So don’t just give up; you deserve to be happy and not feel like you’re emotionally caged forever.



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