Everyone has their preference for their ideal human connection. While you might be a lover of romantic relationships meant to last a lifetime, your best friend might be disgusted by the idea of touching love (or even poking it with a ten-foot pole). Our lunar cycles and star signs can reveal our ideal type of connection, but they can also tell us who to avoid and who to lock down. After all, not everyone on this earth was made for commitment.

Are you marriage material, a short-term fling, or the friend type? Every astrological symbol is capable of finding a soul-mate, but some are better off loving themselves without an overcomplicated relationship weighing down their dreams. If you’re marriage material, you’re honest, loyal, and you want to live your life with someone at your side. If you’re a short-term fling, you appreciate a lavish lover but you don’t have time for a lasting commitment (for a number of individual reasons). Oh, and if you’re the friend-type? Maybe you’re emotionally unavailable, maybe you’re a good listener, maybe you’re too weird to be loved. The possibilities are almost endless, but Astrology can offer insight.

Are you interested to discover if you’re wasting your time on someone who’s meant to be your friend and not your lover? Here are 4 Astrological signs who are marriage material, 4 who are friend-types, & 4 who are just short-term flings!

Marriage Material: A Cancer Woman Is Defined By Her Loyalty

In the age of social media, loyalty is more important than ever. Flings and emotional infidelity are too easy to achieve, but you never have to worry about dishonesty with a Cancer woman. It’s one of the reasons she is the perfect life partner. While their lunar cycles lead to fleeting and unusual emotional patterns, it adds to the Cancer woman’s mystique and attractiveness, which is why many people flock to be this woman’s beau.

Cancer has a complex personality that will make any long-term relationship challenging yet passionate.

However, her loyalty is her backbone, and it is why anyone would be lucky to call her theirs.

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Friend-Type: A Gemini Man Has Your Back, But You Would Be Wise To Draw The Line

Expressive and quick-witted, a Gemini man is a sociable and communicative personality that leads to his infectious nature; being the center of attention isn’t his doing, it just happens naturally. He is full of life, adventure, and yearns to be generous, which is why many people find themselves giving him their heart. It’s difficult not to be attracted to him.

He is marked by dualism (hence his sign), and the flip side of his personality is often marred by baggage and secretiveness. While love could end in a happily ever after with him, it could also end in devastating disaster. Friendship is always safer and more rewarding with a Gemini.

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Short-Term Fling: A Libra Woman Is Too Powerful To Ever Be Tied Down To Love, But She’s Willing To Have Fun

Not only is a Libra woman diplomatic, gracious, and focused on herself, her family, and her career, she is very picky when it comes to who she offers her heart. Some people chalk up her endless cascade of flings and dates to her indecisive nature, but it’s because finding her ‘dream partner’ is next to impossible.

She doesn’t mind; a Libra is happy to enjoy your company for a little while.

At the end of the day, she’s too busy trying to live her best life to give her time to anyone other than herself. A short-term fling is the only thing this goddess is willing to offer you.


Marriage Material: A Cancer Man Is Too Sensitive And Emotional To Do Anything Other Than Long-Term (AKA Life-Term)

When he falls in love, he wants the object of his affection forever. A Cancer man is simply a ‘no-nonsense’ person when it comes to matters of the heart. If he is in love with you, he considers you to be someone who he wants to spend the rest of his life with. He wouldn’t be with you if he didn’t see a future with you.

For someone this sensitive and emotional, breakups will devastate him. This is why he is never the type to look for a short-term fling; he develops intense feelings fast and wants them to last!


Friend-Type: An Aquarius Woman Will Always Be Honest With You, But She Isn’t Emotionally Available

When you need relationship advice, an Aquarius woman will be happy to help you through a tough time, but she doesn’t want to be the object of the drama. An Aquarius has a powerful sense of right and wrong.

A friendship with this woman will be the light in your darkest hour, as she will always be there for her friends to guide them through confusion.

Not only that, but she’s known for being a good listener. While she may know everything about you, you probably know nothing about her. An Aquarius woman is closed off and reserved when it comes to her private life and problems, and this emotional unavailability keeps almost everyone in the friend zone.


Short-Term Fling: A Pisces Man Is A Roller-Coaster That’s Fun To Ride For A Little While

A whimsical and funny character that wants to shower you with gifts and affection may sound too good to be true. It isn’t, but a Pisces man will offer this side of him for a short period only. His soul may be wise but his heart is fickle, and this leads to drama you wouldn’t want to experience for too long, let alone the rest of your life.

A fling with this man will be a lasting memory in your mind. He is a worshiper of the arts and deeply spiritual, and he will open your mind to unknown ideas and emotions.


Marriage Material: A Leo Woman Has Her Life Together And Knows What She Wants

As a Fire sign, this is a woman who demands respect and is uninterested in immature relationships. She’s striving towards crafting her career, and she expects the same from whoever manages to steal her heart.

If you test her, however, she will take it right back and won’t think twice about moving on from someone who can’t lift her up into a better person. No one will drag her down!

A woman this confident and certain of her identity should be appreciated. If you’re lucky enough to catch her eye, treat her with care, and your life partner will also be your best friend.

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Friend-Type: A Capricorn Male Is A Knowledgeable Friend, But He’s Stuck In His Outdated Routines

A friend should help you learn about the world as you journey through life together. A Capricorn man is knowledgeable and loyal; he’ll have your back in any situation and be there for you in a heartbeat. While those are qualities you look for in a long-term lover, a Capricorn male houses opinions that might not make him the ideal husband.

It isn’t the case for every Capricorn, but they do have a reputation for traditional and outdated opinions of what a marriage should be. If he has the audacity to claim certain women are ‘marriage material’ but others aren’t, it might be wise to keep things in the friend zone.

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Short-Term Fling: A Gemini Woman Will Find Dozens Of Soulmates In Her Life-Time, So Why Would She Ever Settle Down?

Most people will encounter multiple soul-mates in their lifetime. While some will marry the first one they meet, certain people will enjoy the luxury of embracing each soul-mate they collide with in their long life. A Gemini woman is one of them.

Even if you want her to be ‘marriage material,’ she isn’t interested in your diamond rings or promises.

She is ready to enjoy the connection she experiences with compatible hearts, but after the electricity fades away, she’s bound to move on to the next handsome stranger she meets. A Gemini woman is comfortable with never settling down.


Marriage Material: A Virgo Man Is Easy-Going And Drama-Free If You Marry Him At The Right Time In His Life

A worrywart who is self-critical of themselves and endlessly shy doesn’t sound like the ideal life partner. Marrying someone like that could result in disaster, right? While all Virgo possess these qualities on some level, Virgo men will enter a part of their life where they outgrow the constant fretting and grow into their more kind, analytical natures. This is the man you should spend your life with.

Virgo men mature slowly, so the person you meet in his 20’s will be the polar opposite of who he is in his 30’s. Maturity takes time with him, but it’s worth the wait.

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Friend-Type: A Virgo Woman Will Reinvent Herself Many Times Throughout Her Life, And Being Her Friend Is A Rewarding Experience

Some women are beyond love for others because they’re focused on love for themselves. Confidence never comes easy to a Virgo, but Virgo women will typically experience broken love and heartaches that teach them their worth in this world. After dealing with a few boys they realized weren’t worth their time, they’ll focus on themselves and their career.

This is why being her friend is so rewarding; she is constantly reinventing herself, and joining her on her journey is inspirational.

There are people in this world who grow past the idea of true love, and instead find affection within themselves and with their family; this lady will be one of those people.


Short-Term Fling: Even If You Want The Sagittarius Man To Be Yours Forever, He Won’t Let It Happen

Fantastic lover? Yes! Brutal heart-breaker? Also yes. This charmer will make you wonder how many skeletons (or hearts) he has buried deep in his closet. A spider like this will lure you into his web with good looks and free-spirited promises he’ll never keep.

A Sagittarius man has a penchant for chasing every woman he lays eyes on, but it only takes a couple weeks for him to grow bored and return to the hunt, leaving you starstruck and hurt. Even if you desire more than a brief fling with him, it’s likely the only thing he’ll be willing to give you.


Marriage Material: Capricorn Women Are Literal Angels Descended From Heaven To Grace Your Heart… If You’re Lucky Enough

Capricorn women embody the calm heart and soft-spoken facets of their sign. While their poor relationship with forgiveness can lead to obstacles, no relationship is without flaw, and her qualities far outshine anything negative about her.

Her devout loyalty and selflessness are obvious qualities you’d look for in a life partner, and she knows how to lift you up into the best possible version of yourself.

These women are known to marry their first loves or spend their lives with someone they’ve known since they were a teenager. They aren’t interested in sampling all the fish in the sea; once they find love, they want to keep it.


Friend-Type: A Taurus Man Is Less Confusing If You Keep Him At Arms Length

It’s natural to desire a relationship from a Taurus man; he tends to be attractive, charming, and down-to-earth, all qualities that can make your heart flutter. However, even if he harbors a deep-rooted crush for you, a Taurus often struggles to put in the effort to make even the smallest crush blossom into anything more substantial.

In order to avoid disappointment, it’s wise to keep this man at arms-length as a friend. You’re bound to enjoy his company and bear-hugs, but you can also avoid the awkward end to an ‘almost something’ if you don’t push him past this zone.

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Short-Term Fling: It’s Unlikely You’ll Meet A Sagittarius Woman’s Standards, But Falling In Love With Her Could Be Fun

As idealistic as she may be, a Sagittarius lady often sets her standards at unattainable levels. Setting her expectations this high shows she knows what she’s worth, but it means long-term relationships aren’t up her alley. Short-term flings? Heck yes. Not only will she be a generous lover, but her love for freedom and philosophy leads to unrivaled fun compared to anyone else you’ve been with.

Unfortunately, it won’t be long before she labels you ‘too clingy’ or feels like you’re encroaching upon her valuable sense of liberty.

Romance with the Sagittarius woman is fun, but no one is good enough for her.


Marriage Material: An Aries Man Knows How To Be Both Protective And Vulnerable

The importance of vulnerability in men isn’t emphasized enough! While an Aries man holds a need to protect as he is a born leader, he can grow to be vulnerable with his emotions as well; he knows he’s moody, impatient, and struggles with his temper, but he doesn’t always know how to express it.

When he finds someone he wants to spend forever with, he will grow comfortable enough with them to let them see his softer nature. This is why he is the perfect person to marry; the blend of protectiveness and vulnerability balances him, and in turn, will help balance your lives together.


Friend-Type: An Aries Women Is Consumed By Her Dreams, But She Has Time For Meaningful Friendships

Often love and marriage can weigh down career opportunities, as it becomes less about ‘me’ and more about ‘we.’ An Aries woman has put thought into this, and she tends to choose work over play, but she always puts a bit of time aside for her friends.

Their enthusiasm and optimism breathe fresh air into friends feeling the blues, which is why an Aries woman will be sought out for her advice and honesty- because her people know she will provide her full, undivided attention.

If you were lucky enough to tie this woman down and marry her, she’d be a wonderful partner, but she has other life ideas on her mind.

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Short-Term Fling: Scorpio Men Are Passionate, But They’re Capable Of Taking Over Your Life If You Linger Too Long

Men who seek to control need to be avoided. The Scorpio man has an intoxicating presence, using his flirtations and seduction to court whomever he pleases, and he might seem like a dream-come-true at first. The beginning will be steamy, passionate, and it might be the best love you’ve ever encountered.

However, if he seeks to tie you down, he will begin to exert his means to control you. This is a distrusting individual, and he is known for withholding big secrets while criticizing you for being too private. Fun with this individual is unrivaled, but be mindful of your heart!

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Marriage Material: A Pisces Woman Embodies Feminine Beauty, But They Will Push You To Be More In-Line With Their Wild Dreams And Goals

Femininity is what attracts people to this Pisces, but a deep, radiating feminine power is what make people fall madly in love with her. A Pisces woman owns qualities that can be damaging to a marriage (a need to stir the pot), and can be impractical at times (not wanting to work to pursue dreams),.

But the reason this is a woman you’d be lucky to marry is that she will constantly push you to achieve your goals.

What’s the point of life if you’re not chasing your dreams? Sensitive and gentle but bold in their unique ways, this is a woman you want by your side forever.


Friend-Type: Aquarius Men Are Too Awkward For Romance, But Just Awkward Enough For A Hilarious Friendship

Emotionally unavailable men aren’t the best choices for love, regardless of the longevity. Flings and commitments can be strained with an Aquarius man, but friendship? Between his amusing awkwardness and self-deprecating humor, there is always endless laughter with him.

These men are always original individuals with clever quirks and radiating intelligence; you’ll feel a magnetic pull to this friend as the jokes and games are never-ending. On top of everything, an Aquarius man is known for being a good listener – who wouldn’t want him as their friend? Romance will weigh down the friendship, so the friend zone is the safest and healthiest place to be with him.

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Short-Term Fling: Honestly, A Taurus Woman Might Be Too Lazy To Put In A Lifetime’s Worth Of Effort Into One Person

The bull is a sensual lover who knows how to indulge in the human body, but indulgence is a far cry from commitment. You would think her devotion and a firm grip on responsibility would make her the ideal life partner, but a wandering eye notices the beauty of each individual human being, and she wants to sample all of the goods.

Taurus is notorious for a lazy streak, and this is most detectable in their relationships.

Effort doesn’t always come naturally to someone who puts themselves first, which is why this woman is a fun fling to enjoy life with but only for a short time.


Marriage Material: A Relationship Should Be Filled With Harmony And Communication, And A Libra Man Will Give You That

The secret to a lasting marriage is to never give up on each other. While a Libra man might be indecisive, his commitment is unbreakable once he makes a decision. Many marriages fail due to a lack of communication and built up frustration, but a Libra is designed for the long haul; he is talented at communicating and will put emphasis on harmony in the relationship.

When tension strains the love, he knows how to dissolve it and handle an issue diplomatically without too much emotion weighing down his judgment. These are qualities you need in a strong union, which is why the Libra man is someone you’d be lucky to call yours.

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Friend-Type: A Scorpio Woman Puts Friendship Above Everything (And Things Are Simpler That Way)

This woman values loyalty and honesty above all. A Scorpio will take your secrets to the grave, and her resourcefulness means she’s the person to go to when you need help or advice.

Lifelong friendships will be forged if you respect her and defend her, and you won’t be subject to the darker facets of her heart.

Love is often complicated with this emotional and distrusting woman, which is why she’s the best friend you could ever ask for, but the ties that bond will sever when romance enters the equation. The best relationships start out as friendships, but life can be easier without love.

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Short-Term Fling: Everyone Will Experience The Leo Male Once In Their Dating Life-Time (And Then Discover Why He Isn’t Forever)

While he might be a big teddy bear at first, ready to shower you with love and devotion, his true colors will rise without fail. In a short amount of time, he will grow comfortable with you (due to his confidence), and you will be able to detect the inflexible and stubborn nature that leads to him being a complicated long-term partner.

A short-term fling will be passionate, steamy, and he will be lavish during courtship. However, it will be wise to cut ties with him before permanency settles around the relationship. You don’t want to be trapped in a difficult king’s spoiled and sticky web.





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