Maybe you know this: After a long day at work you come home and want to do something with your best friend. However, she has just met this new man and would rather spend time with him. Your other friends are also in a relationship and have plans with their partners. It’s at times like this that you feel lonely and tired of being single.

You may wish that someone was waiting for you at home and snuggling with you. You may also be thinking about how nice it would be to start a family and get married. And yes, being in a relationship is wonderful, but being single can be just as great. We tell you what you can do to feel good – with or without a man.

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The benefits of being single

As a single person, you may feel incomplete and wonder when you will be happy again. But don’t worry, being single doesn’t mean being alone. There are many advantages to not being in a relationship. Below we tell you why it can be great if you haven’t found the second half yet.

You are not accountable to anyone:

Do you watch your favorite series all Sunday and go to bed much too late? No problem, after all, you can do whatever you want and don’t have to justify yourself to anyone.

You spend time with family and friends:
While others are exclusively occupied with their partner, you have time to travel with your dearest friends or to go out to dinner with your family on Sundays.

You can try a new hobby :
Have you always wanted to learn to play the guitar or dance hip-hop? Now is the time to try a new hobby and probably even discover a new passion in the process.

You can feel yourself:
Important: in a relationship, pay attention to your partner and his needs. As a single person, on the other hand, you can concentrate entirely on your needs and listen to yourself. This will help you get to know yourself better.

You enjoy the time of free flirting:

Especially as a single, you can be intimate with men and have the opportunity to go out, flirt, and – if you like – take home the attractive stranger from the bar.

And the moment of silence:
In a relationship, there is always someone by your side. If you are alone, you can also enjoy silence for once. Maybe you like to sit on the couch with your favorite book and a cup of tea and relax for as long as you like

You can travel alone:

Are you bored traveling alone? Try it! Anyone who travels alone and does not have to make any compromises can organize their holiday freely. This allows you to get to know a culture from a completely different perspective.

You are responsible for yourself:

In a relationship, you can usually rely on your partner. However, being single means deciding and solving situations yourself. And that’s not annoying, but lets you grow and become more confident.

be happy single

Make friends with your singleness
You ask yourself: ” How am I supposed to be happy as a single person when I would much rather have someone by my side?” ‘ Start befriending your singleness. Think positive and look at the beautiful sides of your single existence. You alone can decide about your time, as well as about your life and your everyday life. This is the greatest gift you can give yourself because your time is the most precious thing you own! So use them how you want. Put down the smartphone with your online dating apps, get dressed, go out and enjoy life!

Being single no matter what age

No matter how old you are, we show why it can be nice to lead a single life at any age.

Being single at 30

When you were 20, being single wasn’t a problem for you. After all, your friends were alone too and you still had all the time in the world. Back then you might have planned to have a husband and two children by the time you were 30. Now you’re over 30, but the man at your side is a long time coming? Don’t worry about life passing you by. You can also start a family later.

Many women these days do not have a child until they are in their mid or late 30s. The love of your life can meet you tomorrow in the supermarket queue. And they were having children might be faster than you think.

Being single at 50

By the time you’re 50, you may have had a few relationships or possibly marital turmoil. Still, this is no cause for misery. After all, you can find a partner at any age. But as a single at 50, you also have the opportunity to be a happy single and to enjoy your solo life!

When being single is better than a relationship

In your circle of friends, there is this one woman who has never been alone for long. She rushes from one relationship to the next but isn’t happy in any of them. Some women would rather be in a relationship with a man, even though they don’t like him than be alone and lonely.

However, those who continually look to others and bend over backward for them become unfaithful to themselves. Also, if you stay with a man you’re not in love with, you close yourself off from the possibility of crossing paths with your true love. Gives men a chance to get to know you and don’t stay in a relationship that doesn’t make you happy just to avoid being alone.

Being single again after a long relationship
You were with your partner for more than ten years and you shared your life? Recently, however, one of you broke up and you are faced with the task of relearning how to be single. If you’re used to living with a man and going away with him for the weekend, it may take time to adjust to the new situation. Takes the time you need for yourself.

But don’t forget that every beginning is the beginning of something new and exciting. You too will soon find it normal and enjoy planning your weekends independently and being by yourself. And then you will be happy again that you have the opportunity to embark on a new search and start a new adventure.

Find a new partner afterlife as a single

find your new love
There are many benefits of being single. However, you can still have the desire to fall in love. If you are longing for a partner, we have a few tips for you on how to get out of being alone.

If you want to change your situation, ask yourself the question: ” Why am I single ?” “. Maybe you have too high a standard and are looking for the perfect man. This is a first starting point to work on you because after all there is no such thing as the perfect partner.
Or maybe you are not satisfied with yourself and therefore appear insecure to others? Learn to love yourself. After all, “ If you don’t love yourself, you can’t be loved either. “ Accept your flaws, because after all, we all have them. And sometimes it’s the idiosyncrasies that others appreciate about you and that make you what you are.
Go out and do something. Time for yourself is important. If you want a partner, the best way to do that is to be active and meet new people. Be on the go and keep your eyes open!
You don’t have to wait for a man to approach you. Dare and approach the object of your desire yourself. This shows your interest and at the same time that you are a confident and brave woman. And maybe he’s just too shy to flirt to approach you. If your first attempt doesn’t work, at least you jumped over your shadow and worked on your self-confidence.
In general, as a single, you have the opportunity to relax and keep your eyes open for a partner. What if you don’t need a man by your side? Even then, being single is perfectly fine. Because life doesn’t make your rules! As a single, you can enjoy your life without a man. Because even alone you can be completely happy!

Listen to your needs and try not to be influenced by what is expected of you. After all, you are the architect of your luck.


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