Just screams for a real talk. Katharina (29) & Lisa (29) could hardly have more different opinions in this regard. But read for yourself why they or why they just do not believe that one single night can become the big love.

CONTRA: “A one-night stand can never become a relationship”


Saturday night, the air in the club is stuffy. You make eye contact, one to seven drinks together later. Although neither of them would admit it at this time, it is clear where this flirtation leads to. In his own or his apartment namely, together. Logically, that one does not pay attention in the middle of the night during mediocre conversations, whether he is a vegetarian, loves babies and has the same sense of humor. But honestly, who cares? Two people find each other likeable, agree on a hot night. With an emphasis on one – that’s what makes the appeal of one-night-stands. They live from the moment, from the now. People who believe or hope it can become “more” have not understood what this is about. (With one exception: more sex goes fast. But it certainly gets more complicated each time. More serious relationship? Close.)

One-night-stands are all about enjoying and lust – nothing else. Thoughts of a serious relationship with all its liabilities are out of place here. And let’s be honest: the higher the number of drinks in the club, the smaller the demands on the other person. What fits perfectly for a hot night, is usually not enough by day. Wake up the next morning without knowing each other’s name? Occurs – and is perfectly okay.

For a good reason: As hard as this may sound, but: name, age, attitude and life goals are unimportant at the moment. At good one-night stands sex and love are as far apart as the earth is from the moon. Even better: the sun. Anyone looking for uncomplicated sex every now and then without pay will find it at the next club tour.The big romantic love but probably not.

PRO: “I’ve already fallen in love with a one-night stand”


Sure, of course! I am convinced that one night can quickly become more and so feelings can arise between two people. Falling in love with a one-night stand is probably the exception rather than the rule. But when you realize that you are in bed, why not meet again to enjoy the time together? If one of them works really well then there could be more behind it.

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That is, to find out, because quite honestly: Sex is incredibly important in a relationship. The fact that two people harmonize well right at the first time together, has something to say in my eyes. There is nothing in the way of a second meeting to at least see what might become of it. Besides, I also believe that dropping your covers at a one-night stand (and no, that means not only the clothes, but also the figurative sense, that is, the emotions), since you assume you are I would never see that person again. You’re more open and honest with each other (yes, alcohol may also matter), and I think that’s what makes it exciting.

I have to admit: It has not happened to me – yes, I’ve fallen in love with a one-night stand, but the whole thing was unfortunately one-sided and we had different ideas of another meeting. However, that does not stop me from believing that it can also be a relationship. In my circle of friends that’s actually happened already and the two are still a couple today. Maybe the romantic woman just talks to me, but I’m convinced that love can come from something unique.