We can all agree that communication is the best means of resolving a dispute. Communication can help two people from different backgrounds understand, acknowledge, and accept each other’s perspectives on open-ended ideas, views, and differences of opinion.

Either one or both of them realise they are correct in their positions as a result of this, or they agree to disagree and go on. But what if there is no exchange of words? What if one of them decides to entirely cut off the other and hide beneath a rock, refusing to utter a single word? Silent therapy is exactly what it sounds like.

The silent treaters frequently act in this way because they don’t want to accept any responsibility for the circumstance, whether you want to call it immaturity, insecurity, or just rude behaviour. They allow their ego to take over and don’t mind verbally or psychologically attacking the other person.

They choose to remain silent while knowing that it hurts, is ineffective, and that they can do better. They believe it is the most effective technique to show the chosen ‘accused’ parties that the silent treaters are unquestionably the victims in the circumstance.

The quiet treatment can become very annoying and possibly make things worse. Conflict resolution in this manner is frequently viewed as abusive and psychologically deceptive.


Taurus are extremely opinionated and despise anyone who disagrees with their viewpoints. They operate under the assumption that they are the only ones who can voice their opinions because they are always correct.

If you challenge the Taurus, go ready for their go-to tactic—the silent treatment—to cut you off.

They only do this to preserve their ego and because they believe that if they don’t get their say, they won’t win the argument. Their domineering side frequently reaches a point where it becomes too much for anyone to manage.

Even though they believe they have won after the communication tab is closed, they eventually lose their closest friends and family since they eventually become tired of their behaviour and depart.


It is well known that Aquarius presents as emotionless and disconnected. That’s not fully accurate because they care about their community, but when conflict and arguments arise, their darker side emerges.

They become numb and close off their emotional side. They already detest loud emotional upheavals and will do whatever to avoid the uncomfortable scenario.

Aquarius frequently chooses to leave the conversation and pretend they have lost their voice since they are aware that a heated argument between two people never ends well.

Because they are aware that nothing irritates their spouse more than when Aquarius is silent, they do employ the silence treatment in disrespectful ways in order to harm their rival.


When it comes to being dramatic, Scorpio is a complete package. They can go all-out during disputes, imitating, raising their voice, or even going completely bonkers. When provoked, Scorpio doesn’t hesitate to stand up for what they believe. Therefore, why the silence?

It’s one of their hidden weapons that they employ when other attempts to influence the other person are unsuccessful.

In a furious debate, they resolve to play dead and say nothing just as they start to realise that things are heading the wrong way and aren’t actually in Scorpio’s favour.

They are aware that it will cause more harm than good, yet they are so furious that they must punish the other person that they are powerless to stop themselves.


God help you when a Sagittarius treats you silently! They would be the first to face you because they are just furious with you and know that the problems can be fixed, but once they have given up and have made the decision to finally cut you off, they won’t go back.

Therefore, don’t ignore it if a Sagittarius is giving you the silent treatment. It’s not intended to penalise you or guilt you into taking action. Your existence has been completely forgotten by Sagittarius due to their blatant lack of concern.

Because they’ve made every effort to work things out and are now so angry that they can no longer see a future with you, it’s an indication that they’re soon going to move on.

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