Using a single word, experts should be able to hear if your relationship is perfect.

How do you recognize that you have found the right person? At the heart palpitations? At the butterflies in the stomach ? At the familiarity? Not only, says the relationship expert Bela Gandhi. She can use a single word as an outsider to tell you if your relationship is perfect.

The magic word is “simple”

In conversations with couples, Gandhi kept her subjects talking about her relationship over and over again. It stood out: Couples who were still happy after many years, always used the word “simple” – in the sense of “uncomplicated”.

Here, “simple” should not mean “of inferior quality,” explains the couple therapist. “I keep hearing the phrase, ‘I did not know that a relationship can be that easy. It just works / It just fits! ‘When couples talk about their relationship in this way, Gandhi knows from experience: it just fits!

So men realize that they are in love

You could rip out trees, embrace the whole world and have butterflies in your stomach : Being in love is just wonderful! But how do men actually perceive these very special feelings, and how do they realize that they have really taken a liking? We asked for seven gentlemen.

Jonas, 28

“If I want to spend every free minute with this person and it tingles in my stomach when I think about her.”

Luca, 37

“If I keep listening to the song that reminds me of our first kiss.”

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Ralf, 19

“I think I’ve never been so in love.”

Ali, 25

“If I want to be with her around the clock, I’m always looking for her and just want to watch her all the time.”

Claus, 33

“If there’s nothing better than holding her and being close to her.”

Mario, 28

“I have a thousand butterflies in my stomach, can only think more about them and somehow I can not use them anymore.”

Paul, 29

“When I think of the person last night before falling asleep.”


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