There are tons of tips and advice to help with dating, but then there are some that are just stupid:

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“Wait, before you announce yourself!”

It means, you should always wait a bit, until you get in touch. After all, one does not want to be too interested or even desperate. Total nonsense! We are all constantly on the smartphone and if we feel the need to contact us, then we should just do it. If he is not pleased with your message, then it probably should not be easy and you know what you are.

“Screw down your claims!”

If you have a clear wishful thinking of the future partner, then of course it does not hurt to get involved with men who may not be 100% of them. However, one should remain true to his basic ideas, you want a partner with whom you harmonize well. So we’re talking about inner values ​​like loyalty, honesty or humor. If you can not make good connections with each other on these levels, then it will not help to screw down the claims here. Having sex with someone you find unappealing or having relationships with someone you simply do not like is completely nonsensical.

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“Just be yourself!”

You wonder now what’s wrong with this advice? Well, basically it’s true that you should not pretend and present yourself as you are, but many use it as an excuse to justify never working on yourself and perhaps having bad habits. “Be the best version of yourself” would probably just be more appropriate here.

“Women love Bad Boys”

The cliche par excellence – We have to make it clear that we women are not just on bad guys. You should not behave like selfish pigs. The point is, we want a strong, confident and independent partner.

When you stop looking, you find someone!

Of course, it can be true, but if you’re someone who just has a well-established circle of friends and does not spend much time in new places, things will be difficult.

If he really likes you, then he will promote you

If we are not interested, no man will try to build a relationship with us. Making yourself aloof is simply not a good idea. We women also have to fight a bit if we find a guy good. Of course, everything in measure and goal. Here we are at the next point.

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The man has to take the first step

If we are honest, then we rely too much on it. But why? If we like a guy well, then we should just address him.

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