Online flirting almost comes naturally: Like many other singles, you may find it easier to write than to speak. Perhaps even an unaccustomed quick-wittedness temporarily replaces your shyness. Suddenly you are spontaneous, playful, and sexy. Funny battles of words arise all by themselves.

And then there’s the dating. In real life. For most singles, this date means pure adrenaline.

With our tips, we would like to try to take away some of your nervousness. Because dates are beautiful. If the first meeting doesn’t go well, it’s not a broken leg. Then the other person was probably not the right one after all.

But maybe you will meet a life companion. In the end, you can only win.

To ensure that face-to-face contact with your flirt partner is a success, we have put together 15 dating tips for you: five general tips, five tips specifically for women, and another five for men. Have fun while reading!

Dating can be very exciting

General dating tips for him and her
Be honest and stand by yourself
Thinning hair, teddy bear figure, small breasts? No problem, as long as you are open about it. Confidence is sexy. Don’t try to cover up things you dislike about yourself from your dating partner. At the latest when you are face to face, the swindle will be exposed anyway.

Apart from that: Who tells you that your sweetheart doesn’t find your stately figure attractive? Or that he doesn’t find B-cup women incredibly attractive? Tastes are different. And the decisive factor for or against a relationship is not only the look anyway.

Ultimately, it’s the overall package that counts: charisma is often much more important than looks.

Show yourself online with a current profile picture. It must capture you as advantageously as possible, no question. Tip: If you feel more comfortable with it, go to a good photographer and have your picture taken professionally.

There’s no benefit to you if you post an ancient picture instead, or choose a snapshot where you’re barely pinpointed.

After all, you are looking for a person who suits you.

You’ll probably find that special someone easier if you’re truthful from the start. This is perhaps one of the most important dating tips of all. Because lies, excuses, and fiddling are not the foundation for a long-term partnership.

Make yourself comfortable in your skin
Dating is incredibly exciting for most people. After all, anything is possible in that first meeting: maybe the other person is exactly the person you have been waiting for for so long. The better you feel in the presence of your sweetheart or your sweetheart, the more relaxed you are. This has a positive effect on your charisma.

You probably want to make the best possible impression on your counterpart. If you like, go to the hairdresser before your meeting. Hang out with friends, and loosen up. Put on some makeup. Buy yourself something new to wear. Or treat yourself to a wellness weekend in advance.

The main thing is that you are satisfied with yourself and feel comfortable in your skin.

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Don’t go too far

Are you looking for a partner for life? Then maybe skip sex on the first date. That sometimes shifts the focus a lot toward one-night stands and casual dating. Even if there is a strong spark between you: wait at least until the second, or better still until the third encounter before you go all out.

Get to know him or her better first. Our questions for the first date will help you to draw your contact out of their shell. Make sure, however, that the conversation does not become a one-sided interview or interrogation. In the end, it’s all about communicating with each other. Only then will you find out if you are on the same wavelength.

Ideally, your shares of speech should be roughly evenly distributed.

Don’t give your dating partner false hope

Whether you find each other exciting and harmonize with each other is usually decided in the first few minutes. Isn’t it crackling between you and your date? Then be open. Don’t just disappear like a ghost ( ghosting ) from the scene. And don’t bench your online dating contact where he or she is plagued by false hope.

Put nicely, but straight to the point, that you see no chance for a relationship:

” It was incredibly friendly to meet you. But I think nothing will come of the two of us. ”
” The date with you was really fun. However, I have more friendly feelings for you. I’m sorry, but I can’t imagine a relationship. ”
” I hope you’re not too disappointed now. I just miss utterflies in my stomach. The coffee was nice though. ”
Get in touch after a successful date
An old rule advises waiting three days. But why? If you liked your date, feel free to get in touch immediately afterward. A quick phone call, SMS, or WhatsApp message is all it takes. Did one of you have to drive? Just let your flirt partner know: “ I got home safely. The day with you was beautiful! ”

You can tell from the reaction whether he or she feels the same way. With a text message, it is up to your date partner when he or she wants to reply. This way you don’t come across as pushy, but honest and interested.

Females and males flirt differently. So that you don’t talk ahead of each other, we have put together a few dating tips, especially for women and men.

woman dating
Especially for women
Our Top 5:
Send clear flirting signals

Men often find it difficult to correctly interpret the most subtle hints from women. Make it as easy as possible for your crush. If you like your dating partner, show them that: smile at them. Make eye contact and consciously hold his gaze a little longer. Touching the hand or arm is also allowed.

do you like his shirt? His intense green eyes? His haircut? His hands? Everyone appreciates an honest compliment. It also makes him aware that you are looking at him very closely and attentively.

The date is coming to an end and you want to see him again? Suggest a second meeting. He will most likely appreciate your initiative. In addition, you signal so clearly that you can imagine more with him. He will hardly misunderstand this flirting signal!

Show interest in him

Ask questions when he talks about himself. On your first date, your flirt partner may tell you about his work, childhood, or hobbies. With short comments, a smile, or a touch, you signal to him that you are listening and that you are with him inside.

Men appreciate it when women laugh at their jokes. Even if his punchlines aren’t overwhelming because of his nervousness: Make him happy!

Keep conversations light and fun

There will be more than enough time later for conversations about serious things in life. For the time being, ignore stressful issues: health problems, money worries, difficulties at work, trouble with children, quarrels in your family, and frustration with your ex… These things put too much weight on your date.

Instead, show your happy, carefree side. Lightness and humor are your secret weapons when flirting. Don’t forget: You are looking for a new love, not a therapist and not a best friend.

Don’t pretend

There’s no point in playing a part for his sake. He should like you just the way you are. Otherwise, you probably have no future anyway.

If you’re a rather quiet, introverted type, embrace it. (It’s not a problem if you consciously come out a bit more on your date.)
If you prefer to wear sporty, casual clothing, stick with it. In an elegant wardrobe, you might otherwise feel as if you were disguised on your date.
If you’re not a sports enthusiast, it’s not a good idea to respond to suggestions about cycling, jogging, or hiking. You’ll probably run out of air halfway – and then things can get uncomfortable for you.
Reflect on your strengths
A certain shyness can certainly be attractive to a man. Keyword: protective instinct.

If you want to have an equal relationship at eye level, however, a touch more self-confidence certainly does not harm. So don’t concern yourself with your (possible) shortcomings.

Number 5 of our dating tips: Focus on your positive sides and your assets. These can be appearances, abilities, characteristics, or achievements.

Think about your strengths. What makes you special? What immediately inspired him when you met him? Maybe it’s your special sense of humor? your long legs? Your laugh? Your way of dealing with people? Your enthusiasm for technology? That you can talk shop for hours about travel?

If you remember this, you will immediately become calmer.

man dating

Especially for men
Our Top 5:
Be decisive and stand by your opinion
It is very attractive to women when you make a confident, relaxed impression as a man. This gives your date peace and security. Part of that involves taking the lead.

Feel free to suggest the dating location and activity. If she disagrees with your idea or has another suggestion, you’re bound to find a compromise.

State your opinion openly and honestly. Your date wants to know what you are thinking and feeling. Don’t talk after her mouth and don’t shut yourself off. For one thing, you probably wouldn’t feel comfortable doing it. Second, if you don’t share your thoughts, she can’t get to know you.

Be optimistic

One important dating tip: Let her see your optimistic side. Flirt with a woman you like can be fun and playful. You should avoid bad experiences, disappointment, and other worries as much as possible. Enjoy the carefree contact between you for the time being.

9 out of 10 women do not dare

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Do you finally want to conquer your dream man?

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This test will show you how you can finally conquer the man of your dreams. With this unique test, we would like to allow you to get a grip on your challenges in the world of men. So take 1 minute and answer all 9 questions.

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Avoid showing off when dating

Success looks sexy. But not boasting. Therefore, please don’t overdo it. You can present your successes. But women who are seriously interested in you are not impressed by your fat wallet or big car. You as a person are the most important thing to them.

Can she laugh and have fun with you? Lean on you? are you a good listener All of this matters more than money.

Pay attention when she tells you something. Listen, react, ask. Then a stimulating conversation will develop between you in no time. Give her your attention by also turning to her physically: Make eye contact, smile, and encourage her to talk about herself.

Refrain from exaggerated compliments

Rather give your dream woman a real, spontaneous compliment out of the situation. Maybe her eyes light up when she raves about her favorite song. Or her hair has a special shine in the evening sun. You might also be charmed by the passionate way she talks about her work.

Compliments of this kind are meant seriously and honestly.

Your opponent knows that too. She will probably be much happier about that than about empty phrases. This is how you show her that you notice her. you as a person. As a human. It is precisely this kind of attention that women often miss in long-term relationships.

Find her physical closeness

Another important tip so that your get-together doesn’t drift in a purely friendly direction: don’t forget to make physical contact from time to time.

If you’re going to a restaurant, just put a hand slightly behind her back as she walks through the door in front of you. And help her into her jacket or out of her coat. That not only reveals good manners. It gives you a chance to get closer to her.

If possible, don’t sit across from her head-on while you’re eating, but rather around the corner. That’s more intimate. You can talk to each other undisturbed. Your knee can touch hers and you can caress her hand or arm. There are many ways to get a little up close.

Dating tips work for both

On the dating adventure
We hope that our dating tips will help you a little to be more relaxed about your first meeting. Be yourself. Be honest and don’t pretend. Give your dating partner the chance to get to know you when you meet. If there is sympathy and chemistry, it might be the beginning of a beautiful relationship.


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