Love isn’t where your ex is. Don’t look for it there. The same person who broke your heart can’t be the one to fix it.

He was just your lesson, not your forever. He was never there for you, not wholeheartedly, not like he should have been. He taught you what love should never look like.

Remove those rose-colored glasses and see him for what he was and what he is, not what you want him to be. He was never good enough for you.

Don’t look for love where you see red flags; it isn’t there.

You want love and there is nothing wrong with that. But sometimes your desires cloud your judgment.

You meet someone cute. You go out a couple of times. Everything seems great. But you keep ignoring the warning signs.

You forgive him for not making time. You forgive him for not texting a few days in a row. You forgive the lack of attention and affection. You forgive and you ignore.

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You keep silencing your gut feeling that’s telling you that something is off and you get burned once again.

Don’t look for love where there’s no kindness, honesty, or trust. It isn’t there.

It can’t be there. Love is always kind. It doesn’t put you down. It’s never mean. It’s never envious. Love respects. Love uplifts. Love makes you fly.

Love is with someone who never fills your mind with doubts. With someone who never tells you lies. Love is only true when you are with someone you can wholeheartedly trust.

Don’t look for love where you are the only one giving your everything.

Stop texting somebody who never remembers to text first. Stop canceling your plans and accommodating someone who is only there when it’s convenient.

Stop being too available. Stop being too good. He isn’t worth it. If he isn’t meeting you halfway, he isn’t worthy of your efforts. He isn’t worthy of you.

Look for the love you have for yourself and make it bigger. That is the right place to start.

Start by loving yourself first. Fall in love with your life. Be the woman you yourself are proud of. Be the woman who chases after her dreams and doesn’t allow anything to stop her.

Start by reminding yourself that you are worthy of love. Erase all those mean voices from your past. Accept yourself for who you are. Realize that you are beautiful inside and out.

Put yourself first for a change. Don’t allow anyone to use your goodness. Don’t settle for just anything, you deserve so much more.

Walk toward love and meet it halfway. That’s where love is.

Love is where your feelings are reciprocated. It’s where your investments are matched. It’s where your heart is safe.

It’s never forced. It never puts you through hell. Relationships are hard work at times but love is always easy. It comes effortlessly, it flows back and forth between two people. It’s natural.

If there is one thing about love, it only comes at its right time. Uninvited. Unexpected.

Love comes in just one person who will show you that all you felt so far was so little when compared with the all-consuming feeling of true love for your forever person.

Wait for that person and in the meantime keep yourself busy by working on yourself, by loving yourself every day a bit more. Be patient. You can’t hurry love. Even though it’s hard. True love will be worth the wait.



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