Being a teacher is one of the most responsible professions of all. You need to take care of kids every single day and you should watch out how you behave in front of them. So you can imagine how stressful job it is. I had many teachers who were very strict in the classroom but they were completely different in their private life. I would say they were ideal partners because they were calm, cool and collected all the time but also they had that funny spirit for making a good atmosphere. If you haven’t considerate about dating a teacher you should think twice. Here are some of the best reasons for that so stay tuned!


1. Long summer holidays – Who else has 3 months of holidays? Nobody except teachers, of course. This is very convenient if you are a female teacher because you can take care of your kids the whole summer while they are on vacation too. If you want you can travel to long distances and be completely calm because you don’t need to hurry back home. And the best thing of all that it is all payed. You just sit at home, enjoy and get your salary. Is there better profession than this? I don’t think so!

2. They are patient – When you spend every day among 30 wild teenagers you somehow learn to be calm and patient. I mean, you can yell to them but they won’t listen to you. Yelling only makes them feel more powerful. You should be patient and explain in easy but strict way about the consequences of their actions. Can you imagine having a patient partner like this? It means that he would listen to you every time you fight and he would try to correct mistakes by talking and not making drama in your home. It is true that being patient depens on your personality but if you found a patient teacher who knows how to listen, that is a real catch!

3. Teachers are positive – Spending the whole day with kids and teenagers help you to forget about your problems. Even you are old you feel that your spirit is young and you can learn a lot from them. That’s why teachers always smile. They are full of positive energy and they know how to enjoy in life. They understand that knowledge is not the most important thing in the world and we sometimes need to learn how to be good people. Talking about life with your students and showing them some tricks how to be successful is what makes a great teacher!

4. They want to help – For me, definition of teaching is helping others to understand something. Since teachers are very professional about their job they sometimes forget to divide private and business life. So you can end up with a teacher who is correcting your sentences or helping you to learn how to use photoshop. It is in their blood and they can’t get rid of that. But hey, it is positive thing, right?

5. They know how to listen – Teachers aren’t always the ones that talk all the time. They spend half of their life listening to others. When asking a question to their students they need to listen it, right? It means they allow other people to tell their opinion and that makes them perfect match. If a woman has a partner who is a teacher she will be satisfied because he will always know how to listen to her wishes. And that is what we all are looking for. Just a minute or two to say everything that is on our heart and someone who will say that everything will be okay. Teachers rock!



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