Does the hymen have a function? Is every woman born with the skin fold framing the vaginal opening? We have summarized the most important facts about hymen.

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1. The hymen has a function

The basic purpose of the hymen is to protect the vagina from germs and bacteria before the onset of puberty . For our ancestors this represented an important function. However, as the hygienic conditions of our everyday life have changed and improved over time, the hymen lost its main task in principle.

2. The hymen does not close the entrance to the vagina

The hymen is an elastic border of the vaginal opening . In very rare cases, it closes the vaginal entrance completely. This is a medical problem that can be resolved through surgery.

3. Not every woman has a hymen

Not every woman is born with the soft, elastic skin around the vaginal wall just behind the entrance to the vagina. From a medical point of view, this fact is not a problem.

4. Tampons do not endanger the hymen

When the first period bleeding sets in, the hymen cuticle entrance is soft and elastic enough by hormonal influences to easily introduce a tampon. This also means that the hymen can not be damaged by a tampon.

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5. The hymen must not break at the “first time”

In some girls, it can happen that the hymen reaches the limit of elasticity at the first sex  tears a bit at one point and some blood escapes from the vagina. That can happen, but not necessarily. Whether or not a girl bleeds when having sex does not say anything about having sex.

6. You can restore the hymen

If you have the necessary change (about $ 5,000) , you can make yourself a virgin again through a surgical procedure. Such intimate surgery has been booming in the US for quite some time.

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